How to Write Winning Sales Proposal

Sales proposals are very important for an entrepreneur to close a sale with a client. With the vast competition that entrepreneurs have nowadays, how can they write a winning sales proposal to be able to win a deal?

A sales proposal is just the first communication that you want to establish with a client. Valuing one’s client should be intrinsic to every entrepreneur for them to become successful. Every entrepreneur should commit themselves in a philosophy of serving, and not merely just selling their product and services, in order for them to build lasting credibility, trust, and solid relationship with clients.

Imagine yourself as a business owner looking for business deals. You came across a company needing your products and services. How would you write your sales proposal to them in order to seal the deal?

Here are some of the tips on how could you write a winning sales proposal:

Make your letter stand out. Use a sheet of paper with your letter head on it to make more formal. In writing your sales proposal, use a positive tone. Emphasize the things that you could do for your client to satisfy them. Don’t focus on the things that you want from them. Be sure to target your client’s needs and that you are not only after the sale.

Be concise. Some people do not have the luxury of time reading sales proposals most especially if they have a lot of it. In writing your sales proposal, be brief and concise. Make sure to be direct to the point. Don’t do a thesis paper but instead summarize your points, and highlight your strengths against other competitors.

Don’t make sky high promises. Be realistic in the service that you can give when writing your sales proposal. Know your limits. Don’t impress them by saying things that you cannot actually offer and deliver just to win the sale. Do not go beyond your available resources and capabilities.

Watch your grammar. Before sending out your sales proposals to your clients, proofread them first. Be sure to correct grammatical errors and the coherence of thought. Poor grammar often results to having a tainted reputation for your company and most often, this results to a negative response from your client turning down the deal with you.

Go beyond the sale. Think of your client not as someone who could give you one sale only but someone who could be a regular repeating client. If you can, offer them after sales services. Make sure your sales proposal does not suggest that your relationship with them will end once the sale is finished.

Don’t forget important information. When writing your sales proposal, be sure that you put the correct salutation, the correct position or job title of the person to whom the letter is addressed to, and the address of the company. Most of all, don’t forget your contact details so they can reach you just in case they got interested with your sales proposal.

Your clients and customers are the lifeblood of your business. They provide the income and profits. A sales proposal is the first impression they will have on you. Build that first impression and be sure that it will last along the way.

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Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

13 responses on “How to Write Winning Sales Proposal

  1. it’s good to get affirmation na tama ang mga pinadadala kong sales proposals. just the same, reading thru this post allows me to improve further. thanks for the tips.

  2. I would like to add that the sales proposal should stress on key benefits that the prospects are getting. It should also have a call to action point.

    For example, it can end off as ‘This product is able to solve this problem of yours. As this problem is serious, call me at 8990099 so that we can work together to solve your problem at the fastest possible time.’

    • That sounds more of a threat Dias. I think that if the need of the company is not urgent enough, that may sound them negative. Also, if they know that the problem they have is not that serious, they would think that you are just playing with them to get their nod on you.

  3. One more tip: you must know what they want to close the proposal. Nice theme you have here. But I prefer before because its your ‘signature look’. Oh well… 😉

  4. A call to action is very important. You may not include it in the proposal itself but attaching a personal memo to it is a must.

    The above was just an example. It really depends on the context of the sales situation. Let’s say that the person is still quite cold, the memo included should be saying ‘I would really love to hear from you from on your thoughts so that I can better share with you how we can solve this problem. Let’s have an appointment next Friday so that we can do this together?’

    The call to action is an invitation for the prospect to do something that will be related to you. It is an important aspect as even if he reads a winning proposal, he may forget about it. Sometimes people needs to be told to do something.

  5. Hi Dias, in that case, I agree with you. Good point you have there. Added to that, you might as well be proactive and follow it up from time to time aside from the call to action memo.

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