25 Questions to Ask Your Sponsor in MLM

In recent years, with the failures of a lot of network marketing and multilevel marketing systems, a lot of people say that is just a pyramid scheme, a type of scam most commonly known as “Ponzi Scheme”.

When it comes to the nature of business, network marketing, multi level marketing or a distributorship, if you may call it, is very similar to a franchise. Explore carefully the particular network marketing business before you plunge in. Some require you to carry inventory and incur expenses that could be beyond your initial expectations.

Most Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or direct selling businesses can be operated on a part time basis by the distributor-member. Some groups will just pay you a straight commission on products that you sell. Others will also provide you additional sales incentive, like commissions for volumes sold by your recruits, and their recruits and so on. Some MLMs also provide goal-oriented incentives like gifts, laptops, cars, and travels abroad for certain sales level achieved.

Before putting your hard earned money and join a network marketing system, you may want to ask your sponsor this set of 25 questions in order to lessen the risk of a pyramid scheme.

1. Do you personally like their products? You, of course, as a member must also like their products. You cannot endorse or promote a product that you do not like or enjoy using. You must be a user of the products yourself.

2. Do you enjoy savings from using their products? It should be. Savings may take the form of less time, less money and convenience.

3. How widespread is their distribution or warehouse centers for you and your customers to gain easy access in purchasing merchandise? If it is widespread, you may not have to stock up or carry their inventory. This will make it easier for you to buy.

4. Do they offer free home delivery? Is there a minimum purchase required for home delivery? How much? It’s much too hassle if you need to pick the products yourself and deliver them personally to the members of your group.

5. Do they have a wide variety of merchandise available? What kind and how many kinds of merchandise do they carry? Do they carry exclusive items? The more variety of products, the better for you. You want a wide variety of selection so that you and your members have a chance to buy at least one thing from among the wide selection of merchandise.

6. Do they manufacture their own products or merely buy them from someone else? (so that quality is controllable)

7. Do they have an unconditional full-satisfaction, money-back guarantee on their products? You would want the MLM company to guarantee the products you promote to your friends and relatives.

8. How long have they been in the MLM business? Are they only operating here or abroad too? If so, how many countries? The experience in MLM company counts a lot in making sure that the company has a good reputation worldwide.

9. How much is the joining fee? What do you get in return? Are there any product samples in the business or joining kit? The joining fee must not be expensive and there should not be too many product samples in the kit thereby making the joining fee exorbitant.

10. Is there an annual renewal fee to maintain your MLM membership or business license? If so, how much?

11. Can you get your money back for the joining fee just in case you change your mind later? A 90-day buyer’s remorse clause is preferred. Where and how can you get the refund?

12. Does the joining fee allow the participant to operate the business abroad or within just the Philippines? Definitely, it would be better if you can also operate abroad with a single license or membership.

13. What is their marketing plan for the business? How many people do you have to “recruit” before you start making money?

14. What’s the commission paid to the person who recruits or sponsors you? It is to your advantage if there is no commission paid directly to your sponsor as this gives you a hint that you sponsor has to help you develop a group or help you distribute products before he or she makes money. Otherwise, your sponsor might jut abandon you as soon as he or she gets the money for your joining fee.

15. How is the commission scheme structured? At what levels of performance do you get commissions?

16. Can you make more money than your sponsor or anyone who joined ahead of you? How so? If you will always make less than people who were ahead of you, then the commission structure is disadvantageous to you or that profits are not distributed equally.

17. How will you get paid for your commissions? How often will you get paid? How is the commission tracked or computed? Do they have computers to track down commissions? Is it big enough to track down commissions and sales worldwide (if it’s a multinational MLM)?

18. How many levels underneath you will earn override commissions from? The deeper the level, the better for you, more so if it’s unlimited.

19. Is there a sales performance quota or targets that you must meet to maintain your active MLM membership? What are the penalties if you do not meet the quota?

20. What time commitment are they asking from you? Will you be forced to attend meetings and functions to maintain your MLM membership?

21. How many members have succeeded in their MLM business? Who are they? Can you speak with them?

22. What kind of marketing or merchandising support are you going to get? Do they have brochures or product catalogues? Do they advertise in mass media? It is advantageous to you if the MLM group does not advertise. In this way, you can corner down your own market share without too much competition generated by advertising.

23. What kind of training and support are you getting and what other activities do they conduct to stimulate sales or the building of your MLM group?

24. How committed is your sponsor to the MLM business and who are the leaders of the group? Are they committed to succeed in the MLM business?

25. How do you feel about the people and the group? Are they likable bunch?

I attended quite a lot of MLM companies’ seminars. There are inspiring speakers who talks a lot about their success stories. There are students who make it big. Some say that even though they did not finish schools, they are richer than those who are educated. Others claim that they’ve traveled abroad and visited a lot of countries because of their MLM business.

Well, I do believe these people. I’ve seen their expensive cars. I’ve seen the copy of their checks. I even had the chance to interview one of their top earners. A lot of times you will be encouraged to join because of these things but my advice is before you join, ask your sponsor the following set of 25 questions above. In this way, you would be able to choose the right MLM company that suits you.

For those interested to explore network marketing, I am happy to present you the opportunity that I saw. Text me at 0917-5227088 or email me at [email protected] for international inquiries. I’ll be your personal guide in this business. As your leader, I will also be your personal finance coach on savings and investments to be sure that your earnings are not only spent on doodads and other liabilities. 🙂

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Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

170 responses on “25 Questions to Ask Your Sponsor in MLM

  1. Thanks ariston. We’re on the same situation. I’ve joined several MLM companies already and found no success on it. I guess I need to find more time on it. But to my surprise, I received a call from one of the guys from an MLM company direct from Canada inviting me to be a pioneer member here in the Phils. because of this blog. 🙂

    • Good day sir Tyrone! Buti nalang napasyal ulit ako dito sa old posting na ‘to, umuusok na pala dito! 🙂

      Btw, what do you think about the offer from the said Canadian company? What happened, did you accept their offer? If you’re “ON” it, can you share about it here in your blog?

      Thanks and more power,

    • Honestly, I did not pursue it. To tell you frankly, the name of the company is MaxGXL and their product is Glutathione. What’s more interesting is to find out that they used “google trends” to search for glutathione and it turned out that the first country in the list is Philippines and that’s the main reason why they opened their business here.

      Anyway, to continue, I did not join simply because I think I cannot find enough time for it. In addition to that, you have to buy first and maintain a monthly minimum worth of products from them before you can get your commission.

    • Browse their website, most of the founders and managements are well-known info-marketers and planners.

      And about their Philippine operation, IMHO, maybe because most of the top MLM companies(Amway, Avon, Herbalife) are successful in doing their businesses in the Philippines.

      btw, thanks for the info.

  2. ive been through MLM pero di rin ako nagsucceed..mahirap talaga ang MLM kelangan ng enough time for that..

    anyways bro di ba finance blog tohh so i expect mataas din kita nito..hehehe matataas ang ads rate ng finance blog di ba???

    kelangan bro more blogs more options for source of income..hehehe

  3. Even here in my current location, I’d started to attend some MLM meetings but only on the first few days then I feel bored, “ningas-cogon” lang kumbaga. 🙂
    Now, I give up on MLM (including online). All I have to do is read and follow your tips about Savings and Investmens. I think that’s all I need… and blogging of-course, if I had an extra time. 🙂
    Salamat uli!

  4. i have been persuaded to join mlm but i i guess it does not fits my interest,instead i recommend my families and friends to join mlm. 🙂 well, thats a good tips for mlm members.

  5. sa tingin ko ndi naman tlaga ok ang networking,, ang talagang kumikita lang talaga dun ung nasa itaas o ung mga pioneers.. kaya kawawa ung mga nasa iba,, like legacy for life,, aun biglang bula na nawala,,, lang kwenta networking sa mdaling salita para scam lang din un sa sobrang hirap kumita, kung papakingan ang mga succesa story ng mga pioneer nakaka enganyo.. pero sa tottoo cla lang talaga kikita.. kc kahit mag benta ng products hirap din xe taas ng price..

    • Good Day Mr. Abet Mariano. I can suggest to you just try to visit our website @ http://www.allianceinmotion.com. Yes totoo yan ang mga nasa taas lang talaga ang kumikita, but it’s not the case in every MLM Comp. This Comp starts March 2006. This is a pro-distributor comp. pag sumali ka sa mga benefits pa lang bro bawing bawi ka na. To know more about our comp just visit our website that all i can suggests. Bro di lahat ng MLM comp. di ganyan ang kalakaran. MLM is a very good vehicle to your success, all you have to do is work din. I just join last October 2009 and the result is very good. Bro dito mo kailangan ang galing sipag lang talaga, at tamang panananaw sa comp. Part time ko lang ito but it really help me a lot esp. financially, di man malaki but it grows more and more. We are registered Comp.

    • hi sir john… pare pareho lang po ang mlm.. iba lang konti ng sa pag kakaiba sa marketing plan ,, pero kung titignan ang root ng marketing plan ganun din… ang pag kakaiba lang ay… may mga bogus na mlm, at ang masama nito saka mo lang malalaman na bogus yan e kapag sila ay nagsara na. sadly kelangan ma experience mo sya bago mo malaman na bogus siya at the end saka mo lang malalaman na na yari ka,, bthwy

      alam ko po ang aim global kasi member ako dun hehehe… kung babasahin mo lahat ng post ko po dito malalaman mo po kung bakit ako nag join…

      for the sake of tranparency… kasi negative talago ko sa mlm. kaya nag join ako para naman transparent at baka mali din ako,, pero lahat ng sinabi ko d2 sa blog na to ay talagang totoo at tama…

      talagang risky din ang mag join d2, pero as time passby dumadami nadin ang tao ko at ngayon ay more or less 15 na sila,, kasi ung iba sa wed. ko pa i eencode… bali oct 5 ako nag simula d2,

      effective naman un product dahil kapatid ko umayos ang bp. high blood xe un..

      ngunit 50-50 parin ako sa mlm, at hindi ko ito i na advice sa mga mahihina ang loob at iyakin.. kagaya nung isang down line ko iyakin.. binigyan ko ng 3 downline sa ryt nia at sa wed magiging 5 na downline nia,, ang gusto nia pati sa left lag yan ko siya..

      ok lang sana lag yan kung nakikita ko effort niya kaso wala kahit isang invite hindi siya nag invite hindi nia sinubukan .. lahat ng turo ko wala siya ginawa,, ni isang advice ko wala ginawa,, kaya ngaun para siyang bata na iiyak,,,

      pero kahit ganun binalik ko ang 3k sa capital niya at ung 5k pag nabenta ko acct nia .. grabe,, yoko lan xe masyadong magulo,, kaya wala naman kwenta sakin ang pera kung ikukumpara sa tiwala sakin ng tao,, pangalan parin imp. para sakin bago ang pera.. totoong gusto ko ng pera ngunit “HINDI AKO MUKHANG PERA”! sana ay ganun din lahat ng businessman.. salamat,,

    • parang sinasabi mo na rin bro na wag na lang yung employment. ang may-ari lang ang kumikita ng malaki. ang na sa baba kawawa. 🙂

    • Ako din negative sa MLM, even if I am a Marketing Graduate, sabi ko sa sarili ko, hinding hindi ko papasukin ang MLM.

      But you know what, change really is the only permament thing in this world kasi kahit I made that decision not to join an MLM company or even be a part of it, it has became inevitable. If you believe in the product, it does not matter if you’re sharing it because you’re a part of the MLM company selling the product or simply because you just want to share the good news to others.

      I just realized that MLM is just a marketing concept, a strategy that company uses to market the product, to promote it cost effectively kasi what’s the better venue for advertising, WORD OF MOUTH di ba? So sometimes, just by sharing how effective the product is to the people you know like frioends and family, you’re not even aware that you are marketing the product without exerting effort to sell the product.

      I know that MLM is focussed more on building the network para kumita ng malaki pero just think about this, not all the time, that’s what people are after for. Just like me, when First Vita Plus was presented to me, I did not care about the business opportunity, I only cared about the product so I just became a consistent user of the product kasi it was really effective to me and my family. The person though who send me vita plus when I was still in London advertised my name on his site, so I got plenty of inquiries mostly from Filipinos as well who uses the product and who wants to use the product. So I became the sole distributor of First Vita Plus in the UK and Europe area which amazed me more kasi even if I was not doing the business yet, I was already earning from my dealer’s discount. And I was happy hearing stories how their health was greatly helped by First Vita Plus. For me, that was more encouraging to do the business not because you’ll earn huge amount of money but because you are able to help people with their health problems.

      Bottom line, you have to believe in the product first before you can even market it as a good business opportunity. Hindi lang kitaan, you’re definitely right, it not all about MONEY!

  6. Hi abet and Tyrone. If you think of MLM like that it only means that you had a bad experience with a “scam” MLM company before or you just dont know how a real MLM company works. Check out the DSAP website for good MLM companies. If some MLM guy asks you to join their company and it’s not there in the DSAP website, do not join.

  7. bogs,, ou nga ndi sya pure scam,, may chance ka nga kumita,, e ang tanong ilang percent ung chance na un,, hindi nga ata aabot ng 10 percent oag hindi ka pioneer e,, cyempre hindi nila masyado p[aapa halata na scam un, any way db kikita ka pag marerecruit ka? sabihin na natin 9,800 ung kapital katulad sa legacy ha…. ok kung iisipin madali natin masasabi na kikita tau pag nakapag recruit left nd right,, ou madali kasi madami tau kilala ndi lang dalawa?? tama? kc feasibilty study nila kuno dalawa lang ang i recruit mo at ng recruit mo ok na… e ang tanong lahat b ng kakilala mo may 9,800? at lahat b yon kaya mag recruit? sabihin nanatin makapag recruit ka nga ng dalawa edi kumita ka,, e pano ung recruit mo ngayon? kawawa naman … kc ganyan tayo mga pinoy naniniwala sa mga easy money, sabi nga ni henry sy “There is no such thing as overnight success or easy money. If you fail, do not be discouraged; try again. When you do well, do not change your ways. Success is not just good luck: it is a combination of hard work, good credit standing, opportunity, readiness and timing. Success will not last if you do not take care of it.”.. kaya for me ndi reliable business yang networking..at ndi rin cya consistent na kaya tumagal for life time? mali ako? heheheh tama db?

  8. ang dami naman ng tanong na yan 25? as a start hindi mo kailangan malaman lahat, kailangan mo lang maintindihan bakit mo gagawin ung network marketing.

    naiintindihan ko ung mga nararamdaman ng mga taong sumuko na, at parang naloko ng sponsor dahil sa tingin ko lahat dumaan sa ganyan situation.

    hindi po mga pioneer lang ng malaki ang kinikita kundi ung mga tinatrabaho talaga at pinag aralan ang negosyo. alam naman natin na its people business, ibig sabhin lang nun hindi pa tayo marunong humawak ng tao kaya hindi pa nagiging successful.

    may mga bagay lang na hindi nyo nakikita na nakita na ng mga networkers, it is more than left and right or recruiting. its how you manage different all walks of life.

    • i agree…pero wla tayo maga2wa kug may mga negative talaga sa
      networking..choice namna nla yun. ang importante is you believe. i am a network marketer.yes, i failed fom my first company.but it’s not the end yet. if may yumaman sa ganitong industry at nakaya nila, bakit di ko kaya? kaya ko.
      FEAR kasi tlaga ang kalban mo ito.
      But I respect those people na mga negative.
      Basta ako, I belive in this industry.

    • super like!

      maski saan mo tingnan, wala ka talagang aanihin kung dika naman kumikilos.
      hindi lang sa MLM kundi in general na rin 🙂

  9. hindi rin po easy money ang network marketing, pinaghihirapan din po iyan. kung makakausap nyo lang ang mga top earners, ilan taon din an ginugol nila para marating nila ung position nila ngayon. kaya pag nakita nyo silang gumalaw ngayon, parang ang dali dali na lang.

    ano ba reliable sa tingin nyo ngayon? food cart? sari sari store? small business? tatagal din ba yan ng lifetime. career na po sa iba ang network marketing.

