How to Ask for Salary Increase

Times are tough nowadays. There are a lot of job layoffs and salary freezes. Companies are squeezing their budgets so employees are multitasking as of now performing two or more job responsibilities more than they usually do without getting enough salary increases. If your job responsibilities have changed and grown, you should address this situation with your manager as soon as you can. If you don’t you’ll only build resentment and also miss a valuable opportunity for professional growth.

Here are some of the tips on how to ask for a salary increase.

Find your original job description. If you don’t have one, write one for yourself, outlining as clearly as you can the job responsibilities you were hired to do. Then, on a second page, write a detailed outline of what you’re actually doing for comparison. Now, you’re ready to ask for a five-minute meeting with your boss. Ask either in person or, even better, by email – which keeps your boss from feeling ambushed and lets him plan for the possibility of salary increase.

Start the meeting by telling your boss how much you like your job and working for him. Mention how you’re enjoying your new job responsibilities and thank him for the confidence he’s shown in assigning them to you. Now comes the hard part- asking for a salary increase! Simply say, “I feel I should be paid more for taking on the added responsibilities, and I hope you agree.”

Keep talking. Your heart’s probably now in your throat but just go on. Mention the specific salary increase you are asking as a percentage increase from your current salary. If he doesn’t agree with the amount, all you’ll have to work out is the figure.

If he says no, ask him when you might expect a salary raise for the responsibilities you’ve taken on, and have him commit to another review date. Before you end the meeting, ask your boss for his feedback on what you’re doing well and where you could improve. Once the economic forecast improves and there is more flexibility in your company’s budget, you’ll be the first person he considers for a salary raise.

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12 responses on “How to Ask for Salary Increase

  1. Alam mo naisip ko yan last week e. Pero ito ang linyang gusto ko talagang sabihin sa kanya :
    “Boss, anong pwede kong gawin para tumaas ang sweldo ko to 45 thousand pesos?” Sabay tawa. Naghahanap lang ako ng timing na malamig ulo niya. Siguro sa march pag nakaalis na yung cliente namin na dadating next week from Utah. 🙂

  2. Its nice to ask salary increase when you think your accomplishment is right enough. Be careful on asking because on my experience the applicant I meet is asking the salary higher than the salary of the boss. She just don’t have any idea about how much the salary of the boss who will hire her.
    Try to be self employed and declare the salary you want or much better if you start your own business.

  3. Good and sound advice Tyrone. People should also research and find out how much other people of the same business/industry are getting. Then try to find out how their company is ranking compared with similar companies.

    This way, they will have a better information on whether they are receiving good pay or not. Sometimes, well, in most cases, its best to move on to an industry where pay is good. To do such, one should not stop learning, and get that necessary training sprinkled with great self confidence.

  4. I have a friend who said she just wasn’t the type to ask for a salary increase. I told her she so deserves it given her workload. She still didn’t ask and waited for upper management’s recognition. She was finally given recognition but it came almost 2 years later after we talked about it. Ugh!

  5. Unfortunately for us working in an educational institution, we cannot demand or negotiate individually regarding increases on salary, as salary increase follows some procedures and salary steps, compared to those working on some industry.

  6. The approach to salary increase varies from industry to another. If you are working in a Call Center, salary increase would be difficult to ask especially if there are accounts that are being pulled out by clients. Some employees are being cross-trained thereby increasing their job description but never their salaries.

    • You are correct Joy, in my case I will do what I am assigned to do or what I have signed in my contract…If they are trying to make you do added work just inform them that it is a contract breach and you will just do the things that you have signed in your contract…Do not let them take advantage of need to be firm with the said contract if they will not increase your salary for the added work that they will provide you..hope this helps

  7. Hello!

    I was offered (verbal) by our GM of a salary increase October last year. Until now i still have not received any increment. The last time we spoke of this was in December. What will I do now?

    He has mentioned that it is retroactive, but I am worried I wont be getting it anymore. Please advice.


    • Hi sharah,

      Well, what I can suggest you is find a time that your boss is in the moment of “good mood” then looking a perfect timing for reconsideration then start to ask simply how is your performance him in of the topic, then ask mo lang kung deserve mo nang ma lumaki ng sahod. Then, sempre business is business di ka naman naglalaro sa work mo. kung naman medyo retroactive ang sinagot nya mean two things. first, US kapa or SP.

      US (under supervision)
      SP (satisfactory performance)

      hope i did help somehow

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