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Today, I would like to start featuring different franchise opportunities available to those who want to pursue an established business. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that there are four ways of starting a business: to start from scratch, buy an existing business, get a franchise, and to be a distributor.

Getting a franchise is one of the best way if and only if you have the capital. In this first franchise feature, I would like to kick start by featuring my most favorite fast food chain: JOLLIBEE.

One of my most admired entrepreneurs is Tony Tan Caktiong, the owner of Jollibee. He managed to grow Jollibee from two small magnolia ice cream houses to what is now the largest fast food chain in the country. It has now overthrown multinational companies such as McDonalds, KFC, etc. Certainly, the history of Jollibee is one of the most admired success stories I have ever seen.

Here are some of the details for a Jollibee franchise:

First, you might ask how much is the investment needed for a jollibee franchise? The investment needed ranges from P15 million to P30 million (US$312,500 to US$625,000) depending on the size and facilities of your Jollibee store. The size of Jollibee store is dependent on the store model that will be developed in a particular market.

The franchise already includes the construction of the Jollibee store itself, kitchen equipment and facilities, furniture and fixtures, airconditioning system, marketing signage and pre-operating expenses.

With the given capital needed, how much is the return on investment? ROI is definitely dependent on the capability of the franchisee to minimize his operating expenses and to increase its sales. On a personal note, I think that Jollibee has a good return on investment given its brand name. With the right location and additional marketing strategy such as 24/7 operation, I think the P15 million capital can be achieved in a maximum of 5 years.

Does Jollibee provide financing for the franchisee? No, Jollibee does not provide any type of financing. Franchisees must have the source of funds to fund their Jollibee franchise.

How long is the training program? As with any other franchise opportunities, a training program is required for each Jollibee franchisee. The franchisee is required to successfully complete a 3-month full time Basic Operations Training Program (BOTP) at a designed Jollibee training store.

Will Jollibee provide the employees and management team of the franchisee? Jollibee will assist in the recruitment and training of employees and management team of the franchisee. However, this team will be the employees of the Jollibee franchisee and not Jollibee itself.

Can a corporation apply for a franchise? Jollibee prefers individual applicants with a location or site for the store. Upon approval of the franchise, the individual can organize a corporation where he must have clear majority ownership. Personally, I’ve seen some Jollibee stores operating under a corporation. This can clearly be seen in their issuance of receipts.

If you are interested in having a Jollibee franchise, here are some of their franchise requirements:

Filled-up Jollibee application form – You can get this by downloading it here.

Letter on Intent – The letter of intent should contain the exact address of the proposed Jollibee store, exact address of the franchisee and contact details, etc.

Vicinity map of the proposed Jollibee store – This will serve as a guide for Jollibee personnel to conduct and evaluate the feasibility of the location (heavy foot traffic, etc.)

Legal documents certifying ownership of the site – Any legal documents that will provide proof that the site is owned by the franchisee.

Detailed resume or bio-data

The franchisee should mail these documents to Jollibee:

Jollibee Foods Corporation
9/F Jollibee Plaza
#10 F. Ortigas Jr.
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

It will take 2-3 months of of processing upon submission of these requirements. Jollibee will evaluate your franchise proposal and the proposed site for your Jollibee store.

I can really imagine that all Jolllibee franchisees must be really rich. Aside from the huge franchise investment needed, you should also own a land for your proposed Jollibee store. But nevertheless, given the capital and the right location for the lot, I would definitely invest in a Jollibee franchise.

Source: Jollibee Website

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46 responses on “Jollibee Franchise

    • Franchise can be a good source of income if it is a viable franchise but it’s not always a guarantee that acquiring a franchise equates to having a good source of income. You still need to work hard to make it as a good source of income.

  1. Kuya,maganda itong blog mo!Pero kaso ang pinaka aabangan ko dito ay not just tips but a good and ecomical sample of a business plan!

  2. Wow, 15 Million pesos and no financing option. For the same amount of cash one can easily get an apartment building, etc. Maybe in the future when I get prime lots or a building with a portion suitable for a Jollibee store, I’ll just lease it long term to someone who may want to setup a store on it just like what Ray Croc did for Mcdonald’s. 🙂

  3. What about franchising on a smaller scale? Jollibee is a sure winner in terms of stability in its brand and its product offerings. Compare this say with smaller scale, how do we choose the right franchise? There are fads like Zagu and mainstays like Potato Corner. There are new fad trends like Hong Kong Style Noodles, Galaxy Burger (buy 1 take 1), etc…

    Also sent you an email. Check it out. Cheers.