  10. lagi ko nalang nakikita yan DSAP na yan, dahil hindi member ng DSAP eh hindi na legal or reliable? mismo ng ang DSAP hindi maasahan. try mo tumawag sa office…
    ultimo mga member ng DSAP (except syempre ung AVON, NUSKIN, AMWAY, DXN etc) hindi mapalago ng malaki ng maayos company nila, pano pa sila sasalihan ng mga tao?

  11. I personally think that networking companies are okay because basically they are of the same nature as other companies, kahit anong company basta nasa sales ka you still do networking. and just like other companies, mahirap rin yung work. masyado lang napupublicize yung mga negative na nangyayari sa networking companies dito kaya iba ang tingin ng mga tao…if I were you, I’ll read “the 7 lies of networking marketing” of Ann Sieg so that you can be enlightened.

    more power to us all:)

  12. migs, naiintindhan kita sa nararamdaman mo,,, unang una bakit maraming tanong? kasi yan ang mga tanong na hindi sinasagot ng networking na yan,.. saka nang galing nadin sayo na hindi easy money ang networking, pero bakit pag nag rerecruit kayo un ang bukang bibig nio, keso malaki ang kinikita, yayaman, makakabili ng sasakyan.. e bat hindi nio kagad sabhin sa mga tao sa seminar ninyo na mahirap kumita sa networking at hindi ito easy money katulad ng nasabi mo? db?.. reliable business.. marami,, ndi lang food cart n pinagsasabi mo..

    • because it’s binary… lahat ng binary, pare-parehas lang… kahit anong bago sabihin niyo, magsasara at magsasara pa rin yan

    • bro, tama yan sinasabi yung mabebenefits nila s company, malaki talaga kita, yayaman, at makakabili ng sasakyan.. yung iba kasi iniisip pag pumasok s mga networking company.. yayaman sila agad,. lahat ng nagtagumpay, nagpakahirap muna.. s business walang madali 😀 magpapakahirap ka talaga pero una mo titingnan kung nagpapakahirap ka b s right company?

  13. ^ hindi po lahat ng networking companies nambabaliw lang… at hindi lahat ng networker ay pusakal, may mga professional din gumalaw. maaaring napuntahan mo ay baliwan talaga, sabi ko nga lahat dumadaan dun.

    at yan mga tanong na yan, hindi po maiisip ng baguhan yan, magtatanong nalang yan kapag ginagalawan na nya itong indutry na ito.

    business worth 10k and below and possible to earn to earn millions in a year or two? share mo nman ung naisip mo, malay mo itry ko din. hindi po pede sabihin na hindi reliable… dahil network marketers worldwide ang may pinakamamalaking kinikita.

  14. right maganda nga ipabasa ung 7 lies of network marketing by ann sieg. binigyan ko na din ng copy ung group ko nyan para long term business din ang tingin nila sa network namin.

    hindi po lahat ng pioneer kumita ng malaki, ung tinrabaho lang talaga nagsimula din po sila kumita ng maliit (un ang di matanggap ng karamihan ng mga bagong sali sila, tapos maliit ang kita).

    kapag ba nagtayo ako jolibee sa edsa hindi na ako kikita ng malaki dahil hindi ako nauna. kapag ba nag invest ako sa mutual fund hindi na rin ako kikita ng malaki dahil hindi ako nauna. pag nagbukas ako ng sari sari store ngayon sa amin, hindi narin ako kikita?

    eh kung una una lang pala yan di sana walang ibang nagbukas after AMWAY =)

    sa mga nalugi dahil biglang nagsara ung local company na napasukan nila, try to talk sa mga filipino guru kung hindi nila naranasan yan baka malaki pa nawala sa kanila more than sa pinagmumuktulan natin …

    nasan na sila ngayon, kung hindi owner , consultant ng compensation plan, international networkers or nagpapakasarap na lang sa buhay. btw ang residual income ay nasa product movement wala sa recruitment. at nasan ang mga sumuko… luckily nagbooom ung business nila or worst bumalik sa employment.

  15. sa mga nagsasabing mahirap ibenta ung product (of course mahal talaga), nasa tamang market lang yan, bakit may kumikita ng malaki? kanino kaba nagbenta baka naman sa kamag anak mo lang ibinenta. hindi ka magbebenta ng ferrari sa bandang quiapo… tama po ba?

    kung ayaw mo talaga sa mamahalin, meron nagkakalat ngayon “300petot” kasali ka na, kung gusto mo ng pang masa edi pagn masa din ang kita.

    tandaan lang po natin … na ang lahat ng bagay ay natutunan … lahat ng bagay dumadali kung determinado kang matututo. =)

  16. What MLM company are you in Miguel? You are blazing with comments here. Hehe… But that’s nice. I want discussions on my blog. I respect the opinion of others. 🙂

  17. exactly, aun ang gusto ko sabhin mu na ndi un tinatanung ng baguhan dahil ndi un sasagutin ng datihan,, ndi mo cnagot ung tanung e,, simple sau na ng galing na mahirap kumita jan,, e bakit pag sa seminar ninyo ndi nio cnasabi ung totoo na ndi ganun kadali kumita jan,, bakit pinapangakuan nio cla ng false hope, kesio, ganto kikitain a week,, db tama??? anu tawag dun sa pag sisinungaling db panloloko?

    ska malaki pag kakaiba ng jolibee sa netwokking mu,,una una??? sa jolibee ung client mu umuulit ulit dahil kakain at kakain yan….. e sa net working mu pwede mo ba i recruit ung nauna sau cyempre ndi diba..

    lam ko sasabhin mo ndi lang sa recruit ka kikita kung di sa pag bebenta ng products… cge nga ilan sapatos o bags o kahit anung product nio ang kayan mung ibenta para kumita ng 100,000 o kahit pambawi lang sa capital mu..ilan??? ska sabihin na natin 2000 halaga ng sapatos na ibebenta mo tapos ang tubo mo db 50%? so may 1000 ka kada sapatos??? so para maka 100,ooo ka na income dapat maka benta ka ng 100 pairs ng sapatos? anu ka sm?robison?trinoma? mall? na kaya mag benta ng ganun ka dami,, at lahat ba makaka afford ng 2k na sapatos? cge sabihin mo sakin 100 client mu na nabentahan mu,,..

    dapat kasi sinasabi nio ung totoo ,,sa legal na business deal dapat ung totoo. the truth and nothing but the truth, kasi pangalan mo ang nakasalalay sa business ndi dapat kita lang ang iisipin dapat pati un Pangalan mu dapat alagaan ng para ndi masira sa client.. sabi nga ng chinese kahit maliit tubo basta maubos at masaya ang client mu at hindi masira pangalan mu sa client mu ok na…

  18. wait nga pala dun sa sinabi mo ”

    migs- “sa mga nagsasabing mahirap ibenta ung product (of course mahal talaga), nasa tamang market lang yan, bakit may kumikita ng malaki? kanino kaba nagbenta baka naman sa kamag anak mo lang ibinenta. hindi ka magbebenta ng ferrari sa bandang quiapo… tama po ba?”

    Una dba pag nag rerecruit kau sabi nio dalawa lang recruit ninyo ok na feasibility study nio e kuno?? db? tanung ninyo–(” ilan ba kilala mo ndi lang dalawa db?”) me mga kamag anak kau, kaibigan, o kaklase?””>>>>> aun tapos ,inamata mo pag sa kamag anak mag bebenta.. natural,, panu ka makakapag benta,, wala kang pwesto? walang name? natural mag sisimula ka sa kakilala mo db? ikaw ba pag nag bebenta ka biglabigla ka nalang kakatok sa pinto?-( “bili poi kau, bili kau jan?)
    sabi mo,,, migs-” hindi ka magbebenta ng ferrari sa bandang quiapo”

    natural dahil masikip at trapik sa quiapo? at ndi sasakyan binebenta dun mga gulay at kung anekanek..joke,,,

    ganun ba? anyway tamang market ou cge, anu ba ang tamang market sa nag bebenta ka ng wala kang pwesto,???ndi ka kilala (i min db bibili ka sa tiwala ka? ndi ung susulpot lang bigla?)cno maniniwala sa products mu dahil ndi ka nila kilalala??? for ex, nag benta ka sa mayaman kasi mahal nga un products e dba? tingin mo papansinin ka nian kung ndi ka nila kilalala gets mo point ko? at kahit sabihin nating napaka yaman ng bebentahan mo? ndi porket mayaman yan bobo yan,, mga mayayaman matalino, matipid at minsan barat yan kaya nga yumaman yan e dahil masinop… bakit sila bibili ng sapatos na 2000 kung meron naman sa mall na 1.5k na branded pa gets mo? compare mo kc ung price ng binebenta mo sa mall,, heheh pizz brooo lang personalan,, naaawa lang aku sa mga bago plang sasali sa networking kasi ung iba mahirap jan na ngungutang pa ng pang kapital tapos masasayang lang dahil ndi nio kagad sinasabi un 220 pero personal gain kc iniisip sa networking…think of it?? ung iba nga nag susulutan pa.. o kiaya mga frends nila hinahati left and ryt para may left at ryt balance

  19. Abet and Miguel, here is my take in the issue: I believe in the power of networking. It’s one of the best way to market a product without incurring huge advertising or marketing expenses. But networking is not for all. It is not for those ones who are not determined because I believe that you need to possess a lot of will power and determination in order to succeed in this endeavor.

    You will lose your face to your friends and relatives. You will encounter a lot of negatives. It is definitely hard work. It’s not true that it’s easy to earn. Those seminars are deceiving. Nowadays, we are undergoing a recession. Who else would spend their money on unneccessary expenses given a tight budget? The speakers were just encouraging their prospects to join. Yes, they are good speakers and they are rich but I’m sure they did not do it overnight. It’s all hard work.

    True enough, I’ve met some top networkers. I was even hurt sometimes because they are claiming that they are richer than me telling that even though they did not have the education (some are just tricycle drivers before), they’ve become more successful than I am in. Well, yes, given in terms of wealth. But success is not measured by wealth alone. If you do not know how to manage your finances, time will come those earnings will be spent. That’s why I call here EARN MORE and DESIRE LESS and that reminds me of the saying “Ubos ubos biyaya, bukas ay nakatunganga.”

    Network marketing is definitely not for all. But it may be a good source of passive income. The MLM would continue to be alive so long as there are products circulated in the market. But when there were no longer products circulating, then it would be doomed to fall like a pyramid. And definitely, those who are at the bottom would be hardly hit.

    The question now is: What makes the product stand out from the rest of competitors and substitute products? It should compensate with the high price vs. the benefits of it. And as I repeat, with the current recession, who would buy those expensive stuffs? Definitely you should target those who are rich, those who have extra money to buy those things. But how huge are they in our society? I post these questions for you to ponder.

    Again, I thank you both for participating your comments on my blog. 🙂

  20. very good article and i think i know how to answer most of the questions, just in case any of my future downlines ever ask me 🙂

    i have recently joined a mlm company, which underwent more than a week of scrutiny on my part before i joined the company… now, i could say i made the right decision.

    I did a background check for the owners of the company (its one of the newest mlm in the country). Meaning…what was their life before the netwroking industry? if they are licensed professionals, where are they connected and what are their credentials? Age does not matter on this part. I do not mind if owners of some networking in the country are young… what should be essential is what are their backgrounds? what are indicators of success in their lives before they got involved in networking?

    secondly, there should be a “connection” of the product to the “distributor’. meaning, i joined in this mlm as compared to the other mlm i have been invited into because i liked the products and personally uses it. so sa usage ko pa lang, my parents and my family are able to incur savings with the usage of these products.

    in relation to these products, i did research on scientific claims in each of their declared ingredient promoting wellness. I specifically searched for independent researches that would either reinforce or denounce any claim the company made for their products. it was reassuring that i found many independent researches that reinforces their claims and none that would contradict it. 🙂

    my third main concern is their marketing plan. being an independent marketing specialist, i know that it is crucial on my part should i be involved in a legit mlm company which will turn into a scam after 2-3years or so or operation. this would jeopardize my reputation, specifically in my direct downlines. my first appreciation of this company is the presentation of the “limitations” and that one will not earn “passively” from it. meaning, yes you will earn but not infinitely. As one gets higher income, the greater the responsibility to take care of the network so that it is able to sustain by itself. Though millionairres and top earners are expectedly earning “passively” from their networks, they continue to study the weak side of their network and help downlines that needs their assistance. they even give consultancy to crosslines, especially if they are coming from the same industry (same call center industry, teaching profession, promodisers, etc)

    like any other company, they give focus to training. a special training may be requested for the group and scheduled beforehand. all trainings provided are FREE of charge. actually, they even encourage invites to attain training even if they have not signed-in yet, or are still at very if they will join or not.

    however, since some of the owners have international certification in training and public speaking, they offer special training programs with participant’s fee. i am not sure though, if it is open even for non-members, but my impression is yes. Also, these free trainings and special trainings are not part of one’s active membership.

    being an “independent distributor”, i think most of the members of mlm (even from other mlm companies in the philippines) fail to recognize that potential of the product should be considered first before potential to earn. If one would focus on just recruiting mambers, then the network will soon shatter…because you have members basing their ROI on other members. Not to mention unappreciative members not attending trainings and seminars but is expecting to earn back their so-called investment.

    Meaning, as i decided carefully who my downlines would be, i do not guage them on my potential to earn from them, but if they can be my “partners” in this industry. Meaning, would they provide assistance to me for my sales pitches to companies? If they do not have sales experience, would they benefit in the products based on the community they are involved into. Of course, it is a plus if they are users of the products already.

    ideally, once i have settled my network, i will have to incorporate it so that i can supply the products to some targetted businesses. Honestly, i have three pending presentations already…i just could not present to these companies because i am not yet registered. I want everything to be legal and transparent. Furthermore, i want the network to be sustainable by itself – and the only way for me to do it is to carefully screen the downlines.

    The hardest part of networking is the first 2months…because that should be allotted in training, learning the business, and choosing the downlines carefully. Though the idea of “duplicating the best business model” is always given emphasis, i would rather incorporate the marketing skills that i am exposed into and incorporate it to the modules of the company. I would rather get a few downlines who are experienced decision – makers and reputable leaders in their communities than recruit a community of downlines who will just make the top pyramid (even if i am included in it) rich in a year or two then have a crumbbling or stagnant network afterwards. Once my downlines have been trained, i can concentrate on the distribution side of my network…a distribution that would provide security in my network.

    I think networking companies should also include in their trainings venues of distribution for the products. This is what i can hopefully integrate from my network. Our products are competitive, though simple in construction it is able to provide many venues for distribution. These products may be sold not just to consumers / the general public, but also to business owners.

    If I am able to be successful using this model, then i can be the 1st marketing professional in the top earners…and prove to the other traditional “networkers” that application of the marketing side will make the business more sustainable than recruiting members – given this scenario, networking is not just about building relationships…it being a business opportunity, then it should be able to build on a business relationship, not be based on a personal emotional blackmail. Bottom line – it sould be a win-win scenario right from the very start.

    May this be helpful in other readers of your article.

    I hope the next time i write, i can say my theories worked! hehehe.

  21. ^
    hi abet, pinanakita ko lang ung other side… tama walang personalan.
    ung FQ ang nasalihan mo, bata pa ako at hindi pa aware. ilan na bang seminar room ang napuntahan mo? pinag aralan mo bang mabuti ung ginagawa mo, o bigla ka nalang pumutak ng pumutak dahil wala kang marecruit. =)

    health industry na po ngayon at bihira na ang sapatos… at hindi lang po ang mayayaman ang may kayang bumili nito… lalo na po ung nangangailangan talaga…

    natry mo ba umattend sa AMWAY (hindi po ako member nito pero pinag aralan ko lang ang galaw nila, at sinasabi sa seminar you have do to this in a year bago ka kumita ng malaki).

    lahat ng bagay napag aaralan, lalo na ang word na “marketing”, mapajolibee man yan or yema..
    pero sabi ko nga nasan na ba ung mga nagquit sa MLM? at nasan na ung hindi?

    sino nagsabi sayo na kumatok sa bawat pinto? umattend ka ba ng training… inside and outside you company to develop more skills? of course alam ng mga networkers na pangalan at mukha ang puhunan nila, kung handa silang manloko lang hindi mo na problema un. pero hindi lahat pareho pareho …

    sa mga legal na negosyo at legal na investment… sa traditional na business… wala bang sira ulo dyan? wala bagn chance na namaloloko ka rin?

