Credit Card Bills Not Paid: Will You Go To Jail?

Credit Card Bills Not Paid: Will You Go To Jail? Credit Card Philippines

One of the causes of financial burden of a lot of Filipinos is their credit card bills. With the availability of various credit cards issued by banks and the convenience of “buy now, pay later” cashless purchase, a lot of Filipinos enjoy shopping using their credit cards. Without proper credit card usage, it can lead to huge credit card debts eventually having you as slave as you work for the rest of your life just to pay for it.

With a number of credit card bills left unpaid in the Philippines and the threatening practice of credit card debt collection agencies, the big question that leaves the minds of these credit card holders is:

Will I go to jail if I have credit card bills left unpaid?

The answer to this question is a big NO as the case involved is just a CIVIL CASE called SUM OF MONEY. This is what I learned upon my employment in an asset management firm before.

Banks usually get the services of debt collection agencies on a “no cure, no pay” basis. They are on a commission basis. That means, if they have not collected any amount, then they wouldn’t be paid for their services. That’s why you can see these agencies threaten you with demand letters and text messages ordering you to pay your credit card bills or else they will file a lawsuit against you and that they will put you to jail. Yes, they can file a case called SUM OF MONEY but this can not put you to jail even if you insisted not to pay for it.

Credit Card Philippines
Credit Cards Philippines

What is RA 8484?

Some of these credit card collection agencies threaten to file a criminal case called Republic Act 8484. As long as you did not fake your identity in your credit card application, be calm. This is the case they can file if and only if you defraud your identity. Again, they can not put you into jail by merely not paying your credit card bills even if they send demand letters threatening you to pay for it. Remember that they are doing all they can do to force you to pay for it because their services are on a “no cure, no pay basis”.

Setback of Not Paying Your Credit Card Bills

Since you won’t be jailed by not paying your credit card bills, I am not encouraging you to just leave it unpaid because it will haunt you in the future. One of my readers before who is working as a manager had an unpaid credit card bills due to fraudulent purchases. She told me that the bank where she is working had a recent audit of the credit history of their employees. Her concern is her fear on losing her job as the company policy dictates that all managers and executives should be cleared from the list with bad credit history.

Aside from company policies whenever applicable, the bad thing about not paying credit card bills is that your name will be listed under the directory with bad credit history. This will give you a hard time securing any type of credit or loan in the future as the database is mostly shared by banks.

The best way you to take is to manage and discipline yourself in using your credit cards. Moreover, you should also secure your credit card against fraudulent transactions.

Unfair Debt Collection Practices

As a rule, banks, affiliate debt collection agencies, and debt counsels may resort to all reasonable and legally permissible means to collect amounts due them under the credit card agreement. However, in the exercise of their rights and performance of duties, they must observe good faith and reasonable conduct and refrain from engaging in unscrupulous or untoward acts. The following are considered unfair collection practices which are considered illegal according to BSP Circular 454 (Amendments to Provisions on Credit Cards)

a) The use or threat of violence or other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation, or property of any person.

b) The use of obscenities, insults, or profane language which amount to a criminal act or offense under applicable laws.

c) Disclosure of the names of credit cardholders who allegedly refuse to pay debts, with certain exceptions.

d) Threat to take any action that cannot legally be taken.

e) Communicating or threat to communicate to any person credit information which is known to be false, including failure to communicate that a debt is being disputed.

f) Any false representation or deceptive means to collect or attempt to collect any debt or to obtain information concerning a cardholder.

g) Making contact at unreasonable/inconvenient times or hours which shall be defined as contact before 6:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m., unless the account is past due for more than sixty (60) days or the cardholder has given express permission or said times are the only reasonable or convenient opportunities for contact.

If you are having problems paying off your credit card debts, here’s a good debt settlement plan from no other than Robert Kiyosaki, author of the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

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  1. Hi ! I have the same problem… after paying much of the amount , there was still a balance owing about 5-7500 , and I am sure that this amount could be xxx infinity since this was about 10 years ago.. would you recommend settling this directly to the bank itself ? or thru the collecting agent ? would the bank charge me the whole amount or they would extend some leniency by just paying certain portion of the amount and or the whole amount over a period of time ? hoping to receive a response. thanks

    • Dear Zaldy,
      NO… the backlogs will in fact reset after ten years… meaning it automatically gets deleted. I have a friend who defrauded his VS way back 1998 and, voila, he was able to get an Amex and MasterCard in late 2011. Amazing, isn’t it?

    • hello sa lahat sana po maadvice ninyo kung ano dapat kung awin, may salary loan ang husband ko sa isang bangko naka3beses po akon ng bayad dito pero natigil din po.ngayon may sulat akung natanggap sabi 5 working days mabayaran namin ung utang namin na 85t nakabayad na ako ng 3 mnths perop ganon at lumaki pa,pati abogado 40t ang hinihingi sa akin,kung hindi daw magsasampa sila ng kaso at sisirain ang credibilidad para hindi makaloan sa iba,ngayon po nandonnapasok ang aking remittance pwede po ba nila hold yyyun ng walang pasabi.nagcheck po ako sa aming agency at mga asawa ng kasamahan ng aswa ko nakasahod nadaw sila,alam ko po magkano napasok don puwede po ba nila bawasann un lahat lahat ni piso walan itira,masakit pa bakit walang nakalagay sa bankstatement ko na pumasok na pera sa kanila,an nandon lang yung balance ng month of december,oklang sana kung nakalagay para mabawasan yung utang namin kahit wala kami kainin,nabasa ko na dapat may 3rd party na siya puwedeng maghold sa aming savings kapag ito nasa court na.puwede poba nila awin ito yung kunan ka ng pera na wala silang sinasabi sayo,pls po paki advice ako hindi na kasi kami nakakatulog ng mga anak lou God bless po

    • Hi Sir,

      Hope you could help me on this.. I had an unpaid C.C 10 yrs ago..This yr we are planning to get a second hand car through car dealers and they have accredited bank where I can apply for loan..My question is would it be possible na ma deny ung application ko because of my past credit history.? Thank you so mch

    • I was in a terrible situation sometimes last year. We urgently needed to get a new house, my score and partner’s score too was bad. We tried all we could to get a loan but all effort was in vain due to the bad credit score.An lawyer I contacted to help dispute our collections requested for $1000 upfront, the major credit repair companies gave a year estimate to get us to where we need to be, God so good to us, I later met with a credit score specialist and instructor, he gave me some instructions and requested some information from me regarding my credit score in which I provided everything to him. Luckily for me, this man was able to fix my credit score, I was so amazed because he completely removed all my inquires, collections and late payments, I’m happy to tell you that I’m writing this review from our new house which I wouldn’t have got without the specialist’s help. I know some people out there are in this kind of situation and I would love to help to put specialist’s contact here, You can message him privately on his mail which is hackwiz at protonmail dot com if you like, this help cam at a time I already lost all can tank me later.

  2. Hi,

    just a quick question about, A.M. No. 08-8-7-SCRULE OF PROCEDURE FOR SMALL CLAIMS CASES, is this good for person to person loan? My problem is, someone loaned 50th sakin, den we agreed on a 10% interest per month, we have the loan agreement contract. She said she’ll pay it in 6mos every 15th and 30th of the month. Now, the problem is, she’s always late in payment and ang hirap nya pa singilin. I always have headaches when it comes to due date coz she always have excuses. She missed 1 payment but she pd interest on it. But i want her to pay the whole amount already coz of the trouble of paying every cutoff. Could I file a Small Claim against her because of the poor payment she’s making? I’m really sick and tired of dealing with her. She still have 5 more payments left. Please advise. Thank you.

  3. Hi Tyrone,

    Hope you could give me some advise. My question is about the A.M. No. 08-8-7-SC RULE OF PROCEDURE FOR SMALL CLAIMS CASES. Does this cover person to person loan? A person ask for a loan of 50th, she said she’ll pay it in six months every 15th and 30th of each month. We agreed on the interest of 10% per month and have a loan contract to prove it. She didn’t have a checking account and she ask her friend if she can use it. So she gave me 12 dated checks as payment. The first 5 payments was ok, no problem with the clearing of the check. Now on the 7th payment, her check bounced and she didn’t even contact me. So I called her, she said that she’ll deposit cash instead to my account. She did after 5 days, and didn’t ask for late payment. Without me knowing, her friend closed the checking account because of that incident. Now she ask that if she could pay cash instead on every pay off, so agreed. But after that, she is always late on her payment for about 4-5days, though I’ve been demanding payments. Last payment she was supposed to make, she ask if it can be moved and she’ll just pay the interest. Though I didn’t agree to the movement of the payment she just deposited the interest of the loan. So I let it go, its good than nothing. Now I’m having hard time getting payments from her, she’s always late and making excuses. Is it possible to have this filled for Small Claims? I’m demanding for full payment but she just says she can’t. I’m just sick and tired of dealing with her. If computing all her payments, she haven’t even paid the whole principal amount of 50th. Haist! I just want to get over this and move forward. Please advise. Thank you very much in advance.

  4. My question is , after paying my credit card that has been endorse to collection, will my credit card be activated after? pls answer

    • Definitely no. Nangyari na yan saken. Binayaran ko ng buo yung balance ko then they told me to wait for 2-3 months for reactivation for the card. Hindi rin pala iaactivate yung card.

    • Tulad sa misis ko ganyan paasa na aactivate hindi naman..same faith… halos sundan ka sa mall makapag apply lang sa kanila tapos i pa updated ang computaion nila …JINDI TIN PALA reactivated ulit..

  5. i need an adivce please help, alam ko po nagkamali ako for not paying my credit card, ngaun po kinasuhan po ako ng estafa tapos po may pumunta na po sa bahay na kapitan sa amin at kagawad iyak ng iyak ung mama ko po kasi xa po ung naabotan please help me po ano po gagawin ko po.. may police po kasi na tumawag sa kanila tapos ngaun tinawagan ko din ung police ano po gagawin ko po??? mapupunta po ba ako sa prisinto???? please help me po hindi na po ako makatulog 🙁

    • Hi, ask lng poh sna aq, kc poh my tumawag s # ng kapatid q n dhil dw poh s unpaid card q, kkasuhan nla aq ng estafa and ppnta dw poh ung mgssheriff for the amount of 99k. Ano poh b dpt q gwin? mggwa poh b tlg nla n mgsheriff dhl lng dun s credit card? Thanks

    • hI RUSELLE,

      Alam mo same tayo ng ginawa sakin ng mga collecting officer nayan na ganyan din ang sabi at magdala daw sila ng sheriff sa bahay namin.grabi sila manakot,mahirap kasi sa mga bank nayan pag gusto muna pa cut yong credit card mo ayaw nila pumayag.tapos kapag di mo na settle at malaki na ganyan sila manakot, panu pa sila babayaran nyan kung ganyan ang ginagawa nila sa may mga utang sa kanila….

