2009 Top Philippine Companies

Are you curious to know who are among the top Philippine companies in 2009? The Wall Street Journal recently conducted a survey of top 200 companies in Asia.

Their project started in August 2008 when they compiled a lists of Asian companies traded on stock exchanges. A total of 2,622 executives and professionals participated in the survey.

Based on their research, here are some of their findings when it comes to the top companies here in the Philippines:

In OVERALL RANK, the country’s leading fast food chain Jollibee ranked first in position. Four (4) companies of the Ayalas also went into top 10 (Ayala Corp., Ayala Land, Bank of the Philippine Islands and Globe Telecom). The SM Group of companies headed by the country’s richest person Henry Sy have two (2) companies who joined the top 10 (Banco de Oro Universal Bank in 7th and SM Prime Holdings in 9th). San Miguel Corp., PLDT and Metrobank were also included bagging in the 4th, 8th and 10th positions.

When it comes to FINANCIAL REPUTATION, the top three largest Philippine banks namely Metrobank, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), and Banco de Oro (BDO) grabbed the top three ranks. Three (3) companies owned by Henry Sy managed to join the top 10 (BDO, SM Investments Corp., and SM Prime Holdings). Likewise, three companies by the Ayalas managed to join financially stable companies (BPI, Ayala Land, Ayala Corp.) San Miguel, PLDT and Jollibee also managed to join the circle.

For the rest of the other categories, here are the results:

For CORPORATE REPUTATION, here are the top 10 Philippine companies:

For QUALITY category, here are the top 10 Philippine companies:

INNOVATION-WISE, here are the top 10 Philippine companies:

And last but not the least, VISION-WISE, here are the top 10 Philippine companies:

I guess from these list of top 10 Philippine companies in 2009, there is no doubt why Henry Sy and the Zobel de Ayala Family came into the first and second positions as the richest person in the Philippines.

Furthermore, with this list, we will now know which company should we invest in the stock market.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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22 responses on “2009 Top Philippine Companies

  1. My 2 cents about investing:

    Investing should be based on the principle of value investing. This means that the company must show value.

    Value comes in many forms:
    1. Management practices
    2. Net profits/cashflow
    3. Assets and liquidity

    Value investing is a very sound principle of investment. It is conceptualised by the late Benjamin Graham who is the mentor of today’s legendary investor Warren Buffet. For those who wants to learn more about value investing, highly recommended to read Graham’s book, The Intelligent Investor.

  2. You left a comment on a blog about mutual funds investment. So you think it’s best for a newbie to invest in mutual funds instead of directly playing singlehanded on stocks? I need your ideas as I am thinking of investing on stocks and I’m new to this. It would be great if you’d shed some light.

    • Regarding this, I would advise to ask yourself if you do have enough time to monitor your stock investments. If you have a lot of time, then go for direct stock market investment. Just try to learn more about it.

      If you don’t have a lot of time, say for example, for OFWs. Then I would advise to opt for the equity funds of either mutual funds or Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs).
      Whichever you choose, there are pros and cons.

      For direct stock market trading, you can definitely earn higher but you need to monitor it as you can also lose as fast as earning since direct stock market trading is riskier than investing in either mutual fund or UITFs. Nevertheless, based on my experience, direct stock market trading is more exciting as you do the trading for yourself.

      As Robert Kiyosaki said: “Mind Your Own Business” Learn the trade yourself. Don’t rely on brokers because they are called brokers since they are broker than you. Cheers!

    • hi jonha we have the same name but different in spelling… this companies are really great, I’m a business administration student so I’m interested to this things…. I really salute all business men and women out there…..! to be in this field is a hard position and I think it’s a passion…. go business people

  3. hey I’m not one of the businesswoman as of now but I guess experts like you guys may help me because I’m taking this course, … hoping for assistance specially to tyrone…..

    • actually they are base in survey, and i think it is approximately correct because they studied it first before they present the result…and it is not good to give false information.

      hope you understand now.


  4. Hi, everyone! Indulging yourself in whatever investments you think will make you profit in the future is wise provided you get enough advise fro the experts themselves, otherwise, you get yourself to cry over spilled milk. Bdw, there are seminars being conducted regarding stock market investments and the like so have a look. Have a goal as regards to the reason why u may want to venture into it, as they say, when u invest in stocks, forget it’s there, meaning you got to be hundred times patient. Find a company that’s very stable and reputable. I’m impressed that as young as you are,guys, you are focused into the future. May you be blessed a hundredfold! 😉

  5. Hi, Good Day!

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    I want to know more Steps about the strategy of how to be a successful businesswoman.
    There are some Common Question When?where?what?How?Whose?

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