  22. ^
    nagkataon lang na magkaiba tayo ng environment na napuntahan kaya magkaiba tayo ng naging pananaw sa network marketing.

    ang residual income po ay galing sa sales ng group (ibig sabihin nabebenta talaga ang product) at hindi po recruitment, at kung nangbabaliw ka lang ng tao, i think hindi ka magkakaron nito.

    if you view all the things that happen to you, both good and bad, as opportunities, then you operate out of a higher level of consciousness.

  23. Mr tyrone i decided not to mention my company…

    Why most networker marketers fail… watch Tim Sales clip at youtube.com

    MLM: Do Most People Fail?

  24. migs— ou pinakita mo ung other side dapat ipakita mo din ung left side dapat transparent.. anyway ndi parin nasagot ung tanung ko e?? nag tataka kc ako sa mga seminar ninyo, puro ung mga magagandang side ung pinapakita, ayaw ipakita ung totoo?

    bat ayaw nio sabihin na mahirap din kumita sa networking na “gaya NANG NASABI MO.” bakit puro malaki kikitain weekly, every friday may pera ang laging bukang bibig… well ok fine i will not ask it na.. ksi marami na taung napag usapan and hangang ngaun ndi mo parin nasasagot, na may kalokohan yalaga sa marketing,

    db networker ka??? alam mo dapat sa recruitment ang pinaka malaki ang kita ng networker tama o mali? at ung recruitment ang pinakamahirap, saka sana discuss mo din sana feasibility study nio kuno.. Para lalo nila maintindhan ung sinasapul ko hehehe…

    anywayt sabi mo mga health products na binebenta, i think lucida gluta ka o etc… cno mag titiwala ngaun sa mga health products kung hangang ngaun nakalagay padin sa box nian “NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS” ex. lucida ka? db na tv na yan sabi ng BFAD kulang ung gluta content nian? db? anung health products ba un binibenta mu,, maganda nga sabihin mo para mas marami ka marecruit kasi pag mali ako sa critsm at tama ka edi good for u dadami na recruit m db?

    Ano b ung mlm na sinalihan mo dapat proud ka jan dapat sabihin mo kung anu yan kung totoong ndi scam niang mlm mo db??

    pero ndi kita pipilitin kc cgurado magkakaroon ako ng cment , ILAN TAun ka na ba jan sa mlm mo?
    at mag kano na kinita mo..? ilan na down line mo?? “kung masasagot mo ito medyo bibilib ako sau! kc at dis point na sesense ko ndi ka pa ganun kumikita jan o worst ndi ka pa bawi sa capital mo..

    Migs — Bigyan kita ng dare? Kaya mo ba itaya ang XXyag mo Na sa loob ng 10 yrs ay nananatili parin naka tayo yan, at kumikita ka parin? pustahan tau mas malaki pa kikitain ng sari sari store jan in the long run… kc kaya ko itaya buong asset ko na mas tatagal ang sari sari store kesa sa networking mu na sinalihan>>

    ang pinaka ok na mlm lan talaga at bilib ako avon, nd the rest no elibs na..

    • excuse me po ahm kadalasan po ng mga company na nagsasabing kikita ka ng ganito sa loob lang ng ilang week kalimitan pyramiding po iyan or scam ung iba legal ang papeles approved ng SEC pero yung systema binary o pyramiding kaya para makasigurado icheck lang po kung member ng DSAP kc ang DSAP po ay kampanya laban sa pyramiding scams…

      yung NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIM po kadalasan po yun ay nakalagay sa mga herbal products kc po hindi po sya gamot food supplement po sya pero nakakagaling ng ibatibang sakit at ang approved naman po ay yung mga gamot na nabibili natin sa mga drugstores at pharmaceuticals….

      Mr.Abet try nyo po company namin good health is our business…
      DXN inernational private limited our main office is located at SM Northedsa 5th floor….thank you po…

  25. Tyron,
    brod….heheh sori kung medyo dami ko comment hahaha, share ko lang sa blog mu ha, neiwei nagkakatulad nama tau ng paniniwala na ang Pioneers lang ang talagang kumikita jan ng malaki…

    1.) Sa networking ndi sinasabi ung 22o, ndi transparent. puro magagandang side lang ang sinasabi.
    2,) ang pinaka kumikita lang Pioneers.
    3,) Nanloloko ng tao, nabibigay ng False hope.
    7. )”sa Networking KIKITA KA sa PAGHIHIRAP nG iba”

    Natututo MAGSINUNGALING ANG TAO. kahit kaibigan nag kakaroon ng temptaion lokohin dahil sa networking nayan.

    Nagiging gahaman!!! Sisirain nila pangalan nila dahil sa pera…

    “Ang pera pwedeng kitain TOTOONG KAibigan mahirap hanapin””

    nasisira ang pag kakaibigan dahil dian , dahil gulangan , lokohan ang tinuturo nian.


    “Kung sa akin nang yari yan, politician, maraming kilala, marami koneksyon, pano pa kaya sa pang karaniwang tao??? panu pa kaya sa paboritong irecruit mga studyante? na wala pa ganun ka kilala? sa networking dapat jan marami ka kilalala! kawawa naman ang mga studyante na nagipon, ilang beses ndi kumain pag break para lang may pang sali sa scam na yan, ung iba nangutang pa… “””MGA NETWORKERS MAAWA NAMAN KAYO”””

    ndi lang pera mahalaga sa mundo!

    mas mabuti nga makinig tayo sa nakakatanda,,, totoo na mas alam nila ang buhay…

    Ang karangyaan o magandang buhay ay hindi kaylanman isang batayan ng pagiging isang tao.”mahirap maging mahirap sa pilipinas”. Ngunit hindi ito batayan para gumawa ng masama. “At LALONG HINDI ITO BATAYAN O MAGING DAHILAN NG PAG SIRA NG IYONG PANGALAN AT NG INYONG PINAG-SAMAHAN AT NG PAG-KAKAIBIGAN.” Totoong lahat tayo ay gusto ng pera, ngunit sana wag tayong mag “MUKHANG PERA”…

    I’m 23 yr, na ngaun, so mga 6-7 yrs before nung na aya ako Mag networking “LEGACY FOR LIFE”
    Mga 16-18 yrs old kun ndi ako nag kakamali,

    I’m a SK CHAIRMAN sa aming barangay, I have the money, Contact,FREinds, frat,Group, RELATIVES,
    sa madaling salita iba ako sa pangkaraniwang bata dahil medyo marami ako kilala, dahil politician ako at a very young age,

    at the age of 15yrs old, ndi ako nakakatulog sa kagi kung ndi ako mag iisip ng pag kakakitaan, in short business minded na talaga ako… future ko na ang lagi ko iniisip…

    THen dumating ung day na ni Recruit ako ng Friend ko na SK-Chairman din. Tiwala ako sa kanya dahil kaibigan ko. SABI nia SAAKIN “GUSTO MO BA KUMITA NG MALAKI AT WEEKLY ANG KITAAN?
    pwede ka kumita ng 16k a day? (kung ndi ako nag kakamali,) anyway sabi ko cyempre..

    so sinama nia ko sa ortigas, nakinig ako sa seminar, lahat ng sinabi niya sa akin ay narinig ko sa seminar,

    Naenganyo ako sumali nung sabi ng frend ko “Abet gusto mo makita anu na napundar ko jan?” pinakitaa nia ako ng mercedes benz na nung panahon na un ay 6 palang daw ang meron sa pilipinas (nakalimutan ko model e) at Ang sabi niya ” abet papautangin pag kasali mu papautangin kita pambili ng car kasi kikita ka naman e hulugan mo nalang sakin pag kumikita ka na?

    Pinakitaan ako ng cash na paka rami,,,,Tutulungan daw nia ko mag recruit.

    at nung nag bayad na ako at sumali, nirecruit din niya ung ibang sk chairman ko, at ang masama dito pinag hiwalay nia sa left at right so nahati,
    ( bakit? para kumita cya kasi sa networking dapat pair db?_)

    pag katapos nun after 1 week ndi na sya nag pakita, bihira na cia umatend miting….

    sa madaling salita pinabayaan kami….
    pinaasa lang,,


  27. guys, pasensya na sa mga comments ko mdyo emotional, hahahahah, lam nio na tlagang ayoko lang may makikitang tao na maloloko, lalo na pag napag daanan ko na to kc alam ko kung ganung kasakit saka kasi ako ung tao na pinapahalagahan Ung PANGALAN,TIWALA,SAMAHAN,KAIBIGAN, above anything else… lalo na sa pera,,,



    “Ang pera Madaling Kitain Ang TOTOONG KAIBIGAN MAHIRAP HANAPIN” -KinG Chini2UNO

  28. Nice, this post is becoming really popular among my articles. Thanks a lot for sharing your views all. I respect all your opinions. Just keep it neat and decent.

  29. hi im back… sa dami ng post natin mr abet, nag shut down ang server.


  30. ang dami at naipon.. try ko sagutin lahat…

    sinagot ko na yang paulit ulit mong tanong , at hindi mo lang binasa yung post ko…
    bakit magaganda lang sinasabi – ikaw ba kapag may business proposal hindi ba maganda lang ang dapat sabihin? at kung may magtanong kung anong pangit sa proposal pede naman sagutin.

    eto pa isa, hindi po lahat ng networking companies ay nambabaliw lang… sabi ko nga sayo may mga professional naman .. uulitin ko natry mo ba umattend sa N21 ng AMWAY? sasabihin nila na mahirap kumita dito lalo na kung di mo pag aaralan, aabutin ka ng taon.

  31. recruitment ang malaki ang income tutal un ang pinakamahirap (sa iba), pero hindi naman paramihan ng recruit ang MLM kung hindi paramihan ng leaders (duplication / leveraging).

    masama ba kung may incentive ka sa recruit? hindi.. dahil ung real estate agent na nakabenta ng condo may commission.. just like agent na kabenta ng insurance ganon din… iba nga lang tawag SALES … sa MLM ganon din may SALES commission ka dahil naibenta mo ung package …

    eto pa .. hindi lahat ng MLM may income sa pagrefer ng new distributor, pag nagbenta lang saka ka magka commission…

  32. mr abet… nakakapagod ito ah.. hehehe pero ayos lang for the sake of others na din…
    saka practice na din… =)

    to ms. lyrpa, of course im willing and excited to share my company sayo.
    kindly leave your number then usap tayo… madalas ang grupo ngayon sa shangrila…

  33. The server shut down yesterday because of a system upgrade from the host. Anyway, it is already complete and back to normal. Please try to make a concise and direct to the point comments so as to avoid non-relevant ones. I hope all the networkers commenting to this post can give this link to their downlines as well for them to read.

  34. sino ang magtitiwala sa “no approved therapeutic” ang dami kaya… kaya nga ang daming network marketing companies na nagsusulputan na kabute kasi mabenta… alam mo nman siguro na trillion dollar business ang wellness industry. at kung hindi mabenta yan at puro recruitment malamang ang daming magsasara kung wala repeat order kagaya ng panahon ng mlm na nasalihan mo.

    btw with approved claim po ang iminamarket ko … hindi ko na kailangan ipost dito dahil may mga ads naman ako. hindi ko ginagawa ito ngayon para magrecruit (though pede din) , nagkukuwentuhan lang tayo bro.

  35. sige ako nman magkwento kaka 2years ko palang as networker marketer, sa first company kumita ako as in kumita talaga (though hindi pang top earner), new blood kung baga .. pero dumating ung time tumigil ang income…

    i stop and look for answer, why akala ko ba “my residual income dito” dahil ung ang binili kong concept, bago ako naginvest ng pera. sabi ko sayo bro magkaiba tayo ng environment hindi ako binaliw sa kotse at pera.

    2nd company , mas naging mabilis at madali ang lahat… naramdaman ko na ung residual income… ang problem sobrang liit, parang hindi sulit ung pagod at pinundar ko…

    ibang kinita ko sa 1st company, pinansali ko sa ibang company.. para lang makakilala ng tao, umattend ng trainings nila .. at wala akong balak inetwork ang product nila.

    ngayon sa wakas nakapili na kame ng company na pagpapaguran talaga at may tiwala sa owners transparent naman sila sa group. walang baliwan. after a year balitaan ko kayo…

  36. bilib ka pla sa avon bakit hindi ka dun mag invest. in term of sales malaki talaga avon, syempre may commercial at kilala na talaga. oh diba ung meron silang line, may asenso sa avon, nagkabahay dahil avon, di na kailangan mag abroad…

    dati bilib ako sa AMWAY dahil dun lahat nagsimula, pero ngayon hindi na nilayasan siguro sila ng mga leaders kaya un may commercial na din. tsk tsk tsk.

  37. eto naman hamon ko … kung pioneer lang ang talaga kumikita ng malaki. bakit di ninyo subukan maging pioneer pede ko kayo matulungan at bigyan ng company na nagsisimula pa lang. Tignan natin kung kikita nga kayo ng malaki.

    totoong madaling kitain ang pera, pero ung tiwala na ibibigay sayo na tao hindi mababayaran un pera. network marketing is building relationship. kaya kung gago sila problema na nila un. =)

  38. ung mga di ka elibs sa mlm … you just justify the reason para magquit … natural lang yan bro.

    ung kumikita ka sa paghihirap ng iba … kaya nga may chance of leveraging sa MLM … bakit sina henry sy , gokongwei , lucio tan , di pa kumikita yan sa pagkakayod marino ng sambayanan pilipino.

  39. Grabe Abet, i pity you in your experience.
    Miguel is right to say that networking is good, but you just had a bad experience.
    I understand where you are coming from based on that experience. It is with friends like “your friend” that gives rare open-minded people like you such a traumatic experience in networking.
    Based on his approach, kita nga lang nya iniisip nya and not the sustainability of the network… i mean, WHAT IS HE THINKING?! Maybe that is the kind of leadership their networking company is catering into.

    You could have made a more pleasant mlm encounter with a stranger than a friend.
    Do not close your doors on opportunities that comes in your way. It took 25yrs of failure before mlm is being taught to respected universities…meaning, there is a legit mlm and there is a mlm turning into a pyramid scam model. 🙂 hehehe.

    Sayang talaga kasi sinayang ka ng kaibigan mo. He could have not just helped you, but also you could have helped so many people in the SK. Networking is not about counting tha matching or the paring, but building a stable network of leaders that will be stable enough even when the training company (yung mlm where your network is an “independent distributor”) is dissolved.

    For this reason, the leadership orientation of the uplines become crucial kasi yun ang na-aadopt ng downlines. So if deceit is part of the game ng upline, then that type of leadership in duplicated.

    In my almost two weeks, wala akong pinapunta sa seminar na hindi nag-sign in. For the reason that i told them outright i am involved in mlm. Some would want to sign in already even if they did not attend the seminar coz of theri out of town trips, but i declined their payment. I told them to attend the trainings first before signing in. I told them they should be aware first where their money is going. Hindi ito question ng tiwala, coz thye trust me so much. It is in this “trust” that i cannot force them into something na hindi buo ang loob nila at hindi nila na-uunawaan ang options.

    Dapat talga, sa simula pa lang ay ethical na ang mga nasa multi-level. Kaya ako, naiinis din sa mga nanloloko na asa networking…tapos they would complain why people are cynical into joining mlm… not realizing na yung approach na nila ang main reason why people are like that.

    Sadly, there are many networkers who are into deceit, persuasion, and oblivious of what they are doing. On the other hand, there are also responsible and honest networkers who really would have a genuine heart to help.