    • Unless kung fake identity sa credit card application… dun papasok ang RA 8484 pero kung totoo lahat sa application mo na inilagay don’t worry.. they cannot put you in jail…. harrassment na yan..

  6. by the way debie jean, pag andun kna sa bnigay kong site press CTRL+F then type “pulis” makikita mu agad un info abt sa halos same na case mo..and ull know what to do..thanks!!

  7. hi pwede po humingi ng advice my pumunta po kasing collector ng credit card at binigyan po aq ng letter tinatanung kung kelan ko po settle ung utang ko acvtually po hindi ko sya nabayaran sa dahilang kapapanganak ko lang last nov at ubos ang pera ko.. at nawalan p ko ng work… huhulihin po b nila aq at dadalhin sa presinto pag d aq nkabayad

  8. pupuntahan ba ko ng baranggay at police at iskadaluhin para magbayad at hulihin para ikulong
    hindi ko po ksi alam kung kailan ko po mbbyaran dahil maghahanap plang aq ng work at wala aq pambayad ngaun

  9. i really need po ng advice tungkol po sa credit cards. I have a delinquent account from HSBC amounting to 20k or more last 2009 pa po. ndi na po kc ako nakabayad kc nagresigned na ako sa work ko at lumipat na rin kami ng residency that time without informing them. Ngaun pong feb 2013 pinatawag po ako sa barangay kc daw may naghahanap daw po sa kin from MAKATI RTC tnxt lng daw po sa kanila ung name ko with middle name at precinct number ko sa comelec. then ang ginawa ng barangay hinanap po nila ako at binigay ung number nung sa makati RTC. tinawagan ko po tapos ang sinasabi magfifile na daw po ng criminal case sa akin ang CITIBank tungkol po sa delinquent account starting Aug 2009. tinanong nya po ako kung ako un pati ung b-day ko…sabi opo tpos nung cnabi na ung address ndi po tugma dun sa address ko. KC nung nag apply ako ng credit card iniba po ng agent ung adress ko pero ndi po un ung cnabi nung sa MAkati RTC kaya sa bi ko ndi po ako un . cnabi ko po na meron po akong dating credit card HSBC. nagbgay po syang number at name sa akin na tatawagan ko para i clear po ung name ko…..kaya po nagtataka ako kung bakit ganun….gusto ko po sanang tawagan ung nirefer nya per sana bigyan nu po ako ng advice before po akong tumawag para alam ko po gagawin ko

  10. Hi. Tatanong ko po. pde b un ung wlng dmdting sakin n notice gling rcbc. Tpos pgktpos ng isang taon ska aq pndlhn ng sulat n gling sa firm. N kailangan ko daw byran sa araw n in. Tpos late dumatong ung sulat. Nlpg ugnayan aq sa rcbc sb nila ing card ko daw ay nsa collector daw. Pinablock ko n ung card ko mtgal n a alam ko wl n aq balanse. Tpos tnxt as nung collector n sinungaling. Tpos tnxt aq ngun n nkfile daw ung kaso ko. Ano b dpt kng gwin my nkausap aq isa sa collector n ok lng daw sa knila n wg ko daw byran. Bkit ngun tntxt aq nung isa pang collector. Buntis pa nmn aq tpos kbuwanan ko ngun. Pksgutn po agad. Tnx po

  11. Please. Kelangan ko po ng sagot. Follow up question po. Kksuhan daw po aq ng rep act8484. Ano po b dpt kng gwin. Wl po aq trbho at kkumpisa lng ng asawa trabaho.. Hnd ko nmn ginusto n mgkroon ng cc. Ngulat nlng aq n my cc ng dumating sa add ng bhy ng parentd ko. Ngrerent po kz km ng bhy kya wl kming sariling add n pdng gmtin kundi ung sa parents ko. Msyado nila aq gngpit s gngw nila. Tnx po. Need ko po ung sagot pra alam ko kng ano ggwin ko.

    • Wag kang matakot kasi wala ka naman dapat ikatakot. Makipag negotiate ka sa kanila. May valid point ba sila sa claim nila? Ginamit mo ba talaga credit card? Anong basehan nila sa pagsasampa ng RA 8484? As I’ve said, RA 8484 is about fraud ng identity. If wala naman sila valid reason to file a case like that, then wala kang dapat ikatakot. Hayaan mo lang sila. Sabihin mo lang na babayaran mo CC mo and that you’re willing to negotiate for payment terms kahit pakonti konti.

    • sir pareply po. yan din po case ko ngayon, sasampahan daw po ako ng criminal case dahil di ko daw po dineclare na may bago ako employer ngayon at ipapaterminate pa daw po ako sa employer ko ngayon. mangyayari po ba yun? nakiusap po ako skanila kanina na babayaran ko yung amnesty offer nila pero installment dahil di ko kaya magbayad ng buo pero di sila pumapayag. pede po ba nila gamitin legal grounds yun sakin? reply po please. buntis po ako ngayon at talagang nagaalala ako ng sobra po.

  12. may question lang din ako na parang wala pang nagtatanong tungkol dito: may outstanding balance ako sa cc pero medyo mahirap ang pagbayad sa ngayon, lalo at puro minimum amount lang lahat ang nasisettle ko- at sa tingin ko pag hindi ko nabayaran agad ay lolobo pa lalo ang babayaran ko in the future, since di pa naman totally ubos yung laman ng card pwede ko bang ipa-CUT OFF na lang yung card at makipagneqotiate ng amnesty- na babayaran ko yung balances na equally divided in 6, 12 or 24 months or kung anuman ang available na negotiation na maaari nilang ioffer. Meron bang ganung scheme sa credit card na pwede kang magrequest ng cancellation ng card halimbawa kung ayaw mo ng gamitin. salamat!

  13. hi tyrone. need help so badly my mom received an estafa letter…citibank! they hv already an agreement with the bastos agent na will pay soon as promise due is 100k agent bargain to pay 50k in full! but the case now they sent a letter estafa! what to do? as of now cnt pay the amount in full.. so jst depo 4tho for the meantime.pls advice do u have a twitter?thank you

  14. makukulong po ba or my pulis punta sa haus pag my estafa letter? i wanna ask citi for settlement po na if pwd kaya e freeze ang ac tas bayaran muna like paunti unti until dumating retirement niya? thanks po .pls advice wat to do.. kasi ilan months na pala hindi nakabayad alam nmn ng agent. now nag send sila ng estafa sa dep ed pero today will depo for the account..huhu pls help

  15. Dear Tyrone, so this week i was able to deposit 5tho to my account. The Atty called today sabi if i can seetle end of this March they will give clerance, my offer and bank daw na 25k. Ok na ba yon? due was 100k account citibank card been expired since 1010 and my account was used for fraud but still i was paying for it. 🙁 pls advice.. the agent citibank will call tomorrow. i can’t accumulate 25k for next week. may 29:( but seems a good deal. Ibig po ba sabihin ng clearance wala na ako babayaran as in baka mamaya singilin ako.:( kung hindi daw kasi file sila estafa. PLEASE REPLY ASAP.thnakyou

  16. hi ask ko lang po kung pwedeng palaging minimum due ang ibabayad? kung hindi naman po , mga ilang beses lang maaring magbayad ng minimum due? thanks po

  17. Hi, good day!i have a question of course, i used to have credit cards in UAE and left that country already due to financial crisis, and till then i have been receiving emails and calls from agent/collectors in the Phils. Well, in UAE they can put you in jail, my question is if I have a case there will it be forwarded to Phils?and will they put me in jail once I entered the immigration?coz this is whats happening in uae, if u have case once u reached the airport imigration,u will be directed to jail right away!

  18. My tumatawag di sa akin atty arturo zialcita daw sya east west bank. Ano po ba ang aking gagawin. Wala pa po akong pera na pang bayad at wala po akong work ngayon. Sabi nya po nag padala daw po ako ng post dated check. Wala po akong poat cheque. Tapos bigyan nya daw po ako ng discount from 60k daw 40 na lang ang bayaran ko. Pero yong utang ko po is 19k. Ngayon nag txt na kng hindi daw ako mag bayad harapin ko daw ang kaso na e file nya. Pls help me po. Takot po ako.

    • default payment sa credit card ay civil case lang yun… walang estafa dun… maliban kung fraudulent ang paggamit ng credit card… walang pakialam ang kapitan o pulis sa ganyang cases…

  19. Hi tyrone,

    I also have the same problem in credit cards, last feb 2013 i made a payment of 11k and ndi siya nagreflect on my cc statemeny ndi daw ako nagbayad… eh direct ako ng bayad sa bank na yun… actually i have 2 cards yung isa continuous ko syang binabayaran at ginagamit kasi they have a good services. Maapektohan ba yung isang credit card sa renewal? And yung isa card ko na di k na binyaran nag email and txt sakin sa email i need to settle it until july 10 ung sa txt sabi til july 20 inconsistent nga sila…ano bang maiaadvise mo sir?

    • Hi Clark,

      Do you have the proof of payment for the 11K that you made in the bank? You should have kept that. This will be a proof that indeed you made the payment and this must be presented to the credit card company.

      The other card won’t be affected FOR NOW. But once your name was included in the list of people with bad credit standing, it might be affected in the future as well as the possibility for you to avail other loans (i.e. home loan, car loan, etc.)

    • I see.. i have the payment proof. And btw is it possible that they will send a brgay cpt. Or police on our place? Altough my place is the town of the police and my father-in-law is also a police.

  20. sir, kung gus2 po naming isettle yun credit card ng wife ko san po kami pede makipagusap sa collector ba or sa mismong bangko. I experience a lot of disturbances and threats from a firm. its very hard to trust those collectors. please help us.

  21. good day everyone. can anyone tell me where to get a good credit card lawyer and how much ang consultation? Gusto ko labanan ang credit card bank ko eh. nabwibwisit kasi ako. Medyo long story but to make it super short, I have not received any SOA from Sept. 2011 up to present. But I kept paying until March 2012. Prior to my nonpayment, I called the hotline several times in different months, made PERSONAL appearance to file my complain 2x in 2 different branches. Pero walang nangyari. Kahit email hindi nila masend kasi wala daw sila ganun pag walang savings account. Sobrang nainis ako kc saan ka nman nakakita na ako ang may utang, ako pa naghahabol magbayad. Kaya di na lang ako nagbayad kc lokohan nman na ito. I am very much willing to pay pero ibigay muna nila SOA ko and I don’t want late charges. Gusto ko malaman if may laban ako if nagfile sila ng Civil lawsuit. At yung panghaharass ng collection department/agency na HINDI DIN NMAN NILA MAGAWAN ng aksyon yung hinihiling ko na copy of SOAs ko. I did not change phone numbers nor billing address. Kya please, can anyone give me a lawyer. Please email me your answer. thanks so much! the unpaid amount is less than 20k but I am willing to pay the lawyer basta marealize lang ng bangko na hindi tama yung ginawa nila.

