Good House Keeping Magazine June 2011 Features Micro Loans

Another opportunity has been given to me by Good House Keeping Magazine last April when they offered me to write about Micro Loans. This was the second opportunity that I wrote an article for the magazine. The first one was last April 2011 issue when they both featured my article on Mutual Funds entitled “Fund Facts” and this blog, Millionaire Acts.

The June 2011 issue has the newly-wed Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa in the front cover. When you turn to page 88, you can find my article entitled: Micro Loans: A Little Bit of a Lot with an introductory sentence that goes: “Tyrone Solee poses the question: Should you take that offer for quick cash?” as shown below:

In this article, I featured four types of Micro Loans – Pawnshops which I labeled “The Easiest Way to Secure Micro Loans”; Cooperatives labeled as “The Bayanihan Approach to Micro Loans”; Paluwagan labeled as “The Informal Way to Access Micro Loans”; and Microfinance Companies labeled as “The Corporations of Micro Loans”.


Thanks a lot Summit Media for another opportunity to be featured at your Good House Keeping Magazine! Another article is coming up next month in the July 2011 issue so stand by. This blog, Millionaire Acts has really opened some opportunities for me. Thanks to all my avid and loyal readers for the support.

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