Seminar on Strategic Investing and Practical Fundamental Analysis

Readers and visitors of my blog, I invite you all to a seminar to be conducted by my colleague, Ray Alejandrino.

The seminar entitled “Strategic Investing and Practical Fundamental Analysis” will teach attendees about investments particularly in the field of bonds, mutual funds, UITFs, and stock market using economic, industry and company analysis.

It is for aspiring investors who wants to broaden their understanding of how their money works for them through investing.

Here are the seminar details:

Date: October 2, 2010
Venue: The Shang Grand Tower
Address: Perea cor. Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Time: 9:30am to 5pm, whole day
Seminar Fee: P5,000 (inclusive of buffet lunch, snacks, and reading materials)
Special Discounted Fee: P3,500 for my readers and visitors (just tell Ray Alejandrino that you found the details of the seminar in my blog, Millionaire Acts)
Contact: Ray Alejandrino at [email protected] or call 0917-811-7292

The topics to be covered in the seminar are the following:

I. Examining the current state of the global economy
a. Why invest in the emerging markets particularly in the Philippines?
b. Philippine Economic update: a closer look on our country’s performance
c. What global and local economic indicators you should be watching out for?

II. Investment Options
a. Equities
b. Bonds (Government and Corporate)
c. Mutual Funds and UITFs
d. Others (Personal Equity Retirement Account Act, Real Estate Investment Trust, etc.)

III. Industry Research
a. Growing and Mature industries
b. The emergence of technology and product innovations
c. Going green

IV. Fundamental Analysis
a. Equities
i. Choosing the right and applicable tool for you and for the stock
1. Financial Ratios
2. Valuation Methods
ii. Picking the essential elements from quarterly and annual reports
iii. How to effectively use research reports from online, local and foreign brokers
iv. How to properly interpret company news and disclosures
v. Dividend play

b. Bonds
i. Basic review of the US and ASEAN bond market
ii. Update on government and corporate notes issuance

V. Case Study
a. Telecom – PLDT or Power – AP or Real Estate – ALI
i. A closer look at the company’s business
ii. Status and Future prospects for the industry

VI. Money management
a. The importance of diversification
b. Sample portfolio

VII. Final Words
a. Lessons from the crisis and how to be prepared for the next one
b. Outlook for the PSEi and selected industries

About the Speaker

Ray Alejandrino holds a bachelor’s degree from the Ateneo de Manila University, Major in Management Economics and Minor in International Business (2007). He specializes in Industry and Opportunity Analysis for the Real Estate, Technology, and Power sectors. He previously worked as an Import-Export Executive for one of the largest conglomerates in Thailand, the Siam Cement Group. He also served as an associate in Corporate Planning and Investor Relations for one of the largest home developers in the Philippines, Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. He is currently a Financial and Market Analyst for IBM and is also a Part-Time Power Sector Analyst for the University of Asia and the Pacific.

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11 responses on “Seminar on Strategic Investing and Practical Fundamental Analysis

  1. Hi Tyrone, I already shared this to my readers. See you there!

    Nice theme, I used it for more than a year… hehe. By the way, did you delete one of your posts? The one after you posted this?

    • Hi Jay, thanks a lot. By the way, his name is Ray Alejandrino. I think you committed some errors on the spelling of his name. See you there! 🙂

      For my post, I did not delete anything. I haven’t posted any new articles after this post.

  2. Hi Tyrone! I am a first-time reader and I’m very impressed with your blog and its content. Your journey to financial freedom is truly amazing! Like you, I have started my journey as well. And it opened my mind to a lot of opportunities outside my corporate world. Keep up the good work! If I would live my life all over again, I will do what you did – START EARLY! Looking forward to your future posts.


  3. Will there be a repeat of this event in the future, the date fell on a workday, investor newbie like me needs these kind of seminars

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