    Abet, I just hope you that even if you had a bad experience, you won’t deny yourself of being in a good network of leaders where your potentials may be intensified. And when the time comes that you are finally open to non-traditional ventures like mlm, i hope the right “upline” will come your way. 🙂

    At para sa mga pasaway na upline…pwede ba na wag na kayong magsinungaling sa mga kaibigan at kamag-anak nyo?! kung naniniwala kayo na legal at maganda ang ginagawa nyo, wala kayong dapat itago. In the first place, alam nyo ba that if you are able to sign in a person based on “forced” recruitment and false advertising, that person can sue you for fraud? Kasama na yun sa Consumer Act natin. Please…do your own research and stop traumatizing more people.

  40. Let me share you something… quoted from internet marketers

    Making a list of your friends, family and contacts to pitch the latest fruit juice, lotions, and pills to is NOT marketing. It’s called “laziness” and does not work

    Remember, this isn’t about you making money… It’s about you serving others. The money follows.

    Good Luck To Abet and Miguel … nakakatuwa kayong basahin
    Pareng Tyrone … yan ang nagbigay na din ako ng tips.

  41. Message to New Blood Network Marketers

    Kung ang upline mo ay isa sa mga nambabaliw, pusakal, barubal, lokoloko…
    at kung ano ano pang pede mong itawag. please lang wag mo ng gayahin…

    Kung ang paraan mo para magclose ng deal worth 10,000 ay mambaliw ng cheke worth 100,000.
    papaano ka magclose ng deals worth millions of dollar, magpapakita ka din ng bank account worth trillions of dollar? Kaya mo? You get the point?

    Practice good entrepreneurship.
    hindi tatagal ang mga yaman ng mga yan kung mambabaliw lang, sana lang matauhan sila.

  42. Mastering the art of changing people’s mindset will make you successful in any MLM system.
    Some MLMs systems focus on taking advantage of it’s prospects greed. Other’s go to the extent of creating some sort of “needs”. Have you ever tried joining an MLM where you’re forced to buy some products you don’t actually need?

    If you plan to join an MLM system, make sure you have answered the first two questions on the article.
    Do you enjoy the products offered? Do you really need these products? Can you save by buying these product? Take note that in marketing world, talking about saving thru discounts is virtual saving. You actually have to spend to take advantage of the discount. Is this real saving?

    “When it comes to science and technology, man learns. When it comes to love, war, and finance, he makes the same mistake over and over again.”

  43. The tittle of this comment “”””ANG TANUNG NI mu SAGOT mo din””” -PIZZ po TAU

    Migs-SABI MO>>>
    “bakit magaganda lang sinasabi – ikaw ba kapag may business proposal hindi ba maganda lang ang dapat sabihin? at kung may magtanong kung anong pangit sa proposal pede naman sagutin”.-migs

    ans: Hdi ako sang ayun dun KUYA, Ndi lang dapat maganda lang sabihin .. PAnu mu matatawag na “transparent “un Kung PURO magaganda lang ang sasabihin…hehhehe….Bakit kailangan pa intayin tanungin sayo ung bad side? bakit ndi mosabihin din? me tinatago b? kung nasabi mo ung mga magagandang pag papaasa, pangarap at panaghinip e bakit ndi mo masabi ung bad side…..
    e alam mo namang ndi yan maiisip ng baguhan. (Gaya ng nasabi mo nung unang comment mu sa blog Ni Mr. Tyron.. ,,,

    MIGS sabi mo “ang dami naman ng tanong na yan 25? as a start hindi mo kailangan malaman lahat, kailangan mo lang maintindihan bakit mo gagawin ung network marketing.”

    MIGS SABI mo sa comment #4 mo >>>”at yan mga tanong na yan, hindi po maiisip ng baguhan yan, magtatanong nalang yan kapag ginagalawan na nya itong indutry na ito.”

    exactly nang galing na sau, Tanung mo sagot mo… “YAN ANG TRANSPARENT NA IBIG SABIHIN mu” dapat pla ibahin na meaning ng tranparent sa dictionary

    Kung tatanungin mo ko kung pag gagwa b ko ng business proposal sa mga friends, rel, clasm8s, and kahit cnu pa… mas mamabutihin kung sabihin din ug worst na pwede mangyari para wala sila masabi sakin, kc kung nasasabi ko ung magagandang side dapat masabi ko din ung bad side, transparent ba (Gaya ng nasabi mo na tranparent daw ang mga owner nian mlm mo.) actually ndi ko alam kung alam m b talaga ang salitang tranparent e,,

    para mapag handaan nila at mag karoon sila ng magandang choice sa gaggawin nilang dicisyon.

    Saka db karamihan naman sa mga nirerecruit ninyo ay nag uumpisa sa kakilala ninyo ,, why not na ndi ninnyo sabhin din ung bad side. saka in oral lang naman un business proposal ninyo ndi naman formal na nakasulat pa sa papel, so y not na ndi ninyo sabihin “KUNG TALAGANG PROUD KAYO SA CMPANY AND TIWALA KAU .na kikita talaga jan.

    2 yrs ka na pla sa networking nd 3 na nasalihan mo company? ryt so ibig sabihin more or less nasa 8 months ka plang jan sa bago mo.. ” MASYADO PANG MAAGA PARA MAG SABI NG WALANG BALIWAN JAN Kuya”

    AUN ANG point ko bakit kungmag salita kau parang successful na kau na napakatagal ninyo na, na parabang kumikita na nga kau, parang alam m na lahat jan sa new company mu, as in parang sigurado kana na ndi baliwan yan…. Panu mo nasabi un E more or less nasa 8 months ka plang jan???

    kung babasahin kc ung mga comments mu para ka na ung speaker dun sa networking ninyo na kumita na ng malaki, un para bang may napatunayan na sila na kumita sila,parang ang tagal tagal muna,,, yan kaya nasasabi kaung nanloloko lang e kasi kung mag salita kau parang napatunayan ninyo na talaga,

    MAHIRAP TALAGA MAG SABING KUMITA NA KUNG WALA NAMAN PROOF> anyway kung feasibility studies nio pag babasihan dapat kumita ka na ng malaki… pero ndi mo masagot xe alam ko kung bakit xe natutunan ko na style ng mga networkers, pag sinabi mo kc na wala pa at konti lang yari, kc walang maniniwala,, db?

    Tama ka elibs ako avon , pero ndi ko sinabi na interested aku sumali dun,


  44. MIGS SABI MO->>>>
    “ung kumikita ka sa paghihirap ng iba … kaya nga may chance of leveraging sa MLM … bakit sina henry sy , gokongwei , lucio tan , di pa kumikita yan sa pagkakayod marino ng sambayanan pilipino.-migs

    SAGOT NI CHINI2uno> WAG mung idamay mga idol ko,,,SILA Mr. henry sy,gokongwei , lucio tan, ay malaki ang naitutulong sa sambayanang pilipino, KUNG HINDI DAHIL SA KANILA MILYON MILYUNG PILIPINO ANG WALANG TRABAHO NGAUN.., sana mabasa mo ung mga success story nila, pinag hirapan nila kung anuman ang narating nila, at hiNdi uunlad pilipinas kung wala sila MALAKI ANG NAITUTULONG NILA SA ECONOMY NATIN….

    Sila un totoong businessman , …. ung mga networkers ang kumikita sa paghihirap ng tao,
    bakit sila henry sy ba ndi b nag hirap para kumita, ginamit lang ba nila ang tao para kumita? ndi b sila pinapasuweldo ni henry sy??? mARAMING NATUTULUNGAN SILA HENRY SY….ALAM KO ALAM M YAN..

    e bat kau networker pinapasuweldo nio ba downlines ninyo, sila kayod ng kayod kayo kikita??? tama ba un? e cla henry sy give and take kumikita siya sa tao niya, sinuswelduhan naman niya tao niya, ndi yayaman yan kung ndi sila marunung mag alaga ng tao, try mu basahin un ibang blog ni tyron, if ndi ako nag kakamali d2 ko nabasa ung mga success story nila…

    bro hehehhe pasensya kana lang personalan ha,,, gusto ko lang maliwanagan ka,cla, ako sa mga bagay bagay, db?

  45. dapat ang title bro. Why Abet Hates Network Marketing and Love Politics…

    ngayon ko lang napansin networker ba talaga tinutukoy mo or politician na kagaya mo? =)

    – ndi sinasabi ung 22o, ndi transparent. puro magagandang side lang ang sinasabi.
    – ang pinaka kumikita lang Pioneers.
    – Nanloloko ng tao, nabibigay ng False hope.
    – sa Networking KIKITA KA sa PAGHIHIRAP nG iba”

  46. gusto ko sana magpaliwanag pa pero sayang lang at hindi ito matatapos…

    gusto ko sana ipaliwanag na ang leverage sa mlm over traditional, na bakit hindi mo kailangan magpasweldo, na bakit alam ko iexplain ang nangyayari sa industry na ginagalawan ko, na bakit ko kailangan subukan at makita ang ibang company, na bakit ikaw lang ang may idol, na ung sample computation ay pede mo makuha kung trabahuhin lang, na pano mo malalaman na transparent ang isang tao, na pedeng umunlad ang pinas thru network marketing, na bakit pede walang business proposal, na hindi ko ginagawa ito para maliwanagan ka…

    magkaiba tayo ng experience… bow … saka off topic na tayo kaya ibabalik ko na…

  47. “Network Marketing is Legacy For Life / Scam , wag nyo sayangn pera nyo!” – Abet Mariano an SK CHAIRMAN. I have the money, Contact, FREinds, frat, Group, RELATIVES, sa madaling salita iba ako sa pangkaraniwang bata dahil medyo marami ako kilala, dahil politician ako at a very young age.

    “Network Marketing is an equal opportunity opportunity.” — Michael S. Clouse, Network Marketer and Trainer

    “If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business.” — Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and Author

    “Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average person.” — Jim Rohn, America’s Business Philosopher

    “When I read in Fortune magazine that Warren Buffet, the billionaire investor and one of the world’s richest men, was investing in a Network Marketing company, I decided I was missing something.” David Bach, Author and Financial Columnist

    “The future of network marketing is unlimited. There’s no end in sight. It will to continue to grow, because better people are getting into it. They are raising the entire standard of MLM to the point where soon, it will be one of the most respected business methods in the world.” — Brian Tracy, Author and Motivational Speaker

    “Network Marketing is a way of living, where your story of success is priceless” – Miguel, Simpleng Bata

    “Only take the advice from people who are currently building a business.” — Don Failla, Network Marketer and Author

    • aun o dapat pala ndi kami maniwala sau sabi kc ng research m c Don failia
      “Only take the advice from people who are currently building a business.” ..

      saka wala ka panaman story of succes, PARANG GUSTO MO KAMI BENTAHAN NG AGIMAT NA PANG PAYAMAN< PERO IKAW MISMO NDI NAMAN YUMAMAN panu namin bibilin yan??? hehehehe kung sayo mismo ayaw tumalab

    • sir abet.. ok lang yan i understand you..
      as wat Don Failia said:
      “Only take the advice from people who are currently building a business:
      Do you know that network marketing is a business too? I guess, you are just a pessimist, seeing the negative side of things. Try to be optimistic. Positive things happens to positive people”.

  48. talagang nag research ka pa ha..
    migs na sapul ka d2 nu?

    MIGS SABI MO->>>>
    “ung kumikita ka sa paghihirap ng iba … kaya nga may chance of leveraging sa MLM … bakit sina henry sy , gokongwei , lucio tan , di pa kumikita yan sa pagkakayod marino ng sambayanan pilipino.-migs

    SAGOT NI CHINI2uno> WAG mung idamay mga idol ko,,,SILA Mr. henry sy,gokongwei , lucio tan, ay malaki ang naitutulong sa sambayanang pilipino, KUNG HINDI DAHIL SA KANILA MILYON MILYUNG PILIPINO ANG WALANG TRABAHO NGAUN.., sana mabasa mo ung mga success story nila, pinag hirapan nila kung anuman ang narating nila, at hiNdi uunlad pilipinas kung wala sila MALAKI ANG NAITUTULONG NILA SA ECONOMY NATIN….

  49. hindi po. ikaw ba sapul? hehehehe
    pero nag expect talaga ako sayo ng mga worst comment na hindi ko pa narinig before. =)

    back to topic, mr tyrone, katuwaan lang…

    Do you personally like their products? You, of course, as a member must also like their products. You cannot endorse or promote a product that you do not like or enjoy using. You must be a user of the products yourself.

    kung papasok ako ng real estate at magbebenta ako ng condo unit sa the fort, dapat ba dun din ako nakatira? kung magbebenta ako ng bmw, at nakavios lang ako hindi ba pede iyon… para kasi sa akin kung ung certain product ay may market talaga bakit hindi ko subukan ibenta, kahit hindi ko nagagamit.

    pero wag ka mag alala user din naman ako ng product ko, though ung ibang networkers na kakilala ko they don’t even use their company product.

  50. Miguel,

    Compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. You get what I mean? Don’t compare two things that are different. Common sense dictates you that a car or real estate agent is different from a network marketing agent.

    I just want to emphasize here that an agent must be familiar with the product he or she is selling. In the case of car or condo as real estate, as a seller, you have to know the specs of it. In the case of condo, you have to know how many square meters, location, amenities, fees, etc. You can accompany the buyer to the condo itself to let him or her see the things you mentioned to him or her.

    The same case applies to the network marketing. You may know the ingredients, the name of the product, who manufactured it, etc. but how can you prove the effectivity of it? Of course, you must use it right? I would say that experience is the best teacher. In the case of condo, can you prove its “effectivity”? Is it a product that needs to be tested to prove its claim?

    You get what I mean? Don’t compare apples to oranges.

  51. Migs aun ngaun naintindihan mo na ung pinupunto namin… exactly, kc ndi uubra ung cnasabi mo e,, nag cocompare ka ng mag kalayo, as in sa dulo ng planeta , kung baga alien sa tao ang comparison mo… Migs


    migs e2 pa sapul ka din dito?
    2 yrs ka na pla sa networking nd 3 na nasalihan mo company? ryt so ibig sabihin more or less nasa 8 months ka plang jan sa bago mo.. ” MASYADO PANG MAAGA PARA MAG SABI NG WALANG BALIWAN JAN Kuya”

    AUN ANG point ko bakit kungmag salita kau parang successful na kau na napakatagal ninyo na, na parabang kumikita na nga kau, parang alam m na lahat jan sa new company mu, as in parang sigurado kana na ndi baliwan yan…. Panu mo nasabi un E more or less nasa 8 months ka plang jan???

    kung babasahin kc ung mga comments mu para ka na ung speaker dun sa networking ninyo na kumita na ng malaki, un para bang may napatunayan na sila na kumita sila,parang ang tagal tagal muna,,, yan kaya nasasabi kaung nanloloko lang e kasi kung mag salita kau parang napatunayan ninyo na talaga,

    MAHIRAP TALAGA MAG SABING KUMITA NA KUNG WALA NAMAN PROOF> anyway kung feasibility studies nio pag babasihan dapat kumita ka na ng malaki… pero ndi mo masagot xe alam ko kung bakit xe natutunan ko na style ng mga networkers, pag sinabi mo kc na wala pa at konti lang yari, kc walang maniniwala,, db?

  52. SAKA MIGS ANG ISSUE D2 UNG MLM NETWORKING, ung recruitment nio, ung pag papaasa, panloloko, pag sisinungaling sa mga nirerecruit nio, bakit mo pinapasok ang real estate, gusto mo pag usapan nadi natin kung anu ang nauna itlog o manok, o kaya dragon ball z, para maka relate ka..

    migs sana sagutin mo nalang kung totoo na kumikita ka jan? mag kanu? ilan down line mo? mag kanu na kinikita mu, ? ano company mo>? at pag nasagot mo yan edi tapos, TATANGAPIN KUNG TALO AKO DAHIL KUMIKITA KA….. pero pag ndi mo nasagot sana”TANGAPIN MO DIN NA NG GOGOYO, NANLOLOKO KA LANG.”

    pANO MO MASASABI NA OK ANG COMPANY MO KUNG IKAW AY mismo ndi kumikita.. Ndi ka pa proud sa company mo,, dahil sgurado masasapul nanaman.

    parang ganun ang kakalabadsan

    “MORE ON WORDS< NO action, Walang patunay! Madaling mag kwentong barbero pero mahirap patunayan ito… Kung baga sa ” korte o husgado talo kana kagad, puro HERsay lang lahat , WALA KA KSI IBEDENCYA B dung”….

