True Essence of Christmas

First of all, I would like to greet you all Merry Christmas to everybody! Thanks for being a regular reader of my blog Millionaire Acts.

Everyone wants Christmas to be meaningful. Christmas is definitely the season for gifts and shopping. During Christmas, a lot of people go to malls to buy various gifts to be given to their friends and loved ones. People just need to spend more during Christmas season. The effect? – traffic jam, growing credit card debts, lots of to-do lists, etc.

I came across a different view about Christmas and it’s what they call the “Advent Conspiracy Movement“. It is a movement started by Rick McKinley, a pastor of Imago Dei in Portland, Oregon. It capitalizes on this feeling by encouraging people to “spend less” and “give more” which is the true essence of Christmas.

I guess with the current recession, this Advent Consipracy Movement is apt for us. It goes by the line ”Love All, Spend Less, Give More.” The true essence of Christmas relies not on the gifts which commands you to spend more but on the love and unity that each one of us should build. Spend less on gifts and more on relationships! Merry Christmas everybody!

I would like to share with you videos of this Advent Conspiracy Movement:

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13 responses on “True Essence of Christmas

  1. This is a very timely post. I think we really need to understand that Christmas is not just a tradition of giving and receiving. We should be a prisoner of commercialism.

    Christmas is sharing of love for one another, as well as forgiveness.

    Merry Christmas to you and to your family!

  2. Like everything, I think there should be balance.
    I just got back from last-minute Christmas shopping–and hated every second of it. But, there’s a lot to like about the holidays, too.
    A little crazy shopping. A little family. And an understanding of the true meaning of the holidays, like this post demonstrates, has made this a wonderful holiday season.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Spending less this Christmas shouldn’t be hard for many people during these trying times.

    Anyway, I do most of my Christmas shopping prior to Thanksgiving. I know I miss out on some deals but it’s well worth it to me. BTW, I have to do it b/c I work with these people and so spreading love with them isn’t really an option.

  4. No, Christmas is how God gave His only Son to save us from our sin.His son is Jesus Christ whose mission is to came into this world to seek and to save the lost.

    For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” Luke 19:10

    Let us remember the love of Jesus for us this Christmas.

    Merry Christmas & God bless!!!

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