Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” This is the famous question of the tv show game “Who wants to be a millionaire?” giving chance for contestants wanting to become instant millionaires.

In reality, becoming a millionaire is easily said than done. It is part of a goal, an ambition that needs focus and dedication. Sad to say, not many of us are determined to become a millionaire. A lot of us depend on our luck joining various tv shows and lottery games which can easily give us instant millions if we win.

In one of my previous posts, I already discussed some points on how to become a millionaire in which a lot of readers gave their comments. In this article, I will mention some additional millionaire traits which I’ve read in an article at Investopedia:

1. Independent Thinking. Millionaires think independently. While a lot of people are spending their time and energy on things just to ‘conform’ with the average norm of the society, millionaires spend their own time and energy in creating their own path to riches.

2. Vision. Millionaires think positively amidst adversaries. They are visionaires. They have a certain vision or goal which they believe will come true. Through focus and determination, they can reach their goals.

3. Skills. Millionaires have the necessary skills to excel in their field. They usually build partnerships with other people to supplement their weaker skills. Through these partnerships, they can become more skilled because of what they learn from one another.


4. Passion. Millionaires have passion in their work in such a way that they possess discipline in handling their work. They love and enjoy what they do. Passion is what makes their tiring job less tiring.

5. Risk takers. Millionaires are risk takers. They are willing to take risks for something greater in the future. They possess the attitude of ‘delayed gratification’. However, they are not ordinary risk takers as they take ‘calculated risks’ in every investments they are making.

6. Sales people. Millionaires are good sales people. They can easily persuade other people with their opinions. They are good at presenting their ideas so that these people will buy into them to become their customers and clients. They don’t easily take ‘no’ as an answer. They are good at selling themselves.

So back to the question of the famous tv game show: “Who wants to be a millionaire?” I think everybody wants. However, not everyone has the capability to become one. Becoming a millionaire is not a goal that can be achieved overnight.

Many of the world’s richest people build their wealth over many years by making smart but often bold decisions. If you can learn anything about millionaires, their riches are not necessarily what most sets them apart from the rest of the world – it’s what they did to earn those millions that really stands out.

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