    MIGS meron ako business na i rerecomenda sau.. “SIGURADO PAPATOK ANG BUSINESS NA TO”

    “MIGS BARBERSHOP- ang kwentong barbero at ur service.. tapos every day dapat me bago kang kwento para aabangan ng mga parokyano mo

  53. sige na , panalo na kayo… kaya nga wala na kayo sa network marketing di ba? tama po ba ako?

    alam nyo kung hindi ako kumikita sa negosyong ito, malamang naniwala na ako sa kagalingan ninyo… kawawa naman makakabasa nito, isipin nila naloko sila.

    “I just want to emphasize here that an agent must be familiar with the product he or she is selling. In the case of car or condo as real estate, as a seller, you have to know the specs of it. In the case of condo, you have to know how many square meters, location, amenities, fees, etc.”

    Mr. Abet, now you get the point? gusto ko lang maramdaman nyo kung paano nakikipagtalo ang isang tao nagmamarunong sa basketball pero volleyball player pala. ang hirap diba? parang magkaibang planeta tayo nanggaling…

    dahil wala akong alam sa kalakaran at pano patakbuhin ang real estate… period. =P

    • so panalo na talaga kasi hindi mo nasagot kung magkano kinita mo, ilan downlines mo, anyway mahirap nga naman magsinungaling pero hanga ako sayo dahil inamin m na ung totoo na hindi ka pa kumikita jan,,

      kaya sana hinay hinay sa pag sabi na successful yang cmpany ninyo at hindi lokohan jan dahil wala ka pa napapatunayan..

      salamat .. nxt time ulit sana nxt time live na hahah

  54. so pano next year na lang ulit tayo magkita kita…
    balik networking na ako… at sana marami kang natulungan sa comment mo…

    sana malugi ako at umasensyo ang tindahan mo
    at maglalagay ako ng barbershop sa tabi mo…

    • migs alam mo maraming nag message sakin nag papasalamat kasi nagkaroon sila ng mas maliwanag na picture about mlm and that transparent ok/..?? sana migs pag napatunayan mong tama ako sana maging isa karin sa mga tao na kagaya ko na lumalaban sa mga hindi magandang gawain..

      kaya kasi nag hihirap ang pilipino dahil kapwa pilipino nag gugulangan.. hindi pahuli ang lahat … ” alagaan mo pangalan mo, aanuhin mo ang pera kung marami namang galit sayo…

      sa mga rerecruitin mo sabhin mo both sides ok??? pag millionaryo kana edi ok mali ako…

      basta ang gusto ko lang ung totoo ang sabihin mo sa mga ni rerecruit ninyo mapa good mapa bad para walang sisihan.. salamat

  55. nakakaaliw po mga comments dito. ganun din po sa insurance business, kumikita ang iba sa paghihirap o pagsisikap ng iba. sa insurance business, halimbawa philam, kapag ika’y nakapagrecruit ng apat na insurance agent, bibigyan ka na ng titulo na unit manager. ang mga narecruit nya na agents ay maihalintulad po sa downlines ng MLM. ang unit manager naman po ay maihalintulad sa isang upline na kumikita mula sa pagsisikap ng downlines nya. ito po ay sa pamamagitan ng sales commission. kahit po hindi magbenta ng insurance ang isang unit manager, ay kikita pa rin po sya mula sa mga nagtatrabaho nyang insurance agents.

    ganun din po ang mga ubod ng yaman natin na mga kababayan gaya ni ginoong henry sy, kumikita din po sila sa paghihirap o pagsisikap ng iba. alam naman po natin na ang mga tenants sa SM City ay nagbabayad ng upa sa mall ni ginoong henry sy. bukod sa bayaran sa upa, sumisingil din po ng sales commission ang SM City mula sa mga tenants nila (may policy pa nga po ang SM City na kapag hindi mo naabot ang required sales volume ay paalisin po kayo sa nasabing mall). pero kahit ganun po ang sistema, si ginoong henry ay tinawag na mall king. hindi po sila aabot ng ganung kayaman kung hindi ipinatupad ang network marketing style of business. pero sila naman po ay malamang walang halong panloloko o pang-gogoyo, hindi gaya sa mga nangyayari sa MLM industry dito sa pilipinas mula noon hanggang ngayon.

    ingat nalang po sa mga sasalihan na MLM, kasi sadyang may mga dishonest companies. ingat na ri po sa sasalihan na grupo at baka kayo mapasali sa grupo ng mga criminal na gustong kumita sa MLM sa pamamagitan ng panlilinlang. sa liit po ng puhunan sa MLM, halos kahit sino pwede makasali. nandyan po sa MLM ang halos lahat ng uri ng tao, may mga matitino, mababait, masisipag, estudyante, professional at mayroon din po mangagantso, sinungaling, holdaper, snatcher, myembro ng ipit gang, at may halimaw at maligno pa po yata.

    alam naman po natin na hindi po lahat ng MLM company dito sa pilipinas ay masama, yun nga lang po sa palagay ko ay di hamak na mas marami ang masamang companies. kaya uulitin ko po, ingat nalang po at good luck.

  56. Mr. tyron marami na kaw viewers dito haaha, dami nag mesage sakin sa ibang site kasi pinapabasa ko sila ng blog mo d2, maraming natutuwa at naaaliw, natututo.. mor power tyron…tnxs for opening new ideas.

    • No problem, Abet. Continue to propagate my blog not just because of this MLM article but to the contents of this blog in general. I believe this will be a good resource to all those seeking financial freedom. 🙂

  57. Hi! Tyrone, this was a very interesting blog. You might be equally interested by the fact that the networking company I joined was the one that gave us the link.

    By the way, I am Leonard, a supervisor in a government corporation. I come from a family that traces involvement in the civil service at least 3 generations back. In short, we’re mostly employees by orientation with practically no real business background.

    I’ve seen several business presentations of other MLMs before: one in Greenhills and another one in Cebu, and given what I saw: people dancing and waving oversized photocopies of their checks, speakers lauding the company, the great incomes, their sob stories and success stories, I frankly got turned off. Mind you, these were legit (that is, DSAP) companies but still, the heavy focus on hype, with not much substantial information, was a definite turn-off.

    A few months ago, a close friend of mine asked me if I wanted to check out a business I could possibly do. Sure enough, I went, and when the presentation started, I realized “naku, MLM.” At that time, I sincerely believed that the phrase “network marketing” was synonymous to “scam” so if not for the fact that my friend has truly demonstrated sincere concern for me several times back, I might have punched him for trying to “fool me’ into joining a scam.

    I took some time to do online research, and heard good, bad, and relatively neutral comments about network marketing in general and this company in particular. I was impressed by the fact that many who decided that this company was not their thing, or who got turned off by how they were approached/invited, had an almost uniform comment; “the products are good.”

    That is the first element to look for – I mean, even with a terrific strategy and good compensation plan, your business would fall flat on its face if the products were terrible, or so-so lang. I got impressed that this company had extensive product info on what they carried: what it did, how to use it, the ingredients used, the scientific studies, where applicable, behind it, and yes, the names of the people behind it.

    Now an M.D. with a PhD. Is quite impressive – but several? In the same company? That’s something, especially if some of them are figures name-dropped by others in similar businesses. For example, I read of Dr. Lester Packer, who is sometimes cited as the “father of anti-oxidants,” being quoted in other magazines, by other supplement companies (MLM or traditional) – but when I saw his name as part of the scientific advisory board of one company? I had some “ooooooohs” there.

    The next thing I looked at was the company, or, more specifically, its financial figures, its relative stability, its market, and the legal trail. I was impressed: 25 years down the road, it is not only alive but is one of the few to hold its head above the billion dollar a year mark. I even had a friend check out its reputation in the United States – of course, it wasn’t picture-perfect (none but the professional liars are, and there will always be people who complain when things don’t fit their tidy little fantasies), but I saw enough to convince me that this company was here to stay.

    Again, the link between the company and products convinced me that it wasn’t simply marketing the same old things: I saw a steady and careful path of innovation, the dawning of a marketing strategy that had the potential to lock down a significant part of the trillion-dollar health and wellness industry. In short, I saw how this company had positioned itself over the years. More than simply retooling the same products, I saw new ones that have recently been introduced, seen awards it has reaped from other organizations, or countries – truly, more than innovating, it was positioning itself to shake a whole industry with a discovery it has made related to how people age. The scientists indeed did their homework and the legal guys made sure they got the patent lock on it, and the marketing guys made sure the distributors were ready to catch the next wave: a wave of their own making.

    The company name-dropped, or so I thought, several large institutions and research organizations, but of course, anyone could just copy the Stanford University logo and plop it into their Powerpoint, right/? So I checked it out from third parties, and yup, they had the right to say that they had multiple research partnerships – because it was true!

    Trusting what data I got, and my sponsor, who would, in the course of about a month, my first, hear all sorts of questions, objections, comments from some so-called experts or studies, who had a critical eye on networking in general and sometimes, our company in particular. Since we share a common pastime (debating), he heard several mouthfuls and had spent long nights answering objections I thought of or copied from others. He was true to his word about matching my commitment with his commitment, and leveling with me on whatever concerns I had. He was patient, and gave intelligent, carefully-thought of answers, and not canned nonsense.

    I of course started using the products (my sponsor got a 1am call from me when I started praising a particular product that had instant, visible results, hahaha…) There was truly a demonstrated difference, and I loved it! My wife and I are product users (addicts might be a more apt description, because we love the products in the skin care line and the supplement line). My very first “downline,” gave me feedback on the results of the products she got, and during a company meeting in our office, I had her stand to show off to the other supervisors her waistline, which was down by 5-6 inches, not an easy feat when you’re above 35 and had 3 kids.

    Only a liar would tell you that you start off easy. We all have different learning curves, something that no amount of system duplication could change. It was a hard start, but we learned from studying, from our sponsor, and from his own sponsor, and her own sponsor, etc., from others doing the business, from our own successes and our own mistakes – and truly, as we saw our business grow, so did our confidence.

    We have learned that we could sponsor others who want to do the business and since we had great products, we could also retail. One big boost was when I sold one product that I thought might be too pricey for the average employee. I believed in the product, used it myself, got compliments for the results, and learned how to demonstrate the efficacy of the product through doing demos AND getting people to try it for free. I was surprised that I had sold several of this product to some of the most unlikely buyers mainly because they loved the results. Some even told others about it (so I got more retail referrals, including one who wanted to do the business with us and not simply use the product.) This balances with what Prof. Josiah Go mentions about retailing in business and about product values. No, I won’t quote his book but will instead tell the doubting Thomases to get his book BUILD, GROW AND SUSTAIN YOUR NETWORK MARKETING DISTRIBUTOR BUSINESS. No, I do not get a cent from endorsing this book.

    I am still learning, and as I learn and slowly master my chosen vehicle towards financial freedom, I also earn, have fun, and realize that, just as it was when I was a kid learning to ride a bike, it’s hardest at the start. I do not begrudge what my sponsor has earned, is earning, and will earn, from my efforts. Considering what I have learned (and continue to learn) from him, and from those before him, it’s worth the “tuition fee.” He leverages on my effort, and I leverage on his experience. Fair deal for me.

    All in all, I have found a good balance: a great company, a strong, award-winning product line, a terrific team to work with, the right timing to ride the “wellness wave,” a sound and equitable compensation system that rewards effort, and an opportunity to get out of the rat race by helping others do the same, should they want to.

    Company protocol and netiquette forbid me from mentioning the company’s name here, but the fact that they were even the ones to give me a link to this blog, which is definitely a third party (that is, not part of our company), demonstrates the difference between how they do things. It levels the playing field, and shows us that it is not just “positioning” but speed, tenacity, coachability, and hard, hard work that makes you reap success. It is even possible here for me to earn more in a month than my own sponsor (so it rewards effort as well). I am truly proud of what I am doing, ecstatic about the products, convinced in the feasibility of its marketing plan AND distributor compensation plan, and truly thank God I have such a great sponsor and line. This commitment to help people truly succeed, not take advantage of another in order to make more big bucks, is something I would want to duplicate to those I sponsor in this business.

    More power to you Tyrone. Your blog is truly a blessing but more than that, I commend you for being fair and balanced.

    Let me leave with a quote from Robert Kiyosaki’s book, RICH DAD, POOR DAD: Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.

    [email protected]

    To naysayers, a few more words:

    There are good networking companies, weak networking companies, and outright scams. There are some similarities on the surface but huge differences that can be spotted if you truly and diligently take time to spend more time reading than yapping. Avoid generalizing: more often than not, they reveal your own ignorance because of the propensity to come up with HASTY GENERALIZATIONS, which are fallacies, instead of facts. If you got burned by the wrong group, it doesn’t mean that all are as bad as your last bust.

    Also, even in great companies, there are more than a few unscrupulous people who use deceptive tactics and scamming to get people into this business. They are a plague to networkers who seek to do the business with integrity and professionalism and a blemish on the company itself. But that’s ok: there are bound to be some bad eggs in a big hen house. That’s why choosing the right mentor/sponsor/upline does matter very much.

  58. I always believe that Networking is the perfect business, According to Robert Kiyosaki and Jim Rohn. Both joined networking marketing not only of the financial growth but personal growth as well. It is not a rich get quick scheme and you really have to work for it to be a success. you have to check the stability f the company and the products and the compensation plan.. Not that you invest in it and let it grow there is no such thing. Recently Trump established a new network marketing company… http://www.trumpnetwork.com/Opportunity/How-To-Join.aspx … I am joining a network marketing, where the company is ver very stable and the products are very good. There is a remendous support from the team and i am also improving myself. [email protected]

  59. Ang Sarap basahin dami ko natutunan hahaha… 😛 As long as everybody is happy and making money, fine with me. To each his own.

  60. Hello po, long time no post,, im back,, sabi nila super negative daw ako sa mlm, hindi ko raw subukan uli para malaman ko na hindi lahat ng mlm nambabaliw lang…

    so to be transparent i decided to join one mlm company “Aim global” para naman fair at malaman ko ang side nila,,
    mahirap nga naman mag judge kung isa palang ang napatunayan kong scam like legacy”

    so aun nga nag join agad ako sa friend kong ka former sk chairman ko.. e2 talaga ung pinaka una friend ko sa sk kaya tiwala ako dito kesa dun sa isang friend ko na nagsali sakin sa legacy..

    Infairness ayon sa marketing plan nila napaka ganda ng plan nila,, malaki pag kakaiba sa lumang mlm,… medyo nakaka curious ang mga product kasi mga food supplement na maraming nag saabi na talagang ok at nakakagaling ng sakit..

    may 50% discount sa interface, informatics etc,,,at ang product ay kakaiba kasi sila lang ang nag titinda nun at wala sa market at consumable pa kaya mas ok kaysa sapatos ng legacy.

    “ang pinaka biniliban ko ay ung nasalihan ko group ay “Iron EAGLE kaloocan chapter” kasi napaka friendly nila at malalaman mo na talagang nagtutulungan sila at kahit kakasali ko lang naramdaman ko kagad. ang malupit pa pinakitaan ako ng account nung pinaka head ng iron eagle ” dami niyang downlines at ung isang head niya kumita ng 100k + at may 5 heads cya kung hindi ako nag kakamali.. ang maganda rito bumababa siya sa aming barangay para sa paseminar namin.. at ang goal ay magboom kami sa city namin

    masasabi ko na 55-45 na ngaun ako pag dating sa mlm,,, dahil may tulungan sa groupo ang nakita ko, dahil ako ay naniniwala parin ang nauna ang kumikita lalo na kung hindi tutulungan ng pinaka upline ang mga new dowlines.. pero dahil nakita ko ang unity at tulungan at bigayan sa groupo.. walang suwapangan walang gulangan nararapat ko silang bigyan na clapsss,,

    pero hindi parin ako ganun kabilib sa mlm..well tignan natin after 1 month kung kikita kami pag katapos namin mag paseminar sa bawat barangay sa aming city,, at ang aming ka former sk chairman din ay aming pinupulong upang mabuo ang network namin. pati mga kapatid naming sk chair ngayun term na to,, ay tutulung din..
    tignan natin kung totoo na kumikita sa mlm. ayan po transparent po ako.. salamat..

