Millionaire Acts Turns 1 Year Old!

Time flies so fast! After 234 articles and 1,637 comments, it’s been one year now since I launched this blog, Millionaire Acts. Today, November 24, 2009 is the first-year anniversary of Millionaire Acts. I clearly remember last year, November 24, 2008 when I created this blog. Back then, since I don’t have any background on programming, I hired a web developer to make a professional-looking blog site.

A lot of my readers asks me why did I choose the domain name “Millionaire Acts”? To tell you honestly, it is a by-product of the famous movie “The Secret”. The movie talks about the most powerful law in the universe, “The Law of Attraction”. In summary, the law states that when you want something, all the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it. It will open various opportunities for you and it’s up to you to act on it.

I want to become a millionaire someday and achieve financial freedom. I don’t want to be working for the rest of my life. I want to have my own business someday and become successful. I want to take action on the various opportunities that the universe is giving me. I want to know and learn how a millionaire acts! This lead me to the niche of personal finance, investments, entrepreneurship, and self-motivation.

As a blogger, Millionaire Acts serves as my collection of learnings towards achieving financial freedom and a guide as well to my readers who want to further increase their financial literacy. So what happened since I started this blog? Let’s see some of the achievements this blog has achieved.


According to statcounter, on a daily basis, Millionaire Acts has more or less an average of 720 unique visitors, an average page views of 1,354, average of 613 first time visitors, and 107 returning visitors.

With that said, this blog has able to land a spot on Wise Bread’s top 100 most popular personal finance blogs. In addition to that, it is also included in Technorati’s Top 100 Finance Blogs.


Millionaire Acts is also featured in a major magazine and in a leading newspaper. It is featured twice in Good House Keeping Magazine – one in July 2009 issue and the other in their September 2009 issue.

It is also featured in Manila Bulletin’s Blog-O-Rama and in posters and brochures as a major sponsor in Rich Dad Asia Philippines Event which will be held next week, November 30 at Diamond Hotel.


It also give me an opportunity to have my first financial planning seminar to my fellow colleagues and employees in the current company where I am working. It is the first and so far, the only speaking engagement that I had in front of the public.

Furthermore, it is one of the 13 actually interesting business and finance blogs chosen by fellow personal finance blogger David Pierce and one of the featured blogs in Twitter Tuesday of Out of Christian Debt.


As the blogger behind Millionaire Acts, I am constantly writing quality articles to all my readers. I don’t know who are my audience but I am very happy that I was able to help them in one way or another. One day, I was surpised to receive a text message directly from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a multinational insurance firm  offering me career opportunities in his company.

I also received direct calls from Canada offering me to be a leader of a multinational Multi Level Marketing (MLM) system that they will launch here in the Philippines.

Just today, I got a call for a possible speaking engagement on a regular basis. I hope it will push through.


Millionaire Acts is also one of the finalists in the best business category in the recent 2009 Philippine Blog Awards. In addition to that, it is also one of the blogs nominated for 2009 top 10 emerging influential blogs, a project initiated by the known Janette Toral.

That’s it! Again, thanks a lot for all my readers for the support. You all made this possible. Rest assured, I will be here to continuously write something that might interests you in the field of business, personal finance, investments, and self-motivation. I encourage everyone to share your questions and views through comments. Let’s all achieve financial freedom!

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