  22. Sir, ask ko lng po twing ilang yrs po b ngrrefresh ang credit standing d2 satin s pinas? I mean, after ilang yrs po ba nwwala sa records ng mga bank ang mga delinquent payers para po mkpag loan or apply ng credit card ule?

    Thanks po!

  23. Hi, i just want to ask kung ano po maganda gawin kasi decline ang application ko for pay easy sa hsbc. Malaki kasi ung remaining balance ko and i called them kung pwede ko bayaran ng installment ung remaining balance ko pero nadecline ung nga ung program nila na pay easy. Im asking kung ano reason ala naman sila maibigay sakin. Then i told her na kung pwede cancel nlng ung cc para mastop na ung interest. Hindi daw pwede kelangn ko daw 0 balance, para macancel. Kaya ko nga pinapacancel kasi sa interest lang napupunta ung binabayad ko. So i dont have any option kung pano mapapagaan ung binabayaran ko. Please help me…

  24. question lang. may utang ako sa HSBC. since sinabi mo na makaka apekto to sa akin someday, di ba ako makakapag loan sa SSS at pag ibig dahil may utang ako sa CC?

    • No. You will still get a loan from SSS and Pag-Ibig. Only, you will get calls from them demanding you to pay them.

  25. Hi Sir, question po i had unsettled bills in the unionbank visa,almost 7 month due to no jobs, i been in business before the things happens i put all my money in the business that i was started and i was holdup by some men i told the collection officer that i cant paid the said amount that they need me to settle asap or else they will endorse my problem to the legal dept. can you help me or advise what should i do cause they are always insisting for paying and keep calling on me they told me they don’t care for what ive done please help

  26. good day. I have a 3-year (36 mos.) installment personal loan with a bank. i was only able to pay 9 monthly installments of it due to financial incapability because of my expensive maintenance medicines not even my salary can sustain and that i ask assistance from my relatives just not to skip taking them. the Bank already sent me a final notice of demand (through a collection agency) to my place of work amounting to more than 100,000 outstanding balance. i just want to know if what charges will the bank press against me for non-payment. i do not have any plan of abandoning my debt and hopefully to resume settling it by next year, but right now I really do not have an extra amount to set aside for its payment due to my very expensive meds. what should be my best option to avoid any legal actions against me? how will the bank confirm that i really receive the final demand notice when no representative from the bank and/or collection representative called me to confirm its receipt? i replied to the collection agency through email explaining my side for non-payment yet i received no reply and they still proceeded for the sending of final demand letter. it is to be noted that this medicines I am intaking are necessary for living a healthy normal life and discontinue intaking them will lead me not to work again due to the life-threatening complications it may cause for stopping taking them. thanks. God bless.

    • hi anu na po nangyari sa loan nyo..kasi meron din po aq personal loan sa eastwest bank natatakot din po ako na dumating yung time na hnd na aq makabayad…50k po loan ko dun 9mos plang aq nag huhulog..anu po nangyari sa loan nyu ?tnx

  27. Hi sir. kung umabot na po ng halos 350k ung unpaid credit card dahil sa laki ng monthly interest nila.. mas maliki po ba ang chance na magfile sila kaso sa court?

  28. hi! ask ko lang sana kasi my friend had a card under her maiden name. and now she got married. she can no longer make payments on her card since she already resigned from work. she told that it can no longer be traced since she is under a different name after she got married. how true is this?

  29. good day sir. i discovered a complaint for a civil case for sum of money, received jan. 2013, Feb. 2013 sa MTC, summons (regular) dated march 2013, while going through my children’s school papers and documents.

    the maid said that she was the one who received the documents while i was away. she also said that the person who delivered them told her to just receive the documents, it does not matter daw if i don’t live here anymore, just give the documents to the kids ( aged 12 and 13 ) and let them read them. tama po ba un?

    i was away and it was just last week that i returned at un nga, after going through a lot of mess dito sa bahay, nakita ung summons. Sa MTC naka file sa may makati.

    my concern is this, how long kaya bago maka pag decide ang court regarding this? it’s been six months na kase. from the summons i was just given 15 days to reply. since ngayon ko lang po nakita ung documents, sa tingin nyo po ba huli na ang lahat? ung conjugal properties po ba namin puede nila kuhanin? car, house and lot? how about our furnitures and appliances?

    natatakot po ako and frankly i do not have the financial capacity to pay them. i lost my job, my husband filed for an annulment case and pretty soon he will file for custody of the kids.
    pupunta po kase ako sa monday sa korte and will ask about the case.

    gusto ko lang po malaman kung may idea kayo how can i handle this. eversince i saw the documents this morning, i feel like vomiting(pardon the word), my stomach and head hurts, i cannot eat, i’m shivering. i am here in our conjugal home with our kids and frankly natatakot ako na bigla na lang dumating ang sheriff at kunin na lahat ang gamit namin with a court order. maari po ba un?

    after this document, wala na pong dumating na ibang document. di po ba dapat may hearing pa un? or the case will continue without my participation? and the judge will rule in favor of citibank? my credit line was just 90K and now they are asking for 323K plus 25%, attorney’s fee and cost of suit. magpakamatay na lang po kaya ako?

    • pray harder God hears our prayers.. dont give up.. i have the same situation but God save me.. trust in the Lord, surrender everything to Him.. never commit suicide, you have a family.. mas malaki p nga ang utang ng ibang tao kysa syo.. tinatakot k lng ng collection agency, kc ang collection agency na ang ngbayad ng utang mo s bangko, kya cla n ang nananakot syo.. wala nmang nakukulong dhil s credit card.. harapin mo lng ung collection agency & tell them your situation..


  30. I have fully settled my cancelled credit card almost 10 months ago. The bank has also issued me a clearance from any debt. How soon can I apply for a new credit card? How does your name get lifted from blacklist?

    • Hi Larry saan ka nakakuha ng clearance? Kze nabayaran q na lahat ng balance q sa credit card q sa eastwest bank and nagloloan aq sa bank pero nakalagay dun is unpaid parin need q kumuha ng clearance na paid na q.

  31. I left philippines in june 2003 and never came back. I have all sorts of credit cards almost 500,000 na. Just worried na baka damputin ako when visit our country again. Its been a lttle over 10 years since. Kahit ba 10 years na nakaraan, blocklist pa rin ako? What if i go home and use my visa debit? Baka madecline? Its a visa debit from my current residing country. Today i tried to register at sm appliance centre to order from here to surprise my mother of a new washing machine, after i register, i checked out the item, the next page says i am not authorized. Please advise. Thanks.

  32. tanong ko lang po hindi na ako nagbayad sa east west bank cc kasi nadouble check ko yung computation nila ng interest charges e hindi sya 3.5% monthly,ilang beses na akong nagcomplain, asking for the computation but iniignore lang nila.

  33. Hello po,

    Year 2001 , na swipe ng Family First yung credit card ko, nagbabayad ako mothly almost 30k yung half sa unionbank and HSBC
    na settled ko yung sa Union bank yung sa HSBC hindi napapansin ko
    parang hindi nababawasan yung binayad ko, noong nag resign ako at
    wla ng work hindi ko na nabayaran, wla naman akong narereceived na mga letters etc. since 2001 pa iyon hanggang dis month nagulat nalang ako ng na trace nila , contact numbers ko pati sa office, gaya ng iba nanghaharas din sila sa txt at phone kesyo idedemanda
    daw nila ako sa bwusit ko hindi ko sinasagot yung mga tawag at txt msgs, kaya lang pati sa HR natawag narin cla, kesyo pupunta daw sila sa ofc at mag eskandalo, yung 10k na utang ko noon umabot na ng 600k dahil lang sa interest, sino ba namang tanga magbabayad ng halagang 10k magiging 600k , ano po ba dapat kung gawin, willing akong bayaran yung 10k na utang ko noon pero yung ganong kalaking halaga kahit sino naman wla sigurong magbabayad nyan. possible po ba na kung magkano lang yung nahiram mo yon lang ang bayaran?

    Thank You po.

  34. Hi i need help I have a Citibank cc however I failed paying the remaining 30k balance because I lost my current job so the charges climb up, tapos nagbayad ako ng 30k kasi sabi nung tumawag Hindi na daw tutubo ngayon it climb up to 80k at ipinabaranggay pa ko don’t know what to do actually I’ve been a good Samaritan for someone to use my card kaso Hindi Nya nabayaran, to be honest I felt like ako Ang na loko kasi after nilang mag promise na Hindi na daw Tataas young remaining 30k para matapos ko…pero Hindi Ganon Ang nangyari now nasa 80k na naman cya tapos may pinapipirma sabi makakatulong daw nung binasa ko within 12days kailangan kong bayaran kaya Hindi ko pinirmahan since Hindi talaga cya makakatulong ngayon kailangan ko pa bang humarap sa baranggay? which I don’t what to do……. I’ll just call the number Siguro and sasabhin ko magbabayad ako pag may pera na ko……what to do thanks

  35. Hi Sir,

    Same problem with credit card debts. Last 2008 I worked at UAE for 1 year and sadly i too was layed-off due to recession that time. I think my debt was around 20,000 uae dirhams at HSBC. Then just this month i received a letter from the attorney’s office (atty filomeno arteche) with HSBC billing reflecting my unpaid dues. I’m not yet sure what to do right now. Will i get jailed if i dont pay my remaining bills? I’m willing to pay if ever i get to work again at UAE but now i really cant, alam mo naman sweldo dito sa piliinas unlike overseas. Need some advice! Im really worried baka makulong ako!!!!


    • Hi Janmer,

      What happened to your case? I having situation as yours, receiving call and text message from atty filomeno arteche.


    • Hello charles, ano po ba ang mangyayari after na receive ko ang letter 1st time na tumawag yong law firm kalaki pa naman ng inilobo ng credit ko anong pede ba natin magawa??? Thanks! Same nga pala ang xase kosa inyo.

    • Hello tyrone, same po yong questions kosa ibang galing dubai, posible ba na makulong ako for not paying may credit card dahil sa rescission na nangyari sa dubai at sa laki ng inilobo nya at ngayon tumatawag na ano po ba ang pede na gawin? Dko naman po mababayaran yan sa ngayon dahil wla akong work.thanks! Sana masagot mo tanong ko.