    • Hi abet,

      Naiintindihan po kita. Pero doesn’t mean na dapat tanggapin mo na once nagfail ka, failure ka na talaga. You should never give up. 🙂

      Checkout mo po ung business ko para without bias. Meet tau asap within this week. New blood lang ako. First time magnetworking and ang ganda po ng resulta. At kakaumpisa ko lang.

      Hopefully, kindly email me @ [email protected] and leave your contact number. The rest about the company, products, and marketing will be discussed when we personally meet. Reserve all your questions once nakita mo na lahat lahat.


  61. 1 month na ko sa aim global,,, in fairness i earn 9000.. not bad… pero ndi rin ganun kadali,, it needs alot of powerful skills.. ndi basta basta ang networking… para lang talaga to sa malalakas ang loob at mahaba ang pasencya heheheh,,, idol tyron we need you in our group ikaw nalang kulang tatakbo na kelangan namin ng financial expert bukod sa politician at deans ng mcu,, hehehe … more power idol… i pinapakalat ko na site mo sa sta.maria,balagtas at buong valenzuela.. txt moko pag mag join kana ikaw nalang kulang sa power ful leaders,,,,

  62. @Abet After making some bad comments about MLM, ngayon nsa MLM ka na rin? Is this really true? Sayang bilib pa naman sana ako sa’yo on how you defend your side being against on MLM. Anyway, i guess it’s one month already, kumita na ba kayo sa MLM ninyo? Please post updates. I am afraid baka kainin mo lahat ng nasabi mo sa lahat ng posts mo about MLM.

    FYI: I am not into MLM business but I am not against MLM.

  63. hi mam leticia against parin po ako sa mlm.. ginawa ko lang po transparent para wala masabi si migs for the sake of experiment sabi nga nila subukan daw for the second time,,

    ang stand ko parin po regarding sa issue ganun parin, pioneers parin ang kumikita ng malaki at hindi talaga for life tym ang business na mlm… at talagang , mahirap ang mlm hindi ito para sa mahina lob i update ko kayo kung waat po mga nangyayari sakin dito sa aim global monthly .. hehheh

    dont worry mam for the sake of trnsparency ska experiment lang kaya ako sumali sa mlm.. hindi parin ako bilib hangang hindi ko napapatunayan na kaya rin kumita ng mga baguhan na kagaya ko,,,heheh love u all from one of the yougest brgy councilor in the philippines and soon one of the youngst captain hehehe love u all….. pare tyron more power miz ko na debate namin ni migs hahah para mag tawanan ulit tayo heheh

    • di bale na kakainin ni mang abet lahat ng sinabi nya against MLM eh kung magiging katulad ni Henry Sy naman sya balang araw. heheh ^_^

    • Good luck to you Abet. Good for you to try things again. You’re intelligent person, i know. Better to have experienced on both sides of the story; you will able to share more. With or without your knowing, you are still helping others about pros and cons of the MLM business. For sure, many are are looking forward and following your updates. Thanks.

    • no prob mam, i was born to serve the filipinoes till the end,.. thats my purpose in life.. ang masasabi ko lang po bout mlm suruin po mabuti bago mag jon, mgandang product at marketing ang dapat tignan

      ngunit kahit anung ganda ng product o marketing. kung wala naman groupo o upline o downline na tutulong sayo wala rin saysay… kaya payo ko lang po sainyo kung mag jojoin po kayo piliin nio po ung group na tumutulong sa mga members kahit cross line,, 2lungan, hindi nio po kakayanin mag isa at hindi po kayo makakaakyat sa isang bundok kung nag iisa lang po kayo.. sabi nga nila walang umakyat sa mt. everest nang nagiisa,, heheheh

      salamat po mam lets just enjoy life and live life to the fullest, have fun tcre

  64. hahaha. natawa talaga ako sa yu ABET…

    but anyway what happen to u is really a miracle and good news ur life has turned 180 degrees….

    yah sa lahat nang sinabi mo about the cons of mlm oo luluhud ako talagang totoo… at the same time sa pros u really nid to look at the marketing plan and the product of course because u can not push a product if u urself do not like or not using it and sa grupo din u really nid a fulltime and dedicated leaders to train and help u in ur group.. im also saying this base on my own experience too.. u really cant fully appreciate or criticise a thing if u havent experience it on ur own… after all experience is the best teacher..

    and guys i want to emphasize this thing to all of u and hope u get the message right….in filipino para maintindihan nang lahat…” sa lahat nang bagay merun laging negative at positive side, very good example GOD=+positive Satan=-negative, pero ang gustu kong itatak nio at gustu kung maabsorb nio dapat mag concentrate sa positive side ”

    and the blessing will follow….

  65. because after all ang pinaka upline na tin is upline GOD..

    and if u want to know kung sinu ang left and right nia si adam and eve…..and so on and so forth so meaning downline tayu ni GOD…

    just want to share this sa mga hindi networkers.

    sa networking we have rules to folow and i will share some:
    1. upline is always right
    2. if u think upline is wrong go back to rule number 1(this is just all about the business,y, because your upline have more experience than u and his job is to duplicate himself through u until then say yes upline all the time)
    3. bawal ang AKNY(alam ko na yan) attitude in other words be humble after all the last step to success is to Accept.

  66. 45 0c palang bro hehehe hindi pa successful e.. pag nag kamillion ako because of mlm baka siguro,, hahah pero sa huli ang nahuli parin sa networking ang kawawa,, hehehe,, in networking every seconds counts… swertihan lang talaga networking . sana lang ang mga upline isipin nio rin na pakitain nio downline ninyo.. di baleng malugi ng 1000 kung sa future kikita ka naman ng 5,000… kaya ung mga spil over ibigay nio na kahit 500 lang un malaking motivation magagawa sa downline un,, hehehe,, saka wag kayo mangangako ng hindi ninyo kayang tuparin,, wag kayo manloloko ng downline,, eheheh amini nio sa kanila mga pros ang cons,, heheh para every body happy,,u pero sa huli mag traditional busines parin kayo kasi kahit anung mangyari walang networking ang tatagal ng sobrang tagal,, 10 yrs nga lang ata ang life span nian swerte kung umabot ng 25 years haha miracle un,,

  67. tama talaga eh…

    just for the benefit of the doubt ang mlm is just a stepping stone if u want ur own business.. halimbawa sabihin na ting gustu mu mag ka restaurant syempre mga 500,000 ang capital mo example lang ha, obvious naman mahirap makahanap nang ganyan kalaki kahit na mangutang ka sabihin na natin mahirap din makahanap nang mapag uutangan nang ganyan kalaki halaga, sa mlm malaki din ang puhunan pero di tataas sa 7,000 ang kagandahan mabilis ang kitahan basta lang masipag ka, 7,000 na puhunan siguru naman ma gagawan mo yan nang paraan compare na tin sa 500,000 tama? one goal mo pag na sa mlm ka is mag save, tama ung sinabi mo pare di masyadu tumatagal ang mga mlm company kaya nga habang nasa isang company ka mag ipon pabilisan lang talaga patiyagaan pakapalan nang mukha wala pang yumaman na mahiyain… sa lahat nang mga networkers dyan good luck.. God knows ur heart He knows ur effort…

  68. @bruce bro alam mo naiintindihan ko gusto mo sabihin,,, talagang kung i cocompare mo un 7k sa 500k malaki difference… sa business walang nag start ng malaki kagad lahat yan nag umpisa sa maliit palaki…

    kung iisipin mo lagi na ang traditional business dapat malaki kagad puhunan talagang maliligaw ka,, ang networking hindi para sa lahat hindi porket maliit ung puhunan sa mlm ay mas ok na to kung ikukumpara sa traditional business,,, kasi sa mlm kahit sabihin mo maliit puhunan hindi rin ganun kadali kumita jan e … kasi personal branding parin ag basehan.. ” you will by product to the one u trust db?
    mahalaga ang brand, parang tayo me brand din.. kung hindi ka papaniwalaan kasi bali wala din.. bibili kaba ng product basta basta sa hindi mo kilala? lalo na ang products ay hindi ganun ka kilala..

    ang pinaka nakita ko sa mlm super overpricing talaga,,, napansin ko lang kahit saan ganun… swerte na nga lang pag monopoly at kakaiba ng product kasi pwedeng pag laruan ang price kasi wala o hindi available sa market…

    cnu aimglobal d2?

  69. tama talaga eh…..

    naala la ko tuloy ung sinabi mo about trust.. may lvl of trust kc tayung tinatawag halimbawa na lang ha sa cross lines ko ung invite nia is magpinsan sila, ininvite nia dati pero negative. tas a month later na pusakal nung crosline nia ayun that same day nag pay-in… nahugut sa “A” one on one lang kc ginawa nia nung una so ayun di na niwala ung pinsan nia sa kanya but nung 2nd time ang daming nag A at power A’er talaga kaya un na build ung trust nia sa kanila kaya sa kanila sia nag join hindi sa pinsan nia.


  70. bro pwede mag request ? tutal all about money naman itong pinag uusapan natin.. pwede ba na nxt blog mo ipaliwanag kung ano ba ang “PERA”? e2 kasi pinaka simple ngunit marami satin hindi alam kung ano nga ba ang pera? Paano at san ginagawa ang pera natin? pano sumulpot ang pera? saan ginagawa ang pera natin at pano nag kakaroon ng mga bagong pera?

    binabayaran din ba ng pera ang pag gawa ng pera? san to nag mumula? maari ba ang gumagawa ng pera aty mayaman dahil lahat ng access nasakanya kasi sila ang nag priprint nito? heheh napansin ko lang kasi hindi ito mas yado alam sa society natin ,,

    basta alam natin mag trabaho tayo at may kapalit na pera na.

    what is money? how money is created? who creates it? etc… heeheh kaya ba un? tnxs bro an tabayanan ko response mo ha

  71. grabe money pla is created from nothing? its the biggest and genius scam ever created? slaving us,

    “there are two ways of conquering and slaving a nation. one is by sword and other is by debt..”

    grabe bangko pala ang boss natin in reality…? y??

  72. Hello evryone. Nakakaaliw naman yung mga usapan ni miguel and abet.

    But i hope someone can help me about this:

    Actually nalilito po ako about this type of business coz I considered it as delusional.
    Allergic po talaga ako sa mga MLM, (though ive never tried any) marinig ko pa lang eh umiikot na ang mata ko kasi hindi po ako talaga naniniwala sa mga kine-claim na yumaman sila ng bonggang-bongga. Yung mga pagpapakita nila ng big amounts of check, showing pictures of luxury cars, mansions, etc…….im considering it as a form of hypnotism. And this happens because they are feeding your subconscious/inner mind with all the beautiful benefits that you could get once you join. At dahil po ang ating subconscious mind ay parang bata na naniniwala at nagrerecord ng lahat ng kanyang naririnig at nakikita, it just focuses on the positive aspects which make you determined to join. To make it short, our conscious mind or awareness is temporarily cheated or blinded unless your’e a good observant, maybe experienced, and has the ability to think rational in the midst of this situation.

    I agree with Abet na sana ipakita din nila ang down side so it wont look like theyre fooling the people. Pero bakit nila sasabihin kung nakasalalay din dito ang survival nila sa negosyo.

    Pero marami pa ding nagsasabi na ok din naman ang mlm. Which makes me confused. Nung first time ako nainvite sa ganito, di talaga ako naniwala tapos after 4 yrs, eto na naman at may naginvite sa kin sa seminar.

    I want to ask you guys, what can you say about FIRST VITA PLUS?

    Kasi i have a medical background and i cant use that just to say to
    the people that this can cure their diseases when there’s a label that says “NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIM”. Syempre malaking bentahe ang background ko kc theres a big tendency na maniwala sila sa ipagsasabi ko (na kahit hindi na totoo)if ever pumasok ako sa ganitong negosyo.

    Kasi i dont believe that it can cure diseases,yes it can help pero para sabihing “gagaling ang mga sakit mo dito”, is another way of salestalking…and maybe PSYCHOLOGICAL ang paggaling mo KASI YOU PUT YOUR FAITH ON IT. Siguro, kung papasukin ko itong business at mag sell ako, parang manloloko na lang ako just to make sales.

    Hay, tapos sabi pa sa seminar, people nowadays must bring back the natural way of preparing foods. Kasi puro “instant and pre-mixed” na daw ang food preparation ngayon which is bad for our health. EH BAKIT PO POWDERED AND MIXED NA ANG HERBAL DRINK NILA? which makes me more hesitant.

    Tapos ang mahal-mahal. Bakit po sya masyadong mahal? when its Philippine made tapos cheap vegetable lang naman ang sources, tapos cheap packaging lang naman…parang ordinary juice drink lang.


    Sana masagot nyo po yung mga tanong ko please. I would appreciate yung mga sagot nyo talaga and please dont hate on me if theres something bad na hindi nyo nagustuhan sa sinabi ko. I just want to be honest sa mga iniicp ko. THANKS!!!

    • actually mam sa first vita plus 5 vegtales ang kasama
      kamte..etc,,,, kung i kukumpara m sa alive

      ng aim 12 fruits 12 veg, 12 mushrm, 16,000 anti0xiant.
      29 vit n trace mineral, specialy nutrients
      etcc…. in shrt lhat na ng kailangan ng katawaan

      may free schlarship pa, tranferale,
      at free trip t0 us,, at pinaka malupit natures way
      megawa ng alive 0927-6181266

  73. Remember folks, most of the people who get rich in MLM are usually those who are officially supported by the company itself. These are the pioneers that are given salaries, top key position (usually putting the whole organization below them) and logistic support. They usually don’t talk about it because it discourages the ordinary people from joining but the truth is most top networkers look for these benefits from companies whenever they are invited (usually by the owner)

    One good case would be Jun Kintanar, the superstar of Forever Living. Many say he was a self made man but the truth is he was supported by Sen. Golez and his company Forever Living by through overseas trainings, allowances and exposure.

    Although it is possible it is rare for a normal unsupported networker to become rich but like ANY career/business it is a difficult road without support from above.

    • Jun K was self-made! I think it’s unfair NOT to give credit where it is due. He worked sooo hard that’s why he earned all that he earned, even surpassing all his uplines’ incomes and even the incomes of distributors who joined the company 5 years ahead of him. Did you know that?

      Also, Golez is not a Senator but a Congressman, and Jun K went to all the overseas trainings because he qualified for the travel incentive (just like the MANY distributors who attended the trainings with him). He qualified for 2 travels each year then…as a US travel qualifier and a World Rally qualifier (where only the #1 and/or #2 of each country can attend). He worked hard first then came the overseas trainings, not the other way around.

  74. I believe Network Marketing is not a scam. People who joined Network Marketing but failed only means they lack commitment. Burning Desire is the key to your success if you will engage in this business, you must do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. Success Formula begins with your GOALS+PLAN+ACTION=RESULT YOU LIKE! If you will just plan without action,its like a gun without a bullet.

    And if you really want to be wealthy,you must have your own business but how can you compete with big business industries that has been existing for years?

    With Network Marketing,everything is possible!

    It is a good business as it gives exponential income with just low risk & a low capital required. It also gives fair oppurtunity to everyone with or without experience whether you are a professional or just a high school drop out. Your dreams will be your driving force to succeed! Cause if you know you are great and you know you deserve more, why just be contented with earning 10 or 30k a month. Being an employee is just a training ground but if you will devote all your skills there,its like sowing seeds on other people’s field. You will never get your dreams as your boss will not care if you will have your own house and lot after 5 to 20 years of being his employee. His job is just to make sure you receive your paycheck every payday.

