What is your source of motivation?

Each and every one of us has his own source of motivation. Motivation drives us to excel in the things that we do. It empowers us to become the best that we can be in every thing that we do and in every endeavor that we enter ourselves into.

What’s your source of motivation? You may use your economic status as your motivation. You want to alleviate the way you live. Or you may use your family as your source of motivation. Or you may want to prove yourself to other people who don’t believe in you.


I recently watched an interview by Boy Abunda with the internationally-known singing sensation Charisse Pempengco in his show SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon). I was touched by what Charisse told. Her economic status drove her to join different singing contests. Unfortunately, she was being mocked by people. A lot of people said she cannot get anywhere. A lot said she doesn’t have the beauty and she was being laughed. But look at where she was now. She managed to meet famous people: Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, among others. I won’t forget one of the theme songs she mentioned. The title was “Maghintay Ka Lamang” and the lyrics goes:

Kung hindi ngayon ang panahon, na para sa iyo
Huwag maiinip, dahil ganyan ang buhay sa mundo
Huwag mawawalan ng pag-asa, darating din ang ligaya
Ang isipin mo’y may bukas pa, na may roong saya

Kabigua’y hindi hadlang, upang tumakas ka
Huwag kang iiwas, pag-nabibigo
Dapat nga lumaban ka….


Ang kaylangan mo’y, tibay ng loob
Kung mayrong pag-subok man
Ang liwanag ay di magtatagal,
At muling mamamasdan
Iko’t ng mundo, ay hindi laging pighati’t kasawian
Ang pangarap mo ay makakamtam,
Basta’t maghintay ka lamang

The song is very touching. It is an inspiring song. It says that even you are on your lowest point right now, don’t lose hope. There’s still tomorrow. Don’t let failures slow you down. Fight those challenges and prove yourself. You need to be strong. Light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. You can achieve your dreams. As they say, life is like a wheel. There are ups and downs. You may be at the bottom right now but don’t lose hope because someday you will be given a chance to be on top.

I was once asked: “What’s the source of motivation to write all these things in your blog?” And to tell you the truth, I also experienced being mocked. I also experienced being laughed. I may have a jolly personality sometimes but I am very serious about it. It may be a blessing in disguise but after all those treatments, I said to myself: “I will prove myself to these people who mocked me. I will prove to them that someday, they will see how successful I have become. I will prove myself that someday, I will emerge as a winner. It will serve as a challenge for me to do the best that I can in everything that I do.” It was an eye opener for me.

Since then, I started to motivate myself. I started reading books of Robert Kiyosaki to educate myself in financial literacy. I started educating myself when it comes to different investments such as stocks, mutual funds, unit investment trust funds, and embraced the idea of passive income, making money work for you, be a positive thinker, living a frugal life, etc.

What have happened since then? I was able to reach some goals. Opportunities have opened for me. I met some people who gave me more chance to become successful. It will be all up to me to grab these opportunities and prove myself.

How about you, what’s your source of motivation?

As an ending to this post, I would like to leave the readers some motivating success quotes to be motivated and to keep that drive and fire burning.

P.S. I will be featured this coming July in the Money Makeover section of Good House Keeping Magazine as a personal finance advisor giving tips and advice to the readers about budgeting, saving money, and frugality. This would be my first time to get featured.

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Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

19 responses on “What is your source of motivation?

  1. napanood ko rin yan bro..tama ka motivation drives a person to excel in something that he wants to pursue..well sana kung lahat ng tao motivated sa magagandang gawain eh di sana wala nang gulo sa pinas.

    nice article bro..keep it up.

  2. I’m an avid reader of Goodhousekeeping and always reading that section. Will grab a copy. I always read your post here, it’s really inspiring. Goodluck to your endeavor. Keep it up!

  3. Nice read! Thanks for bringing up that 80’s (or is it 90’s?) song. It used to be one of my favorite songs when i was a kid. I am playing it now.

    My motivation? My family, especially my younger siblings. That and the promise I made to myself a couple of years ago that I will get financial freedom before I turn 30.

  4. I watched also that interview. I was really touched also. Like me I have source of motivation para makamit mga dreams yun ay mga hirap na pinagdaanan ko nung pagkabata ko. Ngayon lahat ng mga gusto ko natutupad na… Thanks Tyrone for sharing this.

  5. Hi there, I was just browing the web and came across your site . Thought I’d say thanks and tell you that I’ve enjoyed my stay here, hope you have a fantastic morning !

  6. Hi, just wanna say, thanks for sharing ur thoughts.

    if anything, u n i share almost the same shoes, however, the most important thing is to improve and be the best in whatever we do and I certainly think you have done that part. However..
    u mentioned Robert Kiyosaki and has tagged his name on. Do you by all means meant the Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s writer?? If u do, i’d say, STOP BELIEVING IN HIM or U’ll soon go INTO TROUBLE!!…and go to the following website and read it…(there r loads of gems in this site…The most important thing is: think and sense….ask urself “does this idea make sense to me?”…

    The website is:

    I haven’t read all of the contents from John Reed though, however, I can assure u that the content is intellectually engaging. Do ur best to reflect n read all of it, mate.

    Wish u all the best!


    Billy L. Marsono
    Jakarta, Indonesia

    I was looking for inspiration too (recently had bad weeks)..and whilst i was searching for a short biography of successful people, urs popped out.

    u can email me at my address. no spam pls

  7. Hi,

    I followed ur recommended site at SpicePuppy.com and read the comment by the “guy” (if he is one), “Ron Fioro.”

    My thought is: just reading it, and THINKing about what he wrote, and I know for sure that he is inexperienced.
    I don’t know how old you are (sorry, havent been to ur website for some time), but if u’re old enough to understand about finance and may have really invested in shares, mutual funds, real estate etc, you would instantly know that what he wrote is a piece of crap. He IS Rob Kiyosaki’s supporter (although he denied it) and he blindly follows him, without thinking / reflecting on the ideas presented.

    Btw, u can’t even find the person when u type “Ron Fioro” on Google.
    And the website SpicePuppy.com?? Doesn’t even show the identity of the website i.e. not credible.

    My advice is: Think about what u read properly before acting on it (better yet, ask for advice from someone you think is at a better position)

    Final say: all the best for whatever u do.

    Billy L. Marsono
    Jakarta, Indonesia

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