    • Sa Pilipinas walang nakukulong dahil sa utang except kung may bounced cheques ka at may estafa or pangloloko. The most they can do is file a sum of money case pero walang kulong yan.

  36. dear tyrone,

    please help I need advice. dati po akong nagtratrabaho sa Dubai natangal po ako sa trabaho ngyn. ngyn po nagsisimula ako ng negosyo salon po sabi ng mga collecting agents kukunin po daw nila ang salon ko. ask ko po kung pde po ba nila gawin un. willing nmn po ako magbayad pero sa ngyn d ko po kakayanin dahil ilang buwan pa lang po nmn ang salon ko. d na po ako makatulog kasi natatakot ako na baka isang araw dumating po cla at kunin lahat ng laman ng salon ko. sana po ma advice nyo ako please email me sir

  37. my credit was stolen by a inside job syndicate when i was out of my house. the thief illegally used my credit card incuring a 2,560 total amount of charges. the transaction was made by 1:30pm and by 3pm ive found out that my card was stolen and right after that, i reported the stolen card immediately.

    However the Credit Card company Eastwest Bank firmly declined my dispute request making the transaction valid. I do have a good evidences that the transactions are not made by myself (receipts with falsified signatures).

    What should I do? I don’t want to pay the debts since it is unfair for me to pay the transactions which i didn’t make.

    Help me please.. I need it ASAP!!!

  38. can sommeone here upload a sample of the certificate of full paymentfor their card settlement? just so i can have an idea how it looks like. balak ko magbayad na nung card ko sa collection agency, para lang alam ko ang LEGIT na certificate.

  39. Hi Tyrone,
    need help..I just received a text message stating: PLAINTIFF VS ME WITH CRIMINAL/CIVIL CASE #24653-2 IS FILES IN PASIG CITY HALL MTC BRANCH 32 UNDER JUDGE BENJAMIN BIAZEN FOR VIOLATING THE R.A. 8484 DEFRAUDING OF CREDITORS LAW OF THE REVISED PENAL CODE. SUBPOENA WILL BE SERVED TODAY BY SPO1 BUTCH SANTIAGO AND SHERIIF MIKE DELA COSTA. FOR MORE INFO REGARDING YOUR CASE AND TO HOLD YOUR SUBPOENA YOU CAN CALL ATTY. RANNY PALISOC AT (02)4319221..this is the exact message,im worried that a cop might go to our office today. Is this possible? I have an unpaid account with RCBC amounting to 28200 which is 15000 lng original amount ng utang ko and im not paying it yet for 4 months. Makukulong po b ako?Ano gagawin ko po..slmat po

    • I think this is fake because I also received the SAME exact text message so i think just ignore it. they are just threatening so you will be scared. in fact they are just a collection agency. this is general message sending that is why you dont have the bank in the complainant. they just put in the names of a judge and police and sheriff. hold your subpoena? there is no such thing.

    • Sir, ask q lng po kc me utang din aq pero hirap pq bayaran, sv sa text skin ng collection agent they will file a case of defrauding a creditor against me khit na di nman aq ngbabago ng home and office address q khit puntahan pa nla aq sa office q, tama po ba yun.

  40. Good day sir Tyrone,

    your site really enlighten and help me, us not to be nervous for the credit card debt.. I have same scenarios with the other credit card holder, pero gusto ko na din pong itanong, meron po kasi akong credit card from BPI i have 20k credit limit, i was remember year 2009 or 2010 i receive a demand letter from SAULOG and De leon law office to pay my outstanding balance, i remember is 14k something,I called the SAULOG and De leon Law office for the settlement, i told them that i cannot pay the full payment, pumayag sila na ndi buo ang bayad ko, I remember nasa 10k or 11k un binayad ko and pagkakalam ko eh nasa 3k nlng ang balance ko.. and then po i forgot to pay the balance and i receive the bill statement of BPI every now and then at lumaki ng lumaki na nnman ang outstanding balance ko, hanggang dumating na po sa 250, 000.00 na ngaun 2014. Ngaung sir nakatanggap na nnman po ako ng demand letter kahapon feb. 20, 2014 from SAULOG and De leon law office, telling me to settled my outstanding balance, kasi ng po idedemand na for trial court..i settled ko nga po for 5 days prio.. Ang tanong ko sir, need ko po bang tawagan un SAULOG law office o un mismong BPI para kausapin tungkol sa settlement or ididisregard ko nlng un demand letter nila.. at posible po bang un dati kng balance eh un nlang ang bayaran ko..? please i need you help advise sir. medjo kinakabahan padin po ko ng kunti wat if nga po eh pumunta cla d2 sa haws at hirass ang relatives ko at magsampa nga cla ng demanda…

    Thank you po sir, hoping for your soonest reply

    God bless

  41. Hi tyrone

    I need your advice I want to pay my debt at citibank which i did not paid last 5 years ago amounting 23K i cut the services of the card because of financial problems. Now I want to clear my cmap what is the best process or to do Please let me have your reply thank you very much

  42. Hi Sir Tyrone, po. I nid ur advice kc last payment ko po ay sept.2011. kaso nagballooned na po ung amt including d interest. Then kahapon lng may tumawag sa office ko. From an outsourcing company daw xa. Actualy mabait naman at maayos kausap ung babae unlike po dun sa naunang collecting agent na pinagbantaan aq na kukunin nila ang lahat ng gamit namin sa bahay. So naencourage po ako to settle my debt. 2011 pa kc ung last na payment ko.. I really want to pay it but so far I’m not capable to do so. Kakahire ko pa lng po kaya wala pa po ako pera. then sabi nung agent kapag ndi po ako nakabayad skanila on or before march 27 eh for litigation na daw po ung debt case ko. Im not familiar po sa litigation. anu po ba un? makukulong po ba ako? Pls help sir. Pls.reply..

    Thank you.

    • Hi Les,

      Litigation means for endorsement to lawyer. Just talk to them and negotiate for a more friendly payment terms. Let them know your willingness to settle it and inform them of your current financial situation

  43. gandang umaga po, may concern lang po ako regarding sa loan ko sa isang banko, almost 4 or 5 years ko na po syang di nababayaran, sa kagustuhan ko pong mabayaran paunti-unti kusa po akong nag-email sa banko para malaman ko ung unsettled account ko at nalaman ko na umabot na sya ng 400k, at humingi rin po ako kung meron silang program or amnesty na mapababa ung aking babayaran, nagbigay naman po sila bad sad to say po mataas pa rin, like 120 cash one time at ang isa 170k staggered, mataas pa rin po ito so humingi uli ako ng option but di na po nila ako pinagbigyan, ngayon nagsisimula na naman po silang mag-text ha i have to before the said date, sa totoo lang po wala naman akong pambayad sa ganong halaga, anong gagawin ko po, bayaran ko na po ba un? tama ba ung amount na yon? pag di po ba ako magbayad may tendency po ba na mag-offer sila ng panibagong option na mas mababa?

    salamat po

  44. hello po! please advice me what to do po kc 2wks ago lang may tumawag sakin from quezon city police telling me na may nagfile ang eastwest bank saken ng civil and criminal case. at yesterday naman the same person po na tumawag saken ay tumawag dn sa barangay namin at sinabi ung case q po b ung gnawa nila? nakakatakot po kasi. Kanina naman po my nagtxt saken na may dadating na sumon saken sa april 11. ano po b dpat ko gawin? ng 25k n utang ko naging 100k na as per dun sa nakausap ng asawa ko n taga metropolitan trial court daw. pls help me po

    • Malamang sa nagloloko lang yan…kung may case filed na sila dapat court order to appear ang matangap mo at hindi mga tawag or text the telephone.

  45. Can our HR really force me to pay my unsettled credit cards and loans on other banks/company?

    Will it be a ground for termination of employee?

    They told me to talk and settle with the companies but I am not doing it since I cannot promise them yet or have no means to pay my debt.

    I am pretty sure that the companies will not willing to settle if I cant offer them mode of payment.

  46. Hi..actually fatrher ko ang my utang..d xa credit card..enwei last 2009 p dn bnyran ung unpaid billa ng father ko..after nun and dmi ng dumating n mga sulat.. cguro s pgkakatnda ko..nka 10 n clng plit ng debt collector..ngaun..dis day tumwag smin.. tga rtc makati daw xa. Ngfile dw ng court order ung lending investor..tnanong ko san b ngkakautang tatay nung tga rtc s lending investor daw..e pgkakaalm ko s ps bank xa my utang.. un kc money card nya..tpos ngask ako n dpat my mrereciv n leter ung tatay nya punta dw muna cla muncpyo den s president ng subd. Pra ibgay dw ung letter.. wat to do kya kc d nmin alm gagaawin nmin..

    • Hi po what happen to your fathers case? Meron din kasi akong money card from ps bank, nawalan ako ng work kaya di ko na sya nabayaran. Please update mo po ako. Thanks


  48. Hi sir tyrone

    I have this credit card problem with RCBC. since nagresign ako sa pagtuturo at medyo naloko ako ng previous employer ko dati na kahit 13th month hindi ako nabigyan at nagsara ang school ay Hindi na ako nakapagbayad. To cut it short umabot sa punto na nakareceive na ako ng letter from branch 72 ng pasig city at nakalagay decision na daw. Ang punto ko wala akong ibabayad sa hinihingi nilang amout 141k+ plus 10k attys fee daw. May trabaho na ako uli pero sakto lang sa pamilya ko asawa 2 anak pati lola ksm ang swekdo ko. May kotse nga ako pero company car eto. Ang bahay nakikitira lang kami sa lola namin. Oo nga may celfone pero issue pa rin to ng kumpanya. Paadvise nmn po.

  49. I have a friend with the same problem with a unsettled account with a bank. Collection agencies call him up that if he would not pay he would go to jail.

    Under Article III of bill of rights 20 states no person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment………..

    It came to a problem when they keep on calling him inside his office, so he was recommended to by a friend to check out……..

    They helped him out dramatically

  50. how soon can i apply for a new credit card? I have used to have a credit card which i have an unpaid balance. thanks!

  51. Hi Tyrone,

    I received a call from HSBC, i have a principal balance of 60K pesos and they charged it 249K since it was 3 years since my last payment, it is very huge amount and i don’t think its a reasonable charges, how can i file for an amnesty, i would like to pay it monthly but only the principal amount only.

  52. hi ask ko lang alam i have been hiding from credit card companies to the point na pag tumatawag sila iba pinasasagot ko ng pon ko at sinasabi na resigned na ako at company owned ung pon minsan nakakausap ko rin sila pero sinasabi ko na di ako un umalis na rin kami at lumipat sa probinsya nagresign na rin ako sa work alam ko fraud un pero ano ba ang proceso pag sinampahan ka nila ng fraud di ka na ba pwedeng makipagsettle nun if ever makukulong ka ba agad nun

  53. hello sir tyron i have a credit card in bdo (visa) .. i owe them like 50k as of todate but when i got laid off from my job .i stop making paymnts on it ,. i have a property that is mortgage in pag ibig under my name , i wanna know if im not able to pay my debt anymore and prioritize my mortgage ,, will they have the right to get my house. by the way, my wife is the one whose taking care of the pymnt on our house , we are not married yet..

