King Solomon’s Gospel of Wealth

King Solomon’s Gospel of Wealth

King Solomon, the son of the great King David, was known for his divine wisdom and was considered as the richest man in the world during his time.

When he reigned as the King of Israel, he was blessed with pompous piles of gold, possession of vast lands and properties; cultivated beautiful gardens and fields, raised a good breed of farm animals, carried out noteworthy philanthropic causes and aspired for greater intellectual heights than any other man.

For those hearts wanting to experience the wealth of life, King Solomon wisely advises to strive by heart to become a true person.

He said that there is a universal law that only a true one will ultimately find and reap the true riches of an abundant life. He described this law on what he calls a True Person’s Creed as listed below:

1. I will earn money and be fruitful, to labor at most six days and rest the seventh; to multiply money like a grain of corn when planted in a fertile soil; and to gain dominion over money’s powerful essence that my riches may be used for worthy purposes.

2. I will refrain from the love of money, for such passion causes all sorts of wickedness to manifest from the heart consequently attracting weighty troubles.

3. I will respect and follow the higher laws of the divine order, which brings about the fulfillment and by giving me freedom and dominion concerning money matters.

4. I will walk along the counsel of wise men who possess a special gift for managing money and experience bountiful harvests.

5. I will not pursue ill-gotten monetary gains, for such profits bear an inescapable curse that is thousand folds greater than the misery of living in poverty.

6. I will enact every monetary transaction with honesty and integrity so my heart may remain pure and my mind sober, that I may lie down in peace and sleep in safety.

7. I will refrain from the passion for wine, pleasure, and luxury, for they are not conductive to make my fortune grow.

8. I will always measure the value of my fellowmen with far greater importance than the temporal values of my riches.

9. I will respect the laws of the land, under God, on the corporeal matters of life.

10. I will let a humble spirit be my hallmark, rejecting the temptation to be dominated by pride and haughtiness because of my affluence.

11. I will be generous in all ways, choosing not to hoard riches that would be detrimental and grievous evil towards humanity.

12. I acknowledge that Almighty God owns everything that exists, including all the wealth of the world, therefore, assumes the responsibility that ownership invokes; consequently my primary aim is to be God’s spiritual possession, for all of the other details of life shall then be orderly and blessed.

King Solomon said that if you strive these 12 points reflecting his True Person’s Creed, opportunity and financial access await you wherever you go. You will be blessed because of your personal attributes. Who you are does not matter; rather what you are from within is most important.

You will never achieve “true success” unless you possess good character and virtue, for they are the hallmark of greatness. Great character is the reward for persevering in times of difficulties and virtue is its offspring.

Your primary objective is to build your character – the only thing you can take with you to eternity. Your character will serve as the seal of approval when you deal with other people.

Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

7 responses on “King Solomon’s Gospel of Wealth

  1. I agree that “great character” is a necessity to experience true success. Being a noble businessman, wherein you have earned your riches by honest scales and not at the expense of others. A great character will stand by a sound and fair business decisions in all his dealings.

  2. Problem is , I dont believe in god