    In choosing a right MLM company you must consider the PRODUCTS,are they really good&effectives plus gives value to your money(value doesn’t really mean cheap)Next is the company stable? What is their DAILY sales?Its important as weekly or monthly sales can be accumulated but daily sales only proves that the product is very well effective&in demand.You must also consider their MARKETING PLAN. Is it pro-distributor? What if your downlines won’t recruit, will you still get a profit? And lastly, how dedicated is your upline? Will you get support from their group if ever you join?

    And the most important thing, ask yourself are you willing to help people reach their dreams? Because Networking is not just about YOURSELF, its a people helping other people business. You cannot succeed without helping others to succeed first. Are you willing to sacrice?

    If your answer is YES then TRY IT and LEARN IT! You’ll never know until you try.. Unleash your potential and give yourself the things you deserve. Take the first step to your dreams and work your way to it. FOCUS! Remember, you will not be in the position you want unless you make the first move. Go and see where your BRAVE HEART can take you!

  75. ang IMG (international marketing group) eh isang scam? kng hndi, ok b n sumali ako d2 bilang broker? 🙂 thanks.

  76. Hi im thinking of joining gfi global fusion. its a mlm and their products are glutathione. they’ve been around for two years and they’re boasting that in two years they have 24 millionaires already. Can you please give me tips on this. I am a 24 yr old and a new mom and i’m really thinking on how to invest already.

  77. Hello everyone …

    Ako po si mark … I wish to have a business partner sa pinas on my team … would you be interested?

    In the growing trend of business entrepreneurs in philippines … you need our products to support these new business minded people.

    I have created a website for my team … and the information on my company is linked there …

    contact nlng po


  78. a marketer’s advice. due your dilgence.

    GFI – walang value ang product. di efffective, ang pangit ng packaging, low class pero ubod ng mahal, walang bibili nun, ikaw lang din uubos ng product mo. ang may testimonial ung mga millionaires lang 🙂 ang pay-in ang mahal, then ung pay out ang liit… hanap ka ng international company na you can trust for years kung gusto mo talaga magnetworking, like AMWAY, herbalife, etc.

    IMG – if im not mistaken, walang yumayaman dyan kundi ung pioneers at ung owners. mahirap pagsamahin ang mlm at insurance, bonds etc. though matututo ka ng financial literacy, un lang pambawi sa binayad mo.

    sana hindi pa huli comment ko. 🙂

  79. Hi abet … I like your comment …

    I wish to add too … money is created by man … so man can choose to become master of it or be enslaved by it.

    Ang sarap naman sa blog na to …

    Nakaka feel at home.


  80. When you join either an MLM or a Direct Selling … and you first think of how much you’ll going to earn … 80% sure … you’ll fail …

    Because the idea is … you are just buying a product … and how it benefit you, short term or long term.

    Now … sharing to others the benefit that you get from the product … that will give you the passive income.

    And even if Networking did not work on you well … the question still to keep … did the product benefited you and has your value for money justifiable?

  81. Today I decided to quit MLM. Hindi na siguro para sakin tong business na to sobrang down na ako, dami ko na ring nagastos na oras, pera, at pagod ko,pati integrity ko sa mga kaibigan ko nawala na rin. pero may pag asa pa sa ibang business. Sana makatulong sa madaming tao. Matagal na rin ako sumasali sa ibat ibang companies at eto ang mga negatives na nakita ko. I admit na ginamit ko rin ito nang di ko pa alam dati pero ngayon ay aware na ako.

    1. Use of Hype o “Pambabaliw”, pang enganyo etc. , in other words hypnotic selling used to influence the poor minds of the poor people.

    Sa una pa lang papasok ka sa seminar room at may mga kung ano anong energizer,para ma excite ka, mga kung ano anong palakpak like “isang bagsak!” “ dalawang bagsak!” or mga “yes! Yes Yes!” “Poweeeeer!!!” “Graabeeeeeeeeh yung iba may sayawan at tugtugan pa at kung ano anong mga pang aliw. Sa totoo lang ginagamit ito ng lahat ng 10 companies na tinignan ko at 5 companies pa sinalihan ko. It places the prospects state to a more encouraging and you are psyching your prospect to join the activity “Yes Yes Yes” “Power! Power Grabeeeh!” para sa closing ang nasa isip nya puro – – YES YES YES! Power! Grabeh! Galling! diba??? Diba madaling mag pa pay in??

    The moment na sumunod ka sa kanilang sinasabi like bigyan natin ng isang bagsak “clap”, 2 bagsak “clap clap” they are training you already to be in agreement with them and this happens from the very first part of the presentation and you don’t know it is already being done to you.

    Since most networking companies say that MLM is like buying a franchise from mcdonalds, bakit, may mga “yes yes yes grabe” ba sa office ng MCDO pag mag ffranchise ka?? In reality, theres really no need for that Hype unless you want to take control of your prospect.

    2. Use of Religion – Used to influence religious people that the business is somehow connected to god etc.

    Eto, familiar ka ba sa mga comments na to?

    Kung hindi ka matulungan ng upline mo punta ka sa upline nating lahat si “GOD”. WTF pati ba si god e sasali pa sa ganitong networking? Walang kwenta mahiya naman kayo!

    May plano ang diyos sa inyo kaya kayo naririto.

    God is Good? All the time! (wow ano kinalaman nyan sa BOM?, nasa simbahan ba ako?)

    At pag sharing naman sa mga training – Grabeh po, Salamat sa diyos at binigyan kami ng pagkkataon na magbago ang buhay…

    Baka po eto na ang negosyong binigay sa inyo ng diyos!

    Ok lang po ang may religion, wag lang sanang gawin sa ibang paraan para makapag recruit lang.

    3. Use of false promises and false hopes. Madamin na ring nagpangako sa akin na tutulungan nila ako sa negosyo pero hindi naman ginawa.

    “Tutulungan ka naming gawin yung business, kami na bubuo ng isang leg mo.”

    “Pasensya na, kasi naka 7 heads tong isa kong downline kaw naka 1 head part time ka lang kaya di kita masamahan sa prospect mo.”

    4. Use of false sense of urgency.

    “Pag hindi ka sumali ngayon sayang naman ang time”

    “Sana maka pay in ka na agad para makapag start ka na.”

    “May 10 akong papasok this week, under mo sana sila kaya dapat pumasok ka na para nasa taas ka pa rin.”

    Sayang ang time, wag mo na pag isipan, kikita ka dito.

    Pioneering kami kaya dapat sumali ka na ngayon sayang naman kung next week ka pa.

    Theres no need naman talagang magmadali. Dapat pag isipang mabuti ang lahat ng negosyo. Hindi dahil mura ang joining fee pay in agad. Halatang pera lang ang habol, kung maganda business ngayon dapat after 1 yr maganda pa rin yan.

    5. Use of false information or Self proclamation, this is usually coupled with hype.

    Malamang familiar ka rin sa mga ganitong statements:

    We are the best MLM company in the world! Yes! Yes! Poweeer!
    We have the best products! Right! Clap clap!
    Grabeeeh po talaga! Kami po ang may pinaka maganda, pinaka fair na compensation plan. Wow! Clap clap!
    Maganda ang system natin at support kaya talagang kikita ka.

    Sa MLM ka lang yayaman, wala naming yumayaman sa pagiging empleyado diba? – Si Bill gates hindi yumaman sa mlm, at madami na ring mayayaman na hindi galling sa mlm.

    Hindi mo kelangan magbenta. (Pero bakit ka nag iinvite? Di ba para bentahan mo pa rin ng opportunity? In reality you are still selling, you are selling the opportunity and the products.

    6. Use of Objection Handling etc. – Alam na ng nag invite sayo pati ang upline nya ang lahat ng objections mo kaya wala kang lusot.

    The sad part is, nasama mo na lahat ng mga Kaibigan mo, kamag anak mo, ka facebook etc. sa mlm mo, hindi naman talaga pang matagalan. Masakit pa lalo kung hindi ka kumita.

    Madami pang companies pero eto lang maalala ko.
    FLP – saturated at 2005-2006,
    First Q- bagasak din after 2-3years
    Legacy: closed after 2-3yrs
    Goldquest: 4-5yrs
    Grand post Inc. – 1-2yrs
    Igen Portal
    Nstream Gateway
    Franc Swiss
    Kenko Marketech

    This is from my blog which I will update:


    Shane – [email protected]

    • attend training , as many as you can lalo na ung kay sir jerjens gonzales at arnel limpin at sir jopet pedroso etc… your planting manga ,, ur in planting stage ,, after 3 years mo pa malalaman kung ilan harvest mo,, hindi po monngo ang tinatanim natin,,

      nakakatawa kasi sa employment almost 10 years na tayo pero walang nasasave,, pero ndi tayo nag quit… sa networking 1 year palang nag quit na,, bakit? kasi may iniintay ka,, wag mo intayin just plant plant and plant.. you will not be rewarded today or tomorow pero someday dadating at dadating yan,,:-) pls. read simula ng coments nito kung panu ko nabago

    • if kulang po talaga ang knowledge about networking ganyan po maiisip mo,, dati ganyan din ako ,, u can read my 1st comment dito…. kaya pala ako ganun mag isip dati ay dahil kulang ang knowledge ko sa networking,, masyadong mababaw kasi dati ang pag kakaalam ko,, pero pinag aralan ko siya ng isang taon,, iba pala malalim pala..

      sa 1st issue mo ung pam babaliw,, o ung pag clap, parang aim global member ka ah,, heheh,, anywei, ganito kasi un,,
      un ng tinatawag na culture,, kasi sa business nato mind over matter,, mind is very powerful,, isipin mong successful kana kahit wala pa para law of attraction, ung naiisip mo ay gagwin ng katawan mo,, tapos iniisip mong successful kana kasi para mahanda mo ang sarili mo pag naging millionare kana,, isipin mo na successful kana,, pls read law of attraction”

      napansin ko dami mo na sinalihan 10 na company na,, “ITS MEANS wla ka po FOCUS.. dapat me focus,,, Follow One crse
      Until successful, kaya po ndi ka naging successful ay lagi mo simulan,, palagi kang nasa starting stage… dapat me focus ka.. meron kasing tinatawag na stage ang networker, una ung bigginer/ distributor, leader, network builder, mentor. at mentor of mentors..




  82. wow, ang ganda ng blog nato it took a while para mabasa ko from end to finish but its worth it, nakakaaliw 🙂
    ako I recently joined a multi billion mlm company inlined with wellness. super love ko, my friends and parents ko ung products super effective sya and is popular din sa ibang bansa, ok din mga tao smin ung upline ko masipag and mabait isang text ko lang kung me questions ako sinasagot ako kaagad, andyan sya lagi if i need assistance so im happy :)sa products plang ok na ok na e, mabilis lang ibenta and healthy pa kasi me mga books na nagawa na ngsasabi na the best sya and it really is.supported din sya ng madaming doctors. I am still novice sa mundong ito, pero so far so good nmn kasi ung capital ko nmn nabawi ko na after 2 weeks lang, plus we used the product and proven na effective tlga. like most of you i attended several mlms, nu skin, uno, hbn etc.. una kong tinitignan is ung environment if i can work in it ba kasi dapat well adapt ka sa environment kung hindi tatamadin lang ko, tapos ung products kung effective and safe ba and if ung price is justifiable, kasi if medyo mataas pero justifiable sa quality and effectiveness bibilin pa din un db? tapos comp plan if fair ba. pero una tlga product para di nmn masira ang friendship db? ang pinaka nega ko nlng na masasabi is, medyo may konting pressure lang sa pag invite kasi me title ako na gusto ko pero merong dealine to get it… un lang ang nega ko for my mlm, over all i give 5 sakanila 🙂 I personally think mlm is a great vessel/bridge for you to reach your goal pero hardwork din tlga, minsan mafrufrustrate ka din, minsan pressure like employment, kinaiba lng d2 hawak mo oras mo and wla ka tlgang boss. share ko lang po insight ko 🙂


  83. As the lola’s saying goes … nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.

    Is GOD that limited that HE can’t use Direct Selling as instrument to help people’s lives.

    Does GOD disappears pag nag fail ka … and re-appears again incase successful ka para may thank you sya?

  84. Usapang MLM… Ito ang pangarap ko sa buhay…Kung ako ay may kakayanang magtayo ng isang MLM company…Ang lahat ng magjoin ay magiging stockholders… di lang networkers ang dating mo…Peoples Multi Level Marketing Inc ang magiging pangalan… at cigurado lahat kikita… walang maiiwan…equal distribution of wealth…

    from [email protected]

    • Pahabol: Kung mangyayari ito. Sa aking palagay ko mas malamang na maraming Pilipino ang makakaahon sa hirap at uunlad ang Pilipinas. Buyer ka na magiging stockholder ka.
      Ito ang tunay na kahulugan ng law of leverage para sa akin. Di lang ang oras mo ang dapat maleleverage kundi pati na ang puhunan mo!

      Ok ang konsepto ng negosyong ito. Hindi makasarili.

      Sana maisip din ng gobyerno natin yan na magtayo ng isang negosyo na pawang basic goods muna sa simula ang paninda na mabibili ng mura na di na magdadaan sa isang malaking Supplier o Distribution company.

      Diretso na ang transaksiyon mula sa manufacturer papunta sa pang-masang pamilihan.

      Pangarap na kung mangyayari ay marami ang matutulungan.



      [email protected]

  85. Oks yan willie … actually Direct Selling companies have only two final stages … Failed or Publicly Traded.

    Unfortunately … some MLM owners don’t know how to manage … blinded by their success that their forgot that the money they have earned comes from their own reps and customers … they have NO LEGACY PLAN.


  86. The ones that get in early get the big money…. I’ve never participated in MLM, but it seems to be the way it works. The US social security system is the same way., unfortunately.

    • In theory yes … but in reality the one who got the best strategy get the biggest money … well in our case of course

  87. I am happy and contented with the MLM company I joined two years ago. It was a struggle but definitely my goals kept me from quitting. It’s no walk in the sun, but definitely I am seeing results which my family are seeing now, before they were my dream-stealers.

    Additional inputs on what to check when you want to join an MLM:

    1) Check the track record, you can alwasys check the company on line.

    2) Check how many people have become successfull. I am happy that as of this month, we have already created 700 US Dollar Millionaires. Take note it’s in Dollars not pesos.

    3) Are the products one of a kind or can you just find same products in department stores. Ours is a beauty gadget that even celebrties like Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Simon Cowell use. It’s going to be the next mega trend that even Belo distributes.

    4) What industry are you catering to? We are catering to a trillion dollar industry which is the wellness and anti-aging industry. If you just get a measly 1% of that pie, you could create enourmous wealth you could ever imagine. No wonder we have leaders here who have been in the business for more than 20 years and are 20 Million Dollar earners.

    5) Will your business give you support and mentorship?

    We have daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual trainings, events that will ensure of your success and sustainability in this business.

    6) Is it in the Philippine or New York Stock Exchange. If it is, then you can be assured that this business is a legit one.

    7) Is your business in the Forbes List?

    There is just too many things you need to check but definitely the above list plus my list will direct you to the right MLM company.

    With MLM it’s easier to create wealth if you fully understand the concept of Network Marketing.

    • Well, some other groups do that kind of inviting but my group has professionalized it and we only invite out top three prospects who are corporate managers, businessmen and sales people. The reason why our group has grown huge in terms of volume and the people we partner with are all potential leaders. If you could understand the concept of Network Marketing just like my partners, you would give this business a shot. First of all, there is no huge start up capital for the possibility to earn at the least 100k a month to a couple of Million. What you really need is commitment to learn the business and be open for coaching.

      Sad to say, the reason why others quit, is because they did not stay long enough to learn about the business concept and their Goals are not that important for them to do it.

    • Hey, glad to se you are successful!

      I agree with the 7 things you also mentioned.

      I am so pleased with the company I enjoyed. Although instead of having 700 US millionaires we are at the opposite end. we are still creating our first millionaire, not becuae you can’t succeed, but because of the fact we have have around 2500-3000 members total right now and growing.

