How to Save Money on Electric Bills

Electric bills are one of the utility bills that we keep on paying in our homes. It is one of the expenses why Kiyosaki considered house as a liability and not an asset. While you can live without paying other bills (i.e. tv cable bills, magazine subscription bills, internet bills, etc.), electricity is one the “must pay” bills that we should pay.

So how can we save money for these electric bills? How can you lower your electric bills? In one of my earlier posts, I already gave some frugal ideas on your electric bills. Do you think it’s not enough to have just 5 tips? Here are some more ways for you to save money and lower your electric bills.

1. Apply people power. Go for old school human-powered equipment, such as basic brooms and mops, handheld whisks manual can openers, reel lawn mowers, and the like. While these may not be as high-tech as what you’re used to do, they do the job just the same. It won’t only save you money using old school equipments but it can also help you to keep your body healthy through exercise.

2. Optimize your computers for energy efficiency. Computers are one of the main reasons why electric bills are surging most especially if it’s left running. In order to save money, find your computer’s power menu and adjust the settings to a shorter time before entering sleep mode. In addition to it, you can also reduce the brightness to save more energy.

3. Maximize energy. When purchasing electric appliances, always ask the manufacturer or sales person about all possible energy-saving tips. Here are some few examples to keep in mind:

Refrigerators are top electricity guzzlers. A good way to maximize its efficiency is to keep its temperature at 2.7 degrees Celsius and the freezer at -17 degrees Celsius.

4. Air dry your clothes. Some people are using clothes dryers to dry their clothes most especially if they are in rush. Instead of using these clothes dryers, try to use the natural way of drying your clothes without the use of electricity by simply hanging it up under the sun and let it dry.

5. Use less cooling and heating appliances. Electrical appliances used in heating and cooling contributes the most to our electric bills. Instead of using electric stove, use a stove run by LPG or Liquified Petroleum Gas. Use only aircons at night and use water sprays in ironing your clothes.

Do you have any other ways to save money on eletcric bills aside from the previous mentioned tips? I would love to hear it from you. Let’s all learn to save. Share it as a comment below.

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8 responses on “How to Save Money on Electric Bills

  1. I live in Canada … not much electricity saving possible in the winter unless you want to go to sleep early and get up late … hmmmmm…. but now there is a thought! But seriously our own hydro company puts on ads encouraging people to not only shut off appliances etc. when not in use, but to actually unplug them as apparently there is some juice being used by them simply by being plugged (and therefore ready to go on a whim?)

    thank you for all your tips.


  2. you’re right, heating and cooling bills amount up to 50% of your entire home’s energy costs, especially heating. my bills during the heating season last month (nov-feb)made up 50% of my entire years bill. Another thing you can do easily is install a programmable thermostat, can save you 20-30% if you leave your temperature at one setting all day, everyday.

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