  54. What if nagpalit ano ng cell number kc every day tumatawag cla skin then kinukulit ako na mag bayad e tinakbuhan din kc ako nung nangutang skin e.kya dko na nbayaran ung cc ko makukulong po b ko?

  55. Dear sir Tyrone

    Got a BDO credit card w/o my knowledge(Hindi naman ako nag apply) last 2010 then another new one this 2014, pero lately this new card I got from BDO hindi ko na nabayaran yun bills ko hanggan sa muabot ng 125k sa sobrang laki ng finance charge.I receive a letter from 24k consultant and a letter from Aguila Agency…Sino dapat ko kausapin? I want to pay it monthly in a low cost at iwala yun mga finance charges..Thank you.

  56. hi sir tyrone, i need an advice..

    i have unpaid balance sa hsbc cc, worth P40k . . 2012 pa po un and the bank forcely stop or dbclosed my cc.. which is good for me para hindi na magpatong patong ang interest pa. . Presently, i am planning na mag company/salary loan. . bank loan din po ito na automatic deduction sa sahod ko . .

    1. Sabi ng iba, maaaring nasa blacklisted nrw aq sa mga bank dhl hndi ko pa nbbyran ung hsbc credit card balance q. . my gnun b tlga? blacklisted?
    2. If ever mag bank loan ako, malalaman po ba nila na my issue ako sa credit card?
    3. Bank loan through Equicom bank, and i still have my existing credit card sa Equicom. . possible po ba na hindi ma-approve un? or ang gagawin nila ikakaltas nila ung utang ko s cc sa mailoloan ko?
    4. Lastly, gusto q n maisettle ang utang ko. . san po b ako dapat lumapit? sa bank mismo or agent? Through agent po ang credit card ko.

    Hopin to your response!

  57. hi po. ask ko lang po kung pwede ko i-contest na bayad na ako sa isang credit card company dahil nagkaroon po kami ng agreement ng collecting agency nila sometime in Sep-Oct 2009. Based on the agreement which i signed, i will pay a certain amount of money to close my account and they mentioned that the bank will issue a certification of full payment afterwards. I’d followed up the collection agency several times after i made my payment so i can get the certificate/clearance. Unfortunately, sabi nila i-follow up ko lang ng i-follow up which i did. kaya lang po, hindi ko na sya naasikaso from thereon. in short, wala po akong nakuha na certificate/clearance of full payment for my credit card. hindi ko na rin po nakita yung copy ng bank deposit slip ko for the payment.

    Ngayon, may tumawag po sa akin na ibang collecting agency two weeks ago and telling me na may unpaid balance pa ako sa credit card. I told them na closed na dapat sya last October 2009 dahil nagkaroon na ako payment arrangement sa collecting agency ng credit card before. tapos, pina-follow up po nya yung payment ko ngayon.

    Dapat ko pa rin po ba bayaran yung sinasabi ng bagong collecting agency? or may laban po ako kung ipapakita ko yung signed agreement form na bayad na ako sa credit card company?

    please help to enlighten me.


  58. Hi,

    I received this email from a certain law firm regarding my credit card:

    We want to inform you that your account is now on the process of filing of case, because it is already over due.
    We can come up with payment arrangement to avoid the legal case.
    We hope you understand.
    For inquiries, Please see contact #’s below.

    Can I use this as basis for a formal complaint of threat? Where should I go? Kindly advise. Thanks!

  59. Hi po,

    Nabayaran ko na po ng full payment ung balance ko sa hsbc via Glenn of Enzi Corp last 2013 but until now wala pa din ung certificate of clearance ko. anu po kaya next step kong gawin?

    please help po.

    salamat ng marami and more power!

  60. Hi,

    I have several credit card balances, and same as the others hindi ko na nabayaran, my worry now is im about to leave the country to pursue a chef job abroad, im afraid na bka may hold departure order ako, or may prob ang nbi clearance ko?? Nagkaron na kasi ng case yung isa small claims nagkausap kmi dati pero nakaisang hulog lang yta ako.. Ngyun nakafreeze yung portion ng bank account ko, ok na saken yun medyo mahirap sa una.. Ang tanong ko po possible bang mahold ako sa airport, nakakahiya pag nagkataon.. Pls advise. Salamat po..

  61. Hi. Katulad nyo guys hindi din ako nakapag bayad ng credit card ko. siguro nasa 25k na rin yung utang ko. mali ko din na parang hinayaan ko lang sya.
    Then lumipat ako ng trabaho unfortunately parehas ng bank yung pinagkakautangan ko at yung payroll bank dito sa company. suddenly nagtaka ako na kulang yung sahod ko. when our accounting manager speaks with the bank nalaman namin na and deduction ko cause by my credit card. Is this legal? Are they allow to just deduct without my authorization?… please help me.

    • hi gle!

      same po tayo ng probs. kaya lng sa akin kakasimula ko lng mag work at worried po ako in the future na ganun din mangyayari sa akin 🙁

      Please help… thanks


  63. Hi,

    I have a credit card before, and consumed all the credit limit of 20k, my problen is, nawalan ako mg work kaya di ko nabayaran yung entire 20k, gusto ko na sana macleared and wanted to pay it. Pano po ang gagawin ko? Please help.

    • Hi Danjie,

      For sure your credit card has already accumulated interests and penalties already. You have to coordinate with your credit card company to negotiate about payment. Tell them your financial situation and what you can afford to pay and try to negotiate for a more friendly terms of payment.

  64. May tumawag sa akin na collection agent ng bangko at pinag bantaan ako na ipapublish ang aking pangalan sa dyaryo kung hindi ko mbabayaran agad ang utang ko?
    pede po ba ito? at ano po ba ang hakbang na pede kong gawin kapag ginawa nila iyon?

  65. sir,

    pls help nman po…meron po kc akng eastwest na credit card, tpos kanina lng ngtxt cla, from certain susan ramos dw po na endorse na for criminal case “estafa” ung hindi q pgbabayad ng credit card for almost 6 mons. na, hintayin k0 nlng dw po ung subpoena q na naifile na sa makati prosecutors office, at nkausap k0 po ung certain lawyer ng collecting agency ngdedemand na mgbyad ng full amount na 25k pra hindi na matuloy ang demanda…im so scared and stress po, hindi p0 kc aq nkabagbayd kc ngkasakit p0 aq at nwalan ng trabaho…

    any advice po..


  66. Hi,

    Ako po ay may utang sa credit card na hindi ko nabayaran sa dahilang sobrang gipit ako sa panahong eto. Ang problema ko po ay nakatanggap ako ng summon galing sa Pasig Regional Trial Court noong October 2014 at binalewala ko po eto at hindi po ako pumunta sa korte dahil na rin sa mga advice ng mga kaibigan at mga nababasa kong articles sa ibang site. Ngayon pong January 2015 ay may tumawag sa opisina na pinagtatrabahuhan ko na isang superintendent sa camp crame at hinahanap ako subalit ng mga panahong iyon ay wala ako kaya ang manager ko ang kanyang kinausap. Ayon sa manager ko ang napag-usapan nila ng superintendent na eto na kung sakaling hindi ako makikipag-cooperate at tatawag sa kanila ay nagbanta na ipa-NBI nya ako at ipapatanggal sa aking trabaho at pupuntahan pa sa opisina na pinagtatrabahuhan ko na kasama ang NBI na may dalang warrant of arrest. Hindi po ako nagreturn call sa pulis na eto. Sa ngayon po pakiramdam ko ay parang pang-haharass ang ginawa nila sa akin. Hindi na ako makatulog at nahihiya na rin akong pumasok sa opisina.

    Ang mga tanong ko po ay:
    1. Tama po ba ang ginawa ng pulis?
    2. Sa hindi ko po ba pagsagot sa summon, tama po bang ang CIDG ang maghabol sa akin?
    2. Ano po ang dapat kong gawin ngayong hindi ako pumunta sa korte?
    3. Ano pong kaso ang maari nilang i-file sa akin sa hindi ko pagsipot sa summon? May mairerekomenda po ba kayong attorney para sa akin na bihasa sa mga ganetong kaso sa hindi pagbabayad ng credit card.

    Maraming salamat po at sana masagot po ang mga tanong ko.

  67. hi … meron po akong CC na di na nabayaran sa BDO wayback 2004 .. now im planning to open an account to this bank .. me right ho ba sila na kunin ung utang ko sa CC sa funds ko if ever po naka pag open po ako ng acct .. tnx

  68. Good day poh.tungkol poh sa credit card Ko,nagfile na poh ako ng Dispute transaction last Dec.the time na nagkaroon ng transaction nagsend poh ng txt ung bpi for confirmation kung ginamit ko ba creditcard ko sa transaction worth 700usd.that time I call din agad and til him na no di ko ginamit card ko.he rplied ok sir iblock poh nmin ung card mo.then nag email ung bpi ng mga Documents na nid ko pirmahan sa Disputed transaction which I complied nman.I just shocked when they still charge me the amount sa statement ko in January.I did not pay and the worst is nagka interest pa.anu poh kaya gagawin ko?panu f Di ko bbyaran mahahabol ba nila ako?thanks poh.

  69. Hi Sir, i have a question, i had a credit card at RCBC last 2002 and i payed only 3x of minimum amount…would it affect my status if i will get a NBI CLEARANCE??? Am so worried,please reply…thank you

  70. Hi tyrone,

    help nyo po ako!
    nkautang po ako sa local bank sa dubai nung 2010.di na po nkabalik dun dhil nagkaroon problema pamilya ko dito sa pinas. Ngayon po hinahabol po aq ng collecting agencies dito sa pinas.willing nman po ako mkipag settle pero di ko po kaya bayaran interest dhil npakalaki na po pwede ko po kaya pakiusapan waived ung interest? At possible po ba un

    pls. Advice po

  71. Sir,

    Good Morning SIr, Tanong ko lang po, may utang po ako sa eastwest credit cARD NA ALMOST 50k, actually 25000 lang po iyan lumaki lang dahil kulang ang naihuhulog sa minimum payment, until 3 months na po akong di nakakhulog, ngayon po grabe na ang pangungulit ng collection agency pati boss ko gusto tawagan, ang nangyari po kasi dito yung friend ko nanghiram sa akin ng pera na 25000 dahil may sakit ang tatay nya, sa awa ko sa card ko siya iniutang pero usapan namin siya magbabayad ng bill at ng tubo nito kada buwan, ang naging problema naman po d na nakabayad isang taon na hangang naging 54000 na ang utang ko sa credit card. ngayon po wala ako mapiga sa friend ko kaya ako naman ang kinukulit ng collectors agency, ang pagbabayad po ba ng below minimum ay pwede kong gawin para lang ma prove ko sa kanila na di ako natakbo sa utang ko, di ko po kasi kayang maghulog sa kanila ng almost 3000 a month, para lang po tigilan na ako ng katatawag sa akin ay huhulougan ko na lang po kahit 500 monthly yan lang po kasi kaya ko, kakasuhan pa din po ba nila ako, or kukulitin pa din kahit 500 lang binabayad ko? para lang po kasi patunayan ko sa kanila na hindi ko tinatalikuran ang obligasyon ko.

    salamat po, hope to receive an answwer para po matahimik na ako.