      I did wha tyou said
      1. track record: fortunate that Company is debt free and profitable from the first day. Consistently growing and getting solid training.
      2.I have met a high percentage of peple who are being sucessful, and quite a few that are making a livable income withoug having to even sponsor a single person for those that just like to do the direct selling side only.
      3. Not necissarily one of a kind, but very lmited to who can do it. but we are one of a kind in the sense that have an entire commercial account division actaully closing deals for us and most companies would not hire such groups because they think it is too risky, but the owner of our company is a superb expert in training them.
      4. Industry catering to: Energy deregulation savings (primary) telocommunications 2ndary and now we have some other things so pretty much every industry is able to benefit.
      5. support and mentorship- yes, this is huge. the company owners are in my speed dial and I am not really a big fish as of this time, but I had them since I only was a newbie. mentorship too, lots of training, great sponsor and upline leadership.
      6. Not on the stock exchange – philsophy of company is to not be publicly held so as to protect the indepent reps from getting taken over by someone who wants to change all the rules.
      7.Company is only just about to start its 4th year so Have not seen it on Forbes list yet, and haven’t seen the numbers for 3rd year as of yet, but it is in the millions.

  88. guys kamusta ,nandito napo ako ulit ang nag pa aliw at nag pasigla ng forum nato,, pls po paki refresh ung mga post ko dito paki basa at magugulat kau wat happen after a year ,,, hahha grabe talaga
    click nio po to para malaman wat happen sa experiment ko about networking heheh,, kamusta tyrone bro! good news ang aimglobal ung mga member mag kaka shares of stock na sa chowking franchises nag kipag tie up na aim sa colaico foundation, tapos dsap member na ang aim, si doc ed napa sama pa sa top ten most outstanding entepreneur,, heheh
    comment k naman bro miss this forum isang taon na nakalipas

    • Nice to hear that Abet! Eto I’ve been very blessed na rin in blogging. Hehe. Writing is my passion. Yeah, nabalitaan ko nga si Doc Ed nyo na napasama sa outstanding entrepreneurs.

    • OO TAMA BRO top ten si doc ed napa sama heheh,, grabe na talaga,, tapos next year i lauch naman ung patnership sa colayco foundation ung mag kaka shares of stock na ang member mismo ng aimglobal ng shares sa chowking franchises,, grabe 1st in the history,, sana nga tuloy tuloy na,, joseeph lim grabe nag labas ng hummer

  89. MLM is just like any other kind of business. Some will succeed and some will not. Some will make money and some will not. Just like opening a sari-sari store, you are not guaranteed that the business will stay afloat for years. Nothing is so mysterious about MLM. It is a business, period! But of course, it requires less capital and you have the support of other people who also have interest with your success.

    One thing I really hate with some MLM companies is their initial investment which could run from 1K to 15K depending on the company but the products given is only around 50-80% of the value — all computed in astronomical retail prices. Of course, this can be legal. But I hate it because if you wills ell the products you cannot recoup your investment.

  90. eow guyz,tinapos q bsahin lhat ng comment.grabe q natutunan.ask q lang familliar b kau s UNO? Sumali kc aq 1 yr n nkalipas but unfortunately ngksakit aq so ngdecide aq umuwi ng province namin,at ng aral aq ulit, so nwalan aq contact s mga upline q.nkapg pay in nq.ask q lng f want q bumalik pdi pa po b un?and syempre mlamang nilagyan nila aq ng downline so sila nki2nbang dun?.my chance p b q as a member nila or out nq s list nila? Never aq ng training kya d2 q lng nlman lhat. info.about mlm pls give m some advice.

  91. MAy tanong lang ako sa inyo guys, ito bang (MIDS) Mi Dy Sta. Iglesia Marketing Company is LEGAL o SCAM.. kasi may required na 500 pesos pero para daw sa ID at Insurance, at ganito pa pipirmahin ka agad ng contract after ma hired., pero d ka pa maka start ng work, kelangan pa ng ilang araw bago ka mag start., ang tanong ko d2 tama ba ang sistema/process nila sa mga bago?? sa mga concern po pasagot nito.

    • malalaman nio po na scam ang isang company kung ang binigya ninyong pera ay hindi bumalik sa pamamagitan ng producto or serbisyo, dapat atleast 73% ng binayad nio bumalik sainyo interms of products

  92. Wow! Nice chain of messages and nice blog Tyrone! It’s a great help especially to those who are seeking advice about Network Marketing Business. Actually it is really a business! When you join a network marketing company, you are as if changing quadrants as what Robert Kiyosaki said, from E (Employee) or S (Self-employed) to B (Business-owner)! In network marketing, you can multiply yourself to others and you can practice the art of leverage by training your downlines and helping them become successful, you will also become successful! It’s a people-helping-people business!!

    Actually, I’m a proud member of AIM Global! I just joined and so far I can see myself staying longer as ever in this company because of the very good products, excellent marketing plan, a very stable and supportive company and of course a helping team! We are really aiming global since it’s time to make foreign countries “our downline”! ! Isn’t that amazing!?? =D

  93. nice blog i just joined an mlm through your guide and add q lang kung sasali kau sa mlm dpat ung products nila ay consumable so you can do “repeat business” with the same person within an hour example food and beverages ung main business nila the company should not only rely on “recruiting people” their main business should be something else not networking.

    i just joined TFD of filtrepreneur franchising. and i learned that the top earners doesn’t stick around doing nothing they still invite and talk to their down lines like equals and also we do not encourage people to sell their stuff to join or be committed to the company through force by getting their cellphone and using it as a stupid reason fo reservation and GREED RUSH like UNO instead we encourage and teach them to save money and not steal because “business men don’t steal we duplicate”

    Aim global is also good. hope well stay long.
    hope that all networking people here doesn’t stain the name of networking because we are really working hard to FIX it!

    johnrey alayon
    [email protected]– facebook

  94. Idol kita abet! ahahaha…
    o kita mo… nabago ang isip mo ng aim… POWER ba? =P
    tama…education about mlm lang yan… diba lahat ng concerns mo dati e nagkaron ng linaw? 🙂

    nakakatuwa ang mga comments d2.. daming learnings.. =)

    share ko lang din…
    sabi ni idol robert kiyosaki..
    oo.. sobrang impt ng products, mktg plan etc…
    pero above all… yung makukuha mong learnings ang dapat mong unang tingnan…
    kung nag oofer ang isang mlm company ng mga malulupit n training na mag momold
    sa character mo… dun ka sumali… and the rest will follow…

    • salamat jm, its good to hear na marami ka natutunan at nag enjoy ka dito hehehe,, na mimiz ko na nga si migs,, nasan na kaya siya,,, anywei buti nalang nabasa ko ang blog na to at kung hindi dahil dito di ko susubukan ang network marketing sa aimglobal at hindi rin siguro ko kumita ng million hehehe… maraming salamat napaka laki ng tulong nito, salamat bro tyrone your the best… pag mag papa advice kayo ng about financial education panu kumita ng million kay tyrone lang it works for me sigurado ko sainyo din.

  95. This is a great list of questions to ask.I am very happy that for what I am currently doing, my answers to these questions were very positive.

    I have tried MLM in the past. I failed at it. In fact I never wanted to try one because I didn’t think I would be very good at it, but I found some great things that helped here.
    1. I have something of true value
    2. something everyone needs.
    3. I have a sponsor who cares very much about our success. I work hard, he works even harder to help me and everyone else in the orginizatiion, but definitely those who are working ti.
    4. I truly enjoy what I do, I genuinly believe and see real solid proof of the products and services.
    5. the company leadership is honest, has integrity, and always works hard on your behalf to help. They treat you like family.

    I am making a solid profit and growing. I think having a terrific sponsor, who is very successful but takes everyone with him, and teaches you to do the same is essential.
    Also, I was, and still lucky enough to be in the ground floor stage IE, there is less than 5000 in the company even now.

    But yes, this is an article everyone considering joining a company should think about.

  96. In all the comment i’ve read, all the successful people i’ve met…one thing is for sure and real, all those who earned big in Network Marketing are those who believe, has faith and the burning desire to succeed, they are the ones who acts consistent and thinks bigger than all those discouragement out there- NH

    • I’ve seen too many hotshots in this industry who make fast money then lumalaki na ulo. Pagna-attrition, discouraged na rin. Sa una lang pala magaling.

      I agree with you, chacha! Success in MLM requires one to be bigger than discouragements… and a vision that is greater than making money for oneself.

  97. How about the company of First Vita Plus Mktg. Corp? The one selling the Vita Plus Natural Health Drink – Dalandan Flavor. What do you think of their company? Mahirap talaga ang MLM kasi you have to make sure that you are able to recruit dealers/people para madagdagan ang downlines mo. Ang mahirap dito eh kung umayaw na ang downlines mo at wala ng bumibili ng products.

    But I think this is a legit company otherwise the President will not be given an award as the best CEO or the best MLM company.

    I really think in any endeavour, in order to be successful, it involves hardwork, persistence, knowledge of the products and willingness to help other people enrich their lives.

  98. Sir Aber Mariano, aabangan ko pa po ang mga susunod nyong mga comment…AIM member na din ako… and learning stage pa lang… Kaya eto, nag hahanap ng mga articles about Networking Business or MLM companies ng success at failure nila, at kung tama ba na sumali ako sa AIM Global… sana madami din ako matutunan sa business na to…

  99. Im also a member of a multi-level marketing company. I joined Amway last October 2011. Amway offers a wide-range of product. Nutrilite (vitamins), Artistry (beauty productd), Nutriplant (organic agriculture products), Home Care, Personal Care and Achievers Coffee by Figaro.

  100. Network Marketing is the best business in the world today . . .even the millionaires and billionaires in the world like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Kiyosaki, etc. recommended Network Marketing as the best business you can do. I am also part of the Network Marketing company here in the Philippines (my company is UNO) and I actually proved that it is a very good business. I will admit that doing this kind of business is not as easy as what the others expected but all I can say is that there are no such easy thing here in the world if you want to earn BIG MONEY. If you are working or you are in employment (I am not against employment but I just want to make a realization to all the people who are negative in Network Marketing Business), it is very hard and even you give your very best on the company that you are working but still, you can’t earn what you’re boss are earning or if you are familiar on what they say that Network Marketing is “PYRAMIDING” or SCAM, just think that employment is a “PYRAMIDING” also (the boss is on the top and you are located at the bottom and working for them). It will just be difficult for the distributor that engaging Network Marketing if he/she have no patience, courage, determination, lack of trainings, quitters, afraid to do risk things, etc. The good thing about Network Marketing is you will have the TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

  101. I also a member of a multi-level marketing company. There’s a lot of company now engaging in MLM to promote their product because it is much cheaper compare to hire advertising company for product promoting. I agree to alejandro abulog jr,since MLM is not a quick rich scheme,a person who has more patience, courage, determination,trainings are needed to become successful in this business. And most of all, open minded,willing to take any risk and opportunity..

  102. actually, I currently engage in Network marketing. its a 100% filipino own company, thet manufactured their own products, nd very duable marketing. all products awarded SUPERBRANDS. ang lupit nga ng packaging. talagang sulit na sulit! real value for money pa ang balik sau!

  103. Search nyo nlng po sa google para mlman nyo kng anung MLM company ang my gni2 lng d2 s pilipinas., itype niyo ito “MLM Company in the Philippines that awarded SUPERBRANDS STATUS”..Alam mo n yan sir emman, humble lng company natin..:)

  104. Di ko pa tapos basahin lahat… pero i agree to mosts of the posts… Just got 1 question lang poh, “Who’s interested in making an MLM Company?”

    May experiences na din ako sa MLM… and am planning to build one. Honestly, kung maniwala kayo o hindi…I wan’t to build it,”NOT FOR PROFIT(I mean, personal profit… Co’z I just want a simple, contented life…)” I just want to be able to help… specially to those less fortunate ones… I wan’t to provide good quality educations, health cares, social life, etc… just a simple dream that needs a lot of effort and financial aspects… as the saying goes, “It takes two to TANGO!!!” kaya di ko makakayang mag-isa… para matupad ang pangarap koh… so good to be true!

  105. Hello People,

    The clash between Abet and Miguel is epic.

    I wonder how Miguel is doing right now. I was following his and abet’s clash and boy that reminded me of my once clash in a blog.

    I remember myself in Abet’s position just right before he had a change of hearts through AIM Global.

    Yung tipong alam mo nang may point yung katunggali mo at possibleng tama xa pero EGO mo pa rin ang nangingibabaw at ayaw mong magpatalo?

    Abet, pare, I think Miguel deserves a public apology from you (if you did not give it yet – Sorry I did not read every word and every post you made the moment I was convinced you turned sides in MLM).

    I salute Miguel for standing up despite all the negative comments. I guess the fact that Abet made a change of hearts is partially credited to you (he might not claim it outright, and claim it was his mentor in AIM Global that changed his heart).

    Tyrone made “THE SECRET” available in this blog but for some reason, I could not access it. Regardless, I already know the secret. Guys, Abet was a perfect example of the law of attraction. I guess Abet could expound on this more.

    Tyrone, great job driving traffic to your blog. Indeed, MLM is one of the hottest topics partly because networkers have the tendency to want to promote and advertise their company in articles and blogs having this much traffic. It’s just like networking. Actually, everything in the world is about networking. If you just look at it from a broader perspective. The concept of leveraging applies to networking the same way it applies to traditional business and in big companies.

    I myself am just starting on my journey towards financial success and it’s all thanks to MLM. An MLM company opened my eyes to the financial world and the world of Success (The Secret, Jack Canfield, John Calub, Bo Sanchez, Chinkee Tan, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, etc…). I used to be in the E Quadrant and now I’m currently on the S Quadrant working my team of networkers. Once it grows big enough and can run on autopilot, then I can consider myself inside the B Quadrant.

    Like I said, I just started exploring the Financial World (after 25 years of being programmed to be in the E Quadrant). I came upon your blog by accident, while working on my FB Fanpage. We are on the same page regarding Financial Education and in spreading it to the Philippines. Thanks for creating this blog.

    From here on, I can leverage from you and other financial enthusiasts and gurus and spreading financial literacy will not be as hard a job.

    This same concept applies to network marketing – you don’t really have a boss or an upline, you have a business partner (your mentor) who will help you earn, because in doing so, he will also earn. That’s the true spirit of network marketing – Bayanihan.

  106. Network Marketing is indeed the business of the 21st century. It is the best industry as of today and still growing. There’s a big BUT! You still have to look for the best company. Best INDUSTRY + BEST COMPANY = BEST OPPORTUNITY. For me, Alliance in Motion Global is the right answer. From pay-in value, product lines, marketing plan/commission, groups up to the its mentors, they are all hybrid.

  107. Congrats sir tyrone. Ganda nang site mu.more power.Im sure marami ang nagka idea dito about the negative and positive side of mlm. Ako member a
    Nang isang new mlm company. Ako as a networker tinitingnan ko din kng sino ang may ari.ang kagandhan kasi sa new company ko ang owner mismu ay isang magaling na networker.actualy number 1 networker na sya for ten years na sa pinas. Bilib kasi ako sa owner kasi ma iintindihan nya ang mga members kasi galing din sya sa buhay nang pag ne network. Ang kagandahan pag magpatulong ka sa kanya tutulungan ka talaga. Pangalawang company kuna to pero dito kulang na feel ang tutuong buhay nang networking. Sa ibang company di mu nga makita ang owner tapos di mu pa sya mapa present sa background nang company hanggang sa pag present nang marketing plan. Bilib ako sa company namin kasi 4 months palang 11 millioners na kami. Tapos yong company nami talagang commited. Mga pinoy ang mga may ari at talagang alam yong buhay nang networking sa pinas kasi yon na ang buhay nila dati pa. Nweis, medyo mataas na comment ko.:)

    • Grabe ang taas
      Tagal akong natapos.
      Anyway binasa ko talaga lahat ito kasi may ng recruit sa aking ng dalawang MLM company.
      Una is first vita plus
      Pangalawa My Video talk
      Mas na interested pud ako sa MVT, maganda po ba ito? Di ko kasi ito nakikita sa mga comments ninyo, baka scam lang din.
      Please help me po. Salamat.

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