Power of Law of Attraction

I am a firm believer of the Law of Attraction. It is really indeed the most powerful law in the universe.

Just a few weeks ago, I was able to watch the movie “The Secret” in which the Law of Attraction was unveiled. Thanks to Richard, one of my avid readers, who gave a burned copy of it. It was such a wonderful and inspiring movie as “The Secret” was revealed.

While I was watching the movie, I was motivated to follow one of the testimonies of the speaker. He said in the movie that he wants to have his dream house in the future and so what he did is he cut a picture of his dream house and pasted it into his corkboard in the office so that he can see it everyday telling and reminding his mind about his dream house.

Five years after, he transferred into another house. His son approached him and saw a box that he packed up left unopened during the transfer. His son asked him what’s inside the box and he answered that it was a box full of office stuffs. Little did he know that when he opened the box, there was his corkboard in the office and as he was staring at the pictures in it, he suddenly burst into tears. His son asked him why he was crying and he told his son that their house now is the house in the picture – his dream house!


Watch “The Secret” movie below:

A simple house with a garden and a swimming pool is my dream house someday and today, I am pasting it to my office desk. It will remind me everyday that I get into office about my dream house. It will inspire me to be the best of what I am to achieve that dream house. And I believe to myself that I will achieve it someday with hardwork and determination.

Another testimony in the “The Secret” movie was about how to turn negative things to be positive. We cannot avoid to have some negative thoughts as we face the challenges of life. I was reminded of this testimony that whenever we feel negative, we just think of a “cute baby smiling”. It washes away our worries and leave us with peace and calm feeling. If you are really interested in the Law of Attraction, you can read it more RSS feed reader or have them delivered directly to your email address.

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