  72. Hi, We have a situation here po. Nagpalit na kasi ng number yung mom ko nang ilang beses at ilang beses na rin kaming lumipat ng bahay, kaya nung mga nakaraang taon, hindi na nakakareceive ng letter yung mom ko mula sa mga attorneys na naniningil nung debt nya sa isang credit card company, pero kahapon, may naghanap sa kanyang Baranggay Tanod at nalaman namin na from Camp Crame daw yung tumawag sa kanila para hanapin sya at yung SPO4 na nakapangalan dun e magfafile daw ng civil and criminal case against her dahil sa credit card debt. Ano po ba yung mga consequences nun pag nagharap sila? Possible po ba na maipakulong nila yung mom ko? 🙁 please reply.

  73. i have an outstanding credit card balance from a bank in which is also i have a payroll acct from my company.. how will this affect getting my salary?

  74. hi sir! ask ko lang po.. way back 2011 po may nag offer sakin ng CC.. then dumating sya sa mismong office namn… that time excited ako kz first cc ko sya pnirmahan ko agad ung likod nya.. same week umuwi ako ng cavite.. almost 2weeks kami nandon… then nalaman ko na lang na nawawala ung cc ko… nareport ko sya sa rcbc pero late na nagamit n ung cc ko at sinagad pa ang credit limit up to 15k… nag ask ako anu gawin ko.. obligado daw ako bayaran un. ako naman ng payment onr time yata un… not sure na.. then nalate lang ako ng bayad for 1 month biglang lumobo ung ang amnt dahil sa interest.. until i decided na wag na bayaran dahil kaht d n nga ako ang gumamit ng cc ngtry ako bayaran pero tinaga nla ko sa interest.
    my tumawag na dito na collector yr 2013 dpat daw bayaran ko kaz around 23-25k na ung balance ko.. sav ko d ko babayaran un dahil d naman ako ang gumamit… sv ng agent mabblocklisted dae ako.. sav ko namn ok lng.. d na ko interesado sa cc… akala namn ng parents ko ok na… then today march 2015 may collector na namn n tumawag nasa court na daw ang accnt ko.. at 28k na ang balance at sv pa na nasa record na moving out na daw ako… samantalang d naman ako naalis sa bahay ng parents ko… sv ko d ako magbabayad ng kaht ano dahil d nga ako ang gumamit ng cc.. sv ng agent kapag d ko daw un nasettle may pupunta daw dito for checking of property… sv ko nga panu machecheck ang property eh unemployed na ko at nakktira na lang sa parents ko, cla nagpapakain sakin at nagpapa aral sa anak ko. anu po ba ang dapat gawin para tigilan nila ako? anu po ba ang consequence na pwede ko harapin? salamat po.

  75. malaman ko n lng na lumaki ng lumaki ung balance ko until i decided na wag na bayaran… 2013 my tumawag sakin na CA nasa 23-25k na daw ang balance ko at idedemanda na daw ako ng rcbc.. sv ko d ko magbabayad dahl d naman ako ang gumamt.. sv nya mabblocklisted daw ako.. sagot ko ok lng… akala ko ok na pero today march 2015 may CA na naman na tumawag.. at nasa court na daw ang accnt ko with amnt of 28k, nakanote dn daw doon na moving out na ko. which is d namn ako lumlpat dahil dito ako nakatra

  76. sa bahay ng parents ko. sv ng CA pag d ko daw un nasettle may pupunta daw dito for property checking.. kukuhaan daw ako ng mga gamit. sv ko nga anu kukunin nla eh umemployed ako since 2012 at nakktra sa magulang ko, cla nagpapakain sakin at ngpapaaral sa anak ko. tinatakot nla ko. anu po ba ang consequence na pwede mangyari?

  77. HI,

    seeking for advice. 3years ago may outstanding credit ako from HSBC. now it happened that im working in a company which is the payroll is HSBC. at first ayaw ng bank na ma pen ako ng payroll because of my debts. But i Insisted that they have no right to refuse my payroll account because that was 3 years ago and i know that my debts was no longer with bank and iit was sold already to collection agency. so they allowed me to open and then after the who opened my account keep calling me to contact the collection agency to settle my account or else they will freeze my current payroll account.
    Do they really have to freeze my account? thanks

  78. hi po, i need a legal advice.. i got into financial loan services way back 2004 for the amount of 10k , payment was made but not to the full because the office got burned or robbed now 2014, they are giving me an attorney letter stating 200k debt.. when does debts/loans go away?

  79. Hi, I haven’t applied for a credit card, and there is a third party calling me everyday at my work place that I can avail their credit card because they’re in a promo season. They ask me several documents but I did not gave them my informations. A month after I received the credit card which I did not applied. The worst scenario was I used it, I paid, used it again and paid the amount I used and the interest was increasing that I could not come to a point to pay anymore for 1 whole year. They demanded me to pay the whole amount on my statement and suddenly there is a call that they will bring a sheriff on my workplace and many harsh words coming from them that I told them “Yeah, I did not applied for it but you sent me a credit card which I mistakenly used it. I know that it is my responsibility to pay for the credit card. My question is do I have the right to pay in an installment basis on my own way? or do I have to go with their demands? Thanks

  80. Hi po! Magtatanong po sana ako anu po ba ang pwede kong gawin? May BDO credit card po kasi ako na nakisuyo sa akin ung friend ko na makigamit.. tapos in die time may mga late payment sya at nachargan ako na usapan namin ay babayaran nya.. ung dhil. Monthly po may mga late payment mali ko din po na hndi ko muna bnyran ung mga item na purchase ko para isasabay ko po sana sa payment nya hanggang sa pinaka last due nya hndi po nbyran ng friend ko ung charges pero nbyran nmn nya ung bill na napurchase nya. Hanngang sa naincrease po ung finance charges. Nagbabayad naman po ako kaso halos minimum payment lang. Gusto ko po sana mtapos na ung billing ko para po hindi ako mabaon sa malaking utang.. lalo na po ung nababayran ko lang napupunta sa interest. Baka po meron kayong masusuggest na pwedeng option pra lumiit ang babayran ko. Kahit mahold muna ang catd basta wag lang tumaas ang babayran umabot na po kasi ng 100k+… sana po ay matulungan nyo ako. Ayoko din po magkaron mng bad record kaso hndi ko po tlga kaya mabyran ang interest. Salamat po. Sa makaktulong. God bless

  81. Hi,

    I just wanted to ask if I could still be able to have my NBI Clearance (for abroad) even if I havent made any payments to my Eastwest Credit Card. If I go to apply for NBI Clearance will my name be HIT? Thanks.

  82. himagtatanong lang po akokasimeronakong home credit loan na gadget angmonthlykopo ay 614 kasoilang buwanikong dinabayaran dahilnacomfine ako, kada 5 days nadikanagbayad meron interes na200 tat 600 kada buwan at kapag hindikanagbayadpalaking palaki ang babayaranmosakanila hanggang umabot ng 3 buwan dimakabayad ng halagang 614 ay magiging 10k nalahat. nagpapdala sila ng txt ankakasuhan na nila sa hindipagbabayad at sasagutin kopaang bayad sa abogado at mga interest. maaripo ba akong makulong o pwede kopo bang ilabanangsobrang taas ng interest nila eh sa wala akong pambayad eh.

  83. Does this “SUM OF MONEY” case also applies to those who have unsettled liabilities due to their ‘PERSONAL LOAN’ against salary. What are rules applies to unsettle liabilities of one’s personal loan? What legal actions does the Banks though affiliate debt collection agencies, and debt counsels can resort to?

    Please rely! Thank you!

  84. Tyrone,

    pa help nmn po.
    last week my tmwag sa mommy ko at sa previous employer ko from CIDG daw po sila, at ang sabi matagal n daw ako hnd umuuwi saamin nag tatago daw ako at madami n daw ako naloko. my dala daw clang warrant of arrest para saakin. takot na takot po un mommy ko kasi akala nia kung san ako nasangkot. tpos my bngay saakin n no. at tawagn ko daw para ma settle. to make a long story short, nag kausap kmi nun agent from collection agency and mag bayad daw ako ng 20k kc un na un discounted amount na bngy ng bank from 176k na with interest. on that same week nkpag bayad ako ng 5,700, at un nlng po tlga ang kaya kong ibayad kc wala ako work at lumipat n kmi ng province.
    cnasabi ko nmn po sknla un totoo na wala n po tlga ako work at un lng ang kaya kong ibayad, ang sabi po nila pag hnd ko nabayaran un bblik nnmn xa sa original price which is 176k at mababalewala lng un ibnayad ko na 5,700.

    ang question ko po totoo po bang mababalewala un bnyad ko o tactic lng nla un para mkasingil saakin?

    • Hi Annie,

      Are you referring to a credit card debt? When you paid yung 5,700, did you sign any document? Did they give you any proof of payment or an acknowledgment receipt? If you signed a document, then it must be stated in the document any implications if you did not pay yung remaining balance mo.

  85. Please help me.

    I have an outstanding balance from a credit card company amounting to 120K pesos. I haven’t told them that I already resigned from my company. My address in my credit card is in my office. I read that you can be charged criminally if you didn’t tell the credit card company about your whereabouts for 90 days.

    What should I do? Thanks

    • Yes. If the balance is more than 10k, resigned, transferred residency, changed contact details, and the account is more than 90 days past due, you may be sued under RA 8484.

    • Pero as long as tinatangap mo ang mga demad letters or billing soa at may pirma ka di ka makakasuhan ng RA 8484..

