Manila Bulletin Blog-O-Rama Features Millionaire Acts

I am happy to announce to my readers that this blog, Millionaire Acts, is featured in today’s Manila Bulletin Blog-O-Rama. This is my fifth public blog feature. If you have today’s Manila Bulletin issue, turn it to Tech News page D2.

For my readers in other countries, Manila Bulletin is one of the leading newspaper here in the Philippines. Today’s feature is entitled “A blog on how to be a millionaire” which is what this blog is all about – for all aspiring millionaires like me.

Here are some of the screenshots of my blog feature:


An online version of the article can be found in Manila Bulletin’s site here. To all my readers, this is another achievement this blog has achieved. Thank you for all the support in making this blog as one of the most trusted resources of information on how to become a millionaire through entrepreneurship, personal finance, investments, and self-motivation.

Most importantly, thanks a lot Ajay for giving me the opportunity to be featured at Manila Bulletin.

Lastly, you might want to read my article on how to become a millionaire. Cheers!

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