    • I think that in choosing the right business to franchise, you must ask yourself questions which relates to your interests, skills, and passion.

      In addition to that, take a look also on some background of the company like how many are company owned outlets, how many are owned by franchisees, how long is the business operating, what are the locations of the outlets, etc. These will all give you the idea of how established a business is.

      That’s the very idea of franchise – to copy and duplicate an already established and successful business.

  4. Jolibee franchise is indeed an ideal business – there is a ready-made system, training provision and all that you need to know to operate it successfully. But usually the challenge is where to get the money to invest…
    Anyway, this is a great article….I’m going to check out other stuff here as well.

  5. @Redjie. Franchises are supposed to have ready-made systems. That’s the idea of buying a franchise.

    It should be noted that not all investments are wise. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s much better to stick to what you know.

  6. Just because it’s a Jollibee Franchise, does it equate to the fact that it will boom?

    I think that it would still depend on the location if it is feasible or not because even if it is Jollibee but if it is not positioned in the right location and without proper management, it won’t necessarily mean that the franchise will be a sure hit.

    I’ve seen some Jollibee stores who does not produce good volume of sales because of the Location.

    • Lyra hmmm taga dito ka lang Angeles City right? Ano email add mo? I will send you a proposal. Hehe

  7. hey .. what about international franchises .. what if one wants to get an international head franchise.. please confirm ..

  8. How much to franchise Jollibee here in us? Please direct me to thier website and thier mailling address and contact info. Thank you.

  9. interesado ako s franchise n yan , kya lang sobra laki ng puhunan meron po b kayong tinatawag n sharing of capital or corporate ,or stock holder para at least makishare n lang ako…… tnx

  10. How much to franchise Jollibee in provinces? And why no financing for franchisee?? Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks

  11. hi, like you guys nag hahanap din ako ng ka sosyo sa franchise ng jollibee , please send me a message on where can I contact you at ilan tayo dahil mas madami mas maliit ang ilalabas nating the way di ako naka tira sa pinas dito ako sa europe so if ever na may serious business partners isahang uwi ko nalang then pwede naman ang report or meeting online right ?

  12. hi please delete my comment in order to protect ng identity may photo pa pala ako pag comment thank you very much in advance gagawa nalang ako ng new same comment without exposing my photo for privacy concern thank you very much

  13. mas madami sana mas maliit ang ilalabas nating pera by the way di ako naka tira sa pinas so if ever na may serious business partner slash s isahang uwi nalang ako then pwede naman ang report or meeting online right ?

    • Hi KASOSYO…im looking for business partner for jolibee as well,count me based in london wla din ako s pinas.

    • Hi Kasosyo and Gene,

      I think 3 of us can do it.

      Just chip in the maximum money you can and I will fill up the target 25M php. QC area is just 25M considering I have a lot along Kamias Road QC

    • Are you still looking for investors? Pwede po ba maki chip in hahaha. Im based in Singapore but im thinking of relocating back in Manila 3-4 years from now.

  14. Do you really have to own a land or property in a proposed location (aside from the other requirements to become a franchisee) or just renting the place will be good enough?

  15. Ang hirap tumawag sa franchise department, kapat naman tumawag ke thru operator, hindi pa yata marunong mag transfer to local line… I have called for more than 30 rings just hang up and no one answering… Wala naman sumasagot sa mge email letter… Wala din daw mga direct line ang mga department sabi ng operator pag nakausap mo operator. Ano ba yan…

  16. Hi i am interested in a U.S. franchise. I would have some questions about leasing property without knowing weather or not I would be approved by jollibee I
    would want to get my financing in line for property and franchise at the same time of course.

  17. If you have an ideal location for a Jollibee store is there a possibility that they can lease it? Because to franchise we will need a amount. Can we just lease a property? It’s located along Dasmarinas Aguinaldo Highway. Thanks.

  18. Interested in opening a Jollibee franchise in San Antonio, Texas. Please send me information on start up. Also , any special programs for retired military? I have the perfect location in Satx.

  19. I just want to know how are royalties calculated and when are they paid?
    Are all trademark and names legally protected?
    Under what conditions can the franchisor and/or the franchisee terminate the franchise agreement?
    Can the franchise be assigned to heirs?
    Who provides and pays for advertising and promotional items?
    I really need your answers..thank you

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