  86. Hi po, ask ko lang po if liable po ako bayaran ang credit card ng anak ko na namatay last dec 2013. Hindi ko po alam na may credit card po ang anak ko. They send me a demand letter to pay khit daw 30k , at sabi pa daw po mgsheriff daw po sla ng mga gamit dto sa bhay or properties. Pls advice po. Thanks

  87. hello po.mgask lng po ng advice kng anu pde kng gawin.may utang po kc aq sa eastwest at ngavail nung tntwag nilang amnesty program pra mababa na lng yng babayaran ko monthly.ngyari po nawalan aq ng work.nung una nakakapagbayad pko kht papano monthly pero nitong huli na po halos 4 mnths nako hnd nkakabayad.ang dami kng txt at call na nrereceive kesyo dw ng file cla ng case ng estafa laban na skin,n may mgpupunta dw na pulis at barangay official sa bahay nmin.lagi po aqng nakikiusap sa knila na babayaran k din nmn cla paunti unti pg ngkapera aq.natatakot po kc aq n bka manggulo cla.nkikitira p man din aq s bahay ng byenan k.hnd na po aq maktulog ng maayos sa gabi kakaisip kng anung pde kng gawin.phelp po please.

  88. ask ko lang po, may utang ako sa credit card, tapos nag resign na po ako sa work ko at nagwork na ako sa saudi, makakasuhan ba ako ng RA 8484, section 14? thank you

  89. i received a text message from NCRPO that they will be issuing a warrant due to my unpaid bill. I paid 10,000 because they told me that they will pick me up anytime im so scared i have to borrow money for me to pay the said amount. Nag usap po kami ng lawyer na ng reklamo daw ang sabi niya 28,000 plus ang kainlangan ko bayaran pero nung ng deposit ako ng 10,000 6000 plus nalang daw remaining balance ko. please help me po i have no intention na di bayaran po nedelay lang po.

  90. Mga sir, badtrip talaga ang HSBC. After being with them for almost 5 years ngayon lang ako nagkaproblem dahil sa installment purchase ko na nagreflect as straight payment for some reason. I called them several times, talked to the merchant, and even visited HSBC’s main branch for help pero pinagpapasahan lang ako ng mga kupal. None of them cared to help. Nagtuturuan lang sila. On the merchant side, their authorizer, and global payments, my purchase shows 12 months installment. I even got a text from HSBC na 12 months installment ang purchase the same day na binili ko ung item (Samsung j7 worth 13,129 kasama interest for 12 months). At this point, I don’t know what to do kasi I need to pay everything on the due date which is definitely not right and unfair. Isa pa, I don’t have the budget to pay for all of it kasi nga 12 months talaga dapat sya. Ano po kaya ang magandang gawin dito? Pagod na din kasi ako magsayang ng oras kasi wala namang nangyayari. Halos 20+ na manager na nakausap ko sa HSBC customer service. They are giving me an option to convert it to installment pero they want to add another 1.99% per month on top of the 13,129 na may interest na (ano sila sinuswerte eh installment nga dapat un and with interest na un). So 1.99% x 12 months thats 23.88% additional, so magiging 16,265 na un – isang malaking kalokohan. Sana may makatulong po. I am actually thinking na wag na silang bayaran at this point kasi alam kong sila talaga ang may mali.

    Thanks, John

    • Hi po, mag ask lang din po ako my utang din po ako sa credit card na hindi ko na po kayang isettled due to financial problem. Umabot na po sa 100k, na-trace po nila ung landline sa pinag tatrabahuha ko last year tapos kung ano ano na po sinasbe sakin, tapos nag offer sila na i-installment ko nalang pero need ko muna mag bayad ng 5k bago makapag settle. Sa takot ko po at taranta naki pag agree na ako sakanila, nag send siya na kaylangan ko permihan tapos ang monthly ko na babayaran is 3,800 plus. Nagawa ko lang un permahan ung agreement nmin that time kc ayaw kong manganak ng mas maaga kc sobrang nkaka stressful ung tatawagan sa oras ng trabaho. nkabayad lang ako ng 1 month kc sobrang laki nman ng installment na binigay nila. nung binigay nila kc ung statement of account na need ko bayaran kulang kulang 200k na ee 100k lang nman un. Hindi ko na kc alam kung pano ko babayaran kc mag kano lang nman sinasahod ko and my 2 kids pa ako alanga nman unahin ko pa mag bayad sa credit card kesa sa kids ko.


      1. Makukulong po ba ako kc my pinirmahan po ako na agreement? (na kaya ko lang nman na pirmahan un kc natakot na ako at ayaw ko din mastress that time kc pregnant ako)

      2. Tumatwag pa sila dito sa office pero ang sabi ko po resigned na ako. (nagagawa ko lng un kc sobrang takot ako)

      3. Pupuntahan po ba ako dito sa office to check if resign na tlaga ako.

      Thank you so much
      Sana my mag reply po

  91. hi … i have a big financial problem kaya hindi ko po mabayaran bill ko sa western union credit card ko pina cut ko na ito kaso lang dahil hindi nga ako makabayad every month tumataas ng 2,ooo ang previous bill ko , ang problem is hindi ko nga mahulugan ang previous lalo pa itong tumataas ng sobra every month , nanghingi ako ng program nila na pwede ko bayaran ng maliit every month para kahit papaano eh mahulugan ko kaso yung binigay nila ay hindi pa din kaya ng budget ko at triple na ang taas ng interst nila .. makakasuhan or makukulong po ba ako ? pano po yung bill na naiwan ko every month tumataas ? kailan po yung titigil ??? pag milyon na bill ko ? help po please willing naman aq magbayad ang problema ko lang po ay may sa july pa po mag start ..

  92. Good day!
    Ask ko lng po Im planning to go back to work abroad but I have this problem just recently may nag message po sa akin at may facebook. It’s regarding my unpaid SABB Bank credit debt 4K+ sa Saudi Arabia. Dati po ako nakapag work sa abroad. Galing po ako sa vacation ang kaso nagkaroon ako ng family personal reasons kaya po dna ako naka balik this was almost 2yrs ago. Ito po ang problem ko now. naka received ako ng message galing sa ENZI CORP(Renmer Briones-Atty. FELOMINO ARTECHE).They said to avoid LEGAL ACTIONS such as Travel bans/ Black listing of my name anywhere in GCC COUNTRY / Police case file to hold me in the Airport by the Immigration police officers / visiting me in my company by the LEGAL ACTION TEAM to arrest me in accordance w/ SHARIAH LAW of Saudi Arabia. Totoo po ba ito that they can do such thing. Just like I said po balak ko po sa ng mag work uli sa abroad in KSA.

  93. Hi,

    May I ask kung allowed ba ang isang bank to auto-deduct funds on your savings account from your previous credit card balances? What do we need to do para ma-prevent ito or pwede ba sila kasuhan kung sakaling gawin man nila yun? Thanks in advance!

  94. Ask ko lng if magopen ako accountfor payroll sa same credit card company where I have unpaid credit card bills, matrace ba nila ito at if ever dun sila kumuha ng payments

  95. Hi po I am jam I only have a credit of 25k limit and unpaid po aq mag 1year palang threat nila aq Na kukunin properties from my home tama po a and legal po ba iyon? May police and Atty po Na tumawag saakin Na ganun daw po operation nila sa unpaid bill q

  96. Hello po
    Good day
    Ask ko lang po. May credit card ako sa Eastwset bank. Tapos may unpaid bills po ako. Pero po ang credit limit sa cc ko po ay 99k. Tapos nang tumawag ako sa Eastwest bank, nagiging 105k plus na ang unpaid bills ko po tapos yong minimum amount:20k plus. ang sabi nang nkasagot sa telephone na magbayad dw ako nang 9k plus, tapos sabi ko sa kanya hindi ko kaya ang 9k plus kasi wala pa po akong pera tapos my bill pa po kami sa hospital. Ang sabi niya kahit mga 4k plus lang dw yong bayaran ko para daw sa daw sa adjustment nang payment. Tama po ba yong sinabi niya? Ang sa akin lang po kapag magbayad po ako nang 4k plus baka hindi po ma adjust yon?

    Tapos po nag message po sila sa email account ko po. Ang sabi ay ito:
    This is to notify you that, in accordance with Republic Act 9510 (Credit Information System Act), we are mandated to submit the following to the Credit Information Corporation (CIC) for consolidation and disclosure as may be authorized the CIC:

    Your basic credit data may thus be shared with other lenders authorized by the CIC, as well as other credit reporting agencies duly accredited by the CIC.

    please help mi po kasi po natatakot na po ako sa pinadala nilang message ehh…hindi ko na alam kong ano ang gagawin ko po, hindi na po ako mkatulog ehhh pleaseeeeee help mi..give mi advice
    thanks and god bless.

  97. Hi po.
    Meron din po ako unpaid na balances sa credit card. May tumawag po sa akin Ricardo Torres daw ng Manila Police District sinabi po nya na magpapadala daw sila ng warrant kasi sinampahan daw ako ng kasong estafa ng isang law firm. Eh hindi ko na po nabayaran ung balance kasi nga po medyo gipit din po ako. Iba-block daw ako sa NBI dahil may kaso ako. Ano po ang dapat kong gawin? May mga tumatawag na pong agent dati sa akin ang babastos pa. Binagsakan ko nga ng phone ung isa kasi ang bastos! Kailangan ko po ba matakot kasi dito pa sa office naka address ung card ko. Ang worry ko lang is baka pumunta at mag-eskandalo sila dito. Ayoko ko naman mawalan ng trabaho dahil lang doon.

  98. hello po!ask lng po ng tulong, meron po akong utang sa jcb credit card na tinakbuhan ko 10 years ago, gusto ko na po syang bayaran kasi gusto ko po sanang mag apply ng housing loan and at kailang ko rin cheque. Saan po ako pwedeng magbayad? Salamuch po…

  99. Good day pwde po advice kc may cc metrobank ang asawa ko then supplementary nya ako bayad lahat ng na purchase nmin then one time pina dalhan kmi letter from collector may pending daw kmi tumawag asawa ko s cotumer serv.sinabi ung annual fee pero pwde nman saw wave in sort pina wave okay n daw then ilang month p LNG pinadalhan kmi ng law office may outstanding bal kmi 12k+ wala nman kmi nagamit.mag ffile daw cla ng case smin mag asawa.kaya po naguluhan ako.thank you po sa advice pls ano gagawin ko….

  100. Hello tyrone pwede ba magtanong kung namatay nb yung card holder,kailangan pb namin bayaran yung outstanding balance na 175,000..kasi nag earned na xa ng penalty 2 months na..can we just ignored it or we need to pay.please i need your reply and answer right away..thank you

    • Loans are personal obligation…pag namatay na ang may utang wala na syang utang…hindi puedeng ipasa sa kamag anak unless may prenda or mortagage ang utang against sa estate ng namatay. Just give them copy of death certificate for their record.

