Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” This is the famous question of the tv show game “Who wants to be a millionaire?” giving chance for contestants wanting to become instant millionaires.

In reality, becoming a millionaire is easily said than done. It is part of a goal, an ambition that needs focus and dedication. Sad to say, not many of us are determined to become a millionaire. A lot of us depend on our luck joining various tv shows and lottery games which can easily give us instant millions if we win.

In one of my previous posts, I already discussed some points on how to become a millionaire in which a lot of readers gave their comments. In this article, I will mention some additional millionaire traits which I’ve read in an article at Investopedia:

1. Independent Thinking. Millionaires think independently. While a lot of people are spending their time and energy on things just to ‘conform’ with the average norm of the society, millionaires spend their own time and energy in creating their own path to riches.

2. Vision. Millionaires think positively amidst adversaries. They are visionaires. They have a certain vision or goal which they believe will come true. Through focus and determination, they can reach their goals.

3. Skills. Millionaires have the necessary skills to excel in their field. They usually build partnerships with other people to supplement their weaker skills. Through these partnerships, they can become more skilled because of what they learn from one another.

4. Passion. Millionaires have passion in their work in such a way that they possess discipline in handling their work. They love and enjoy what they do. Passion is what makes their tiring job less tiring.

5. Risk takers. Millionaires are risk takers. They are willing to take risks for something greater in the future. They possess the attitude of ‘delayed gratification’. However, they are not ordinary risk takers as they take ‘calculated risks’ in every investments they are making.

6. Sales people. Millionaires are good sales people. They can easily persuade other people with their opinions. They are good at presenting their ideas so that these people will buy into them to become their customers and clients. They don’t easily take ‘no’ as an answer. They are good at selling themselves.

So back to the question of the famous tv game show: “Who wants to be a millionaire?” I think everybody wants. However, not everyone has the capability to become one. Becoming a millionaire is not a goal that can be achieved overnight.

Many of the world’s richest people build their wealth over many years by making smart but often bold decisions. If you can learn anything about millionaires, their riches are not necessarily what most sets them apart from the rest of the world – it’s what they did to earn those millions that really stands out.

Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

21 responses on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

  1. I like the points made with “delayed gratification” and being a good salesperson. However, I would like to differ though with your point made on that not everyone has the capability of being a millionaire. I guess it wasn’t all but just not clearly elaborated but not having the capability is often influenced by factors like:

    – Your environment (like wrong set of friends), which is workable
    – Your attitude towards money like impulsive buying, which is also workable
    – A negative perspective in life (like live today as if this is the last day), which again is workable

    These are just some of the factors I can think of.

    I think everyone has the capability. I think most of us are eagles just pretending to be chickens, on a chicken’s nest(motivational words used by my physics professor back in College). With the right set of friends, the right attitude towards life, I think anyone can be a millionaire.

    Sorry for making a novel out of your blog post. 🙂 Oh, and yes I want to be a millionaire!

    • Thanks Tim for sharing your thoughts. I agree with the points you mentioned most especially the part of ‘environment’ which is having the right set of friends.

    • I agree, everyone has the capability to be a millionaire. Limitations are only in our minds. We must always be like kids, with no limits! 🙂

    • Great additions Tim to the already rich content of Tyrone. A total of 9 important factors of becoming a millionaire. From the combined list of Tyrone and Tim 8 out of 9 are self-factor and only 1 is an outside factor (environment). It looks like most of us needs to revamp our own-self to achieve this goal.

  2. You have to be a clever risk-taker to be a millionaire, and personally I don’t think its that hard. Too many people are never exploring their ideas, I like to put everything that I think of to the test… and it works great 🙂

  3. All the attributes of a millionaire is in me except the number 3,4,5,6. Does it mean that I can be a millionaire? Ahehehe…

    Too bad… out of 6, I only have 2 attributes. I need to have that 4 attributes for me to become successful.

  4. yea man well it depends on the friends, enviroment and mindset i guess!! who wants to be a millionaire is a TV reality show lol i love that show!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. – Ask GOD for guidance and always be thankful to all the blessings big or small…
    – Have a good mindset (vision, good impendent thinking etc.)
    – Live a simple life.
    – You should know how to SAVE money, buy only your needs not want.
    – Choose your friends, with a good character and vision, not necessarily a millionaire.

    Because of these attribute and attitude… I have three Condo units and a car. One unit where I stayed whenever I am in the Phil. and two of which earning passive income. I have 5Million in the bank as liquid assets. Invested in different bank products. Yet I am still single and working in the office out side the country. Some of the attributes I had learned from this blog: Millionaire Acts, I owe him my millions so to speak. GOD BLESS you Tyrone, you did a good job!

    • I think that age is not old enough having 3 condos and 5 million worth of liquid assets. Congrats to you! I hope to also achieve what you have achieved.

    • Kudos Darwin I hope to be like you someday Im already 31 turning 32 this May I need o catch up quick hehehe =) very inspiring keep it up… And to Tyrone good post and may we acheieve what Darwin was able to acheieved

  6. I am not a millionaire . . . YET. But I agree with #5. My friends think I am a risk taker by investing in real estate. But I look at my real estate investing as low risk because of my knowledge in the field and my conservative approach.

  7. I can have all except #6 because I really hate selling but there is a saying that build it and they will come. Maybe I am just afraid to try but when I was in elementary and working in the mall, I have a part time which was selling dried fish.

  8. And sometimes Millionaire has to bear with unbearable sorrow; because few people can understand. Kinda feel lonely

  9. Hi Tyrone

    How are you Tyrone? Hope everything is fine by the grace of GOD.

    I guess these are the common denominator many people “who wants to become Millionaire” (Rich) but only few people do; here are possible reasons based on my personal experience and observations.
    • Many people tend to buy car; tend to care more of what their car looks like, they consider it a reflection of oneself they spend more money to impress others, instead of driving the car for its entire useful life they don’t invest and wisely money saved.
    • They borrowed money to maintain a certain life style and that chunk of debt will keep them from building wealth.
    • They are lack of diversification for investment, they put all egg in one basket so to speak ., that is a great risk.
    • They started too late; compound interest best over a long period of time.
    • They don’t do what they enjoy. They have to enjoy the task they choose.
    • They do not like to learn, they do not have the right mind set; they might have a mentor but with the same negativity. They are not willing to improve their career and finances.
    • They buy thing that have no value, meaning or use, they keep on wasting money.
    • They want a big house, bigger than they can afford or need just for show-off. It gives an increase of real property taxes, high spending on maintenance, which most of them has no liquid assets or money that they ever use and enjoy.
    • They fail to take advantage of many great opportunities; they have lack of vision,determination and will power to keep their eyes open, and take what ever opportunities may comes.
    • Finally, they just a COMMON PEOPLE.

    • Very well said Darwin…I know people who are like that… you remind me of the quote which Tyrone shared ” I will do today what other people won’t, So I can have tomorrow what other people can’t”

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