Good House Keeping July 2011 Features “6 Bad Money Habits to Break”

From time to time, we are committing “money sins”. These are mistakes on how we spend our money eventually leading us to become broke in the end. These are bad money habits that we should avoid if we truly want to achieve financial freedom.

This month’s issue of Good House Keeping Magazine, where Jennylyn Mercado is the front cover, features another article of mine entitled “6 Bad Money Habits to Break”. It showcases 6 of the most common money mistakes that we commit in our day-to-day living.

Identify your faults so you can make positive changes for a more secure financial future.


Once again, thanks to Summit Media for the opportunity! This was the third time my article was published. The first was last April 2011 and the next was just last month, June 2011. Thanks to all my readers as well for the continued support. 🙂

Next to look forward are my articles as part of a book of a Property Investment Guide to be released late this month in all leading book stores! I am currently doing it as of this writing. 🙂

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