Major Speaking Engagement at Blog World Philippines 2010

For all those who are my friends at facebook, probably by now, you have already known that I was one of the major resource speakers in yesterday’s Blog World Philippines 2010 where I talked about the special topic of Financial Blogging. It was my first major speaking engagement.

I was surprised the day I received an invitation from Sir Leo Fuentes, the President and CEO of Asian Institute of E-Commerce. They have campuses mostly located in Pangasinan. It was attended by a lot of students mostly youth that came from provinces of Gapan and Dagupan among others.

During my presentation in front, I introduced my blog Millionaire Acts as a blog that talks about mainly on how to achieve financial freedom. Why do we need financial freedom? For reasons such as to have more time with our family and loved ones and for more time to the things that we enjoy the most.

In achieving financial freedom, we need to ASPIRE.BELIEVE.ACT.ACHIEVE our goals. Goals serve as our targets and purpose. They are there to drive us and be inspired to reach them. True we may encounter a lot of challenges in achieving them but once you overcome all these challenges, you will reap the rewards of becoming a winner.

I also mentioned in my talk about how did I come up with my url “Millionaire Acts” which is a product of the documentary film “The Secret” about the powerful “Law of Attraction”. What the mind conceives, the body can achieve and so when you want something, all the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it. You can watch a preview of this documentary film in the video at my sidebar.

After that, I mentioned various opportunities and features that this blog opened up for me. This includes two features at Good House Keeping Magazine, Rich Dad Event here in the Philippines, Manila Bulletin Feature among others. I ended up my talk introducing one of my new blogs about make money online intended for newbie bloggers and aspiring bloggers who want to know how to start blogging.

Other speakers include Carlo Ople, Janette Toral, Kelvin Servigon, Julius Cesar Mamaril, Philip Tiangson, Julius Sison, and Cristina Gascon. Many were amazed, including me with what Philip Tiangson has claimed. He was able to raise P15 Million in blogging in the span of 3 years mentioning in his speech the things that he was able to buy that includes a car and a house! WOW!

After our respective talks, we proceeded to a question and answer portion where every student was given an opportunity to ask us questions.

The event was a success! I was able to network with various people. Thanks for the opportunity Sir Leo. Until next time.

Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

23 responses on “Major Speaking Engagement at Blog World Philippines 2010

  1. Wow, that’s indeed a great experience for you to speak at Blog World Philippines. A heads-up to Tiangson’s statement, that was amazing though. He is an SEO consultant, so he might be earning from SEO services and other affiliates.

  2. Thanks Tyrone, you were great and able to inspire lots of people. Crowd favorite ang group nyo ‘money blogs’. Congrats and more power!

    • According to the organizers, 1,400 daw lahat yung umattend. Kinabahan nga din ako e. Dagdag pa sa kaba is na-late ako. Buti na lang naging maayos naman lahat. Hehe.

  3. Hi tyrone,,

    Ok talaga tong blog mo.matagal na kong fan ng blog mo now lang ako ng comment. Congratulation.. keep it up. malaki rin naitulong nito sa akin…nabago mind ko about financial problem and everything…

    Dito nga pala ako sa Kuwait.. in Gods will pauwi ako sa june sana ma meet kita dyan sa pinas.

  4. Congratulations Tyrone! i am silent follower of yours and thanks for keeping an inspiration to everyone.

    keep it up and will always read your blog! I hope to meet you also galing mo kze


  5. wow congrats!! …sana yan ang gawin ng DFA para makapagshare ka sa lahat ng OFW sa abroad para magkaroon lahat ng finacial freedom…..goodluck more speaking engagement to come……..

  6. To Mr. Tyrone Solee,

    Just to make a comment.

    Keep up your financial blogs.

    Hope to read and see more interesting articles.

    Daneson Projekt

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