  101. advice ko lng po sa lahat.. wla po makukulong jn..lahat yan ay puro pananakot ..mga collector lng ang nangungulit sa gnun..kaya yaan nu n lng sila pag my pera kau pa settle nu n lng kung magknu tlga ang utang compute nu n wlang interest.. un lng po salamat

  102. Hi.

    I would like to ask if I already paid my overdue charges through an amnesty / payment arrangement program, will my name be deleted to the database of bad debt is mostly shared by banks.? Will my loan not be approve to any bank?

  103. Hi it is also stated in RA8484: What is punishable is the act of “obtaining money or anything of value through the use of an access device, with intent to defraud or with intent to gain and fleeing thereafter.
    …who abandons or surreptitiously leaves the place of employment, business or residence stated in his application or credit card, without informing the credit card company of the place where he could actually be found, if at the time of such abandonment or surreptitious leaving, the outstanding and unpaid balance is past due for at least ninety (90) days and is more than Ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00), shall be prima facie presumed to have used his credit card with intent to defraud.”

    What if they build a case around this, for instance the person goes abroad for employment with a very short notice from his employer who sponsored his visa abruptly cutting his connections from the creditor through leaving the company of his previous employment, the residence, his contact informations, all of which was declared in the documents of his application. Will that be possible to be considered as an intent to defraud or with intent to gain and fleeing thereafter.

  104. May pumunta sa bahay, taga barangay namin, pinapapunta ako sa barangay kasi may nag file daw sakin ng estafa, hinihintay ako, isasakay nako sa sasakyan nila. walang dalang subpoena, ang dala, kapirasong papel, mali na name ko na nakalagay. Sinabi na hindi na daw pala, kakausapin nalang daw ako nung prosecutor sa cellphone, binigay ng taga barangay yung cellphone nya, nkausap ko yung tao sa kabilang line, prosecutor daw sa barangay namin, sabi ko, para saan ung pag punta nila? may nag file daw ng complain sakin, estafa. sabi ko, sino, atty daw. mag fifile daw sila ng case, then mag rerelease ng warranty of arrest. Sabi, ko, tao ba yan o ano? di nya alam, sabi ko sa credit card yan. sabi ko, medyo nagulat siya, mukhang hindi niya alam, kausapin ko nalang daw yung nag file, para ma clear name ko sa brgy. sabi ko, hindi ko nga kilala eh. saka, now ko lang narinig na may warranty of arrest dahil sa credit card, as is yung address ko, mobile number, wala ako work, so wala nko sa address ko sa company na nilagay ko. ang gagawin ata i arrange nila yung pag haharap nmin nung taong nag file at ako sa barangay, cge sabi ko, arrange nyo, pupunta ako. yung mga taga barangay sa labas ng bahay namin, mga 6 sila, sabi ko sa credit card yun, nagulat din sila, nakakaawa yung mga taga barangay, akala nila accomplishment yung pumunta sa bahay at makita nila ako, hindi nila alam na credit card. akala nila estafa sa tao. umalis din sila.

  105. Hi. I’m not sure if this blog is still active but it’s worth a try. I received a call the other day from a person saying that he was from the police station and that he was calling as an SOP before coming over my residence with a warrant of arrest and an ocular search of my residence. I was told to call a cellphone number within 12 hours to make arrangements with a said lawyer before all was too late.
    The call sounded fishy because for 1, the officer did not identify his name, 2, he did not say which precinct he was from, 3, all he kept saying is that if I was aware of my court summon and warrant at first and when I asked what it was all about and I sited examples like did I kill someone, or was I involved in a hit and run, he just kept dodging my question and kept screaming at me that I wasn’t listening.
    So to make a long story short, I finally just let him talk and this sums up what he said: I have been sent a subpoena to my place of work (former as I resigned years ago and don’t work there anymore) 3 times but failed to show up. He said it was issued by the Regional Court. And then goes on to quoting “Revised” RA 8484 SECTION 9, (j) which states – (j) obtaining money or anything of value through the use of an access device, with intent to defraud or with intent to gain and fleeing thereafter;
    Estafa was the word he used. When I asked him from what company he would not say and only told me to call this lawyer before all was too late.
    There’s only one credit card that I had missed out on and honestly, I practically almost forgot all about it – sum of around 21k as I was looking through my old records.
    Well, I don’t know what happened next (it’s been more than 36 hours) if they really served the warrant – I moved out 3 years ago. Could it be a scam? Or are they really hunting me down? And even if it were all true, are the charges accurate? Estafa and all? Or are they misquoting “Revised” RA 8484 of 2016 to get me to pay up. I kept searching the net – I found an RA 8484 of 1998 but not one with the word “REVISED 2016” RA 8484.
    I really appreciate you reading through all this and hoping to get a reply soon. Thanks in advanced for your help.

  106. Good day.
    Ask ko lang po kung bakit inconsistent ung total amount due na I owe from a bank dun po sa letter na nareceive ko from collections. Dun po sa billing ko my total is 28 k far from the letter na nereceive ko which is 36 k. I am willing to settle naman po yung amount which i really owe the bank from credit card which is 13 k. Saan po kaya best na makipgsettle then i want my account close na after, sa bank po mismo or sa mga collecting agent?

    All the best!

    Thanks po

  107. Hnd pa po ako ng babayad ng almost 6 months sa bank and i owe almost 10k i don’t know if pagnagbayad ako ng minimun is maactivate pa po ba sya? This is my first time having a CC and hnd tlga sya ntarapat sa akin. Well lesson learned nlng. Much better Visa debit card nlng.

  108. Hi po sir tyron at s lahat,
    2006 po ngkaroon ako ng cc s company s dubai but sadly ngkaroon ako ng problema…nwalan ng visa at sunod sunod n lahat dagok s buhay ko 2010 nkauwi po ako pnas…last 2 years my ngpadala sulat from the bank s dubai n ned ko bayaran ang cc ko try ko contact lahat ng nkalagay doon pero ala mkontak…now kz po ng aaply ako p korea mgkaka problema kaya ako o ssbit s airport kung skali matuloy ako…sana po my mkasagot s mga tanong ko…maraming salamat po

  109. From a friend who needs advice…This is the scenario…
    1. Nag cash advance siya sa credit card, na approved and was credited to the savings account.
    2. The other one naman, nag cash advance sa credit card, cheque ang binigay then may pinapirma sa kanya na nakuha niya ang cheque.

    Now, hinde na niya kayang bayaran. Madedemanda ba siya? makukulong ba siya?

    Please advice ASAP. Thank you.

  110. good day help naman po pano naman po ung sakin 60thousand need ko bayaran sa loob ng 3days?? ang prob diko naman ginamit ung creadith card bakit ako nagkaroon ng ganun ka laking utang?? tapos nanakot sila ngaun na mag sasampa sila ng kaso sakin wala po akong work sa ngaun kasi nagkaroon ako ng sakit 1 1/2 na akong tengga.. pinilit nila ako kumuha ng creadit card tapos pagka acctivate ko may tumawag sa banko kuno babawasan ng 5k ung laman ng creradit card.. wala po akong idea sa ganun kaya hinayaan ko lang ngaun po 60k napo ung utang ko.. diko naman ginamit un!!

  111. Hello card holder po ako. Medyo gipit kami ngaun. Medyo nah advanve ako pera sa credot card. Pwede po ba diko muna mbyran ng ilang buwan.magbabayad nman po ako pag makaluwagluwag na po sa pera..

  112. Hi Po. Active pa po ba mga tao dito? Ask ko lang po kc di na ako nakabad ng credit card ko from the past 4 months. Nagpalit po ako ng number 6 months ago at di ko na update sa bank. Ngayon di nila ako macontact, pero letters lang and dumadating sa dati kong address sa parents ko. Naka apartment ako ngayon dahil sa work pero I still consider na permenent address ko ung sa parents ko. Pwede po ba nila ako kasuhan pag di ako nakipag communicate sa kanila? Natatakot kc ako makipag usap dahil wala pa ako capacity mag bayad ngayon ng almost 100k na credit ko sa kanila. Pa advise po kc sobrang worried ako na makasuhan at makulong pag di ako nakipag communicate at sabihin ung isa address na inuupahan ko ngayon 🙁

  113. hi, i need an help/advice.
    i currently have a debt of amounting to almost 600k with my BPI credit card. i was actually paying the minimum until one day, narealize ko na lalo lang lumalaki yung utang ko, until hindi na ako nakabayad ng tuluyan. naforward na sa collection agency account ko. and yesterday, i got a text message about “Notice of Execution” by an attorney. wala po akong balak takbuhan ang utang ko, i am willing to pay monthly hangang sa ma-fully paid ko ang account ko. will they come to my house and get my personal belongings? i am currently renting na c fully furnished na bahay. so all the appliances are not mine. also, nag wowork ako sa call center ngauon, will my work be affected as well? what can i do about my scenario?

  114. Hi , im russ
    I havent paid my credit card for 6 months ago then after that naka recieved po ako nang formal demand from law firm . Yes, i could not pay for now because of some financial problem a month ago because . What best am i going to do ? I can settle my credit card on the next year . Please tell me what to do . Thank you

  115. Hello halos lahat ng nabasa ko ay relate ako,financially down ako kaya talagang dko kaya magbayad ngayun sa card ko.dba ako makukulong.natatakot din ako pls give an advice lalo na ung mga naka experience na talagang d nakabayad ano po ba mangyayari.

  116. Hi,

    Need your advise, same problem for not paying my CC, since na expired na card ko last 2015.
    Until now nagpapadala sila demand letter saken, kailangan ko pa ba bayaran?

    Thank you

  117. hi my case po i dnt have any unpaid amount except for their annual fee amounting to 1500 only hndi nmn nila pdeng iclose without paying this … ha2bulin p kya nila ko dto hehe … thanks s sa2got

  118. Hello.
    Hindi ako nag apply na credit card. Pinadalhan lang ako nila at tinawagan.
    Ngayon dumating ang panahon na hindi na ako nakabayad. I’m already a senior citizen 64 years old. Now they are threatening me to file a law suit if I cannot pay my debt.

    My question is… Is there a possibility that I will be imprisoned?

  119. Hi, could anyone please help me? I have unpaid balance in a financing company but it’s not credit card/bank. I owe around 20k and seems that 20k will more likely be 40k+ after this extra fees, and sent me some text messages saying that there’s a hearing already happening on this place and failure to come to the hearing will affect my credit and IT WILL AFFECT MY NBI. So question is, I can’t get or secure my NBI anymore, can I?

  120. Ask lng po kzi my credit card po ako ung 2016 ko pa po d na babayaran…dn hndi ko pa po tlagang kaya g bayaran…by october 2019 pa po ako mka start bayad…pano po un?

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