How to Make Money Online Through SEO

How to Make Money Online Through SEO

There’s no doubt, internet business is perhaps one of the most profitable among businesses nowadays. Aside from the low start up cost and maintenance, there’s no physical inventory needed and it is very portable as you can also carry it wherever you are as long as there’s an internet access! How great is that?

Today, I’ll be adding another topic in this blog and this is on making money online. A lot of people have been engaging themselves in blogging lately hoping to augment their day job incomes through opportunities in the internet. With the rise of ecommerce, internet presents a huge opportunity if you just know how it works.

You might have heard about selling your stuffs online through social networking sites such as Multiply and Facebook or attracting customers through the internet by posting advertisements on free ads sites such as and or Craigslist in the US for that matter. However, I won’t be tackling such topics here. Instead, I will discuss non-traditional forms of making money online through a term called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

For you to earn money online, you need tremendous amount of traffic in your site and one of the best sources of traffic is search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Imagine if you have ‘optimized’ your site to appear first in Google when people typed in certain keywords. Let me share to you two of my keywords, namely “Henry Sy” and “Lucio Tan“, two of the richest persons in the Philippines. When people typed in these keywords in Google, this blog ‘Millionaire Acts’ appears second to Wikipedia. How cool is that?

How Powerful is SEO?

What if you have a business, say you own a law firm located in Detroit offering bankruptcy advice to those who seeks help in debt and you have successfully optimized your site to appear first in Google for the keyword “Bankruptcy Lawyers in Detroit”, can you imagine how many potential clients can you target?

Once you’ve built constant traffic in your blog, then you can now start monetizing it by welcoming various advertisers. You can now sell your adspace! And this can really drive passive income to you as the owner! The better you ‘optimized’ that keyword to appear on top of search results, the better visibility for your site and the higher the traffic it can generate. For newbies, try reading the SEO Made Simple (Second Edition): Strategies For Dominating The World’s Largest Search Engine as I learned a lot from it when I started on Search Engine Optimization.

How to Make Money Online?

Once you’ve positioned your site to appear on top of search results for certain keywords, then you can now take advantage of the traffic that it generates. Here are the most common ways bloggers do to earn money online.

1. Google Adsense. This is perhaps the most famous way of making money online as Google itself is your advertiser here. By placing advertisements by Google on your site, you just sold your adspace to Google. For more info about this, you can go here.

2. Direct Advertiser. Once your site has picked up a nice amount of traffic, then you can now start to sell some of your space to advertisers. You can do do these in two ways: by selling links and by putting banners.

3. Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing works by selling products of other companies online and you get commissions for every sale.

4. Cost Per Action Surveys. Did you ever notice a survey popped up that is required for you to answer before you can access the content of a site? That’s what you call CPA or Cost Per Action. Companies hired the services of CPA companies in order to either sell their products or seek the opinion of consumers to improve their products. When you answer anyone of these surveys, then the owner of the site earns money online.

Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

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  1. SEO is very important in driving traffic — organic traffic as they say it — to one’s site or blog. Most of the online marketers who are raking in huge money a month know the importance of SEO. Right now, it is SEO mixed with the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

  2. SEO will give traffic to your pages. You can have more visitors when your link appears on the first page of Search Engine Result Page. Your tools “adsense, ads, affiliate, cpa, etc” to make money online will be more effective.

  3. SEO is really important when it comes to your blog or website, so you should really prioritize it when your making a post or page. By the way, you have a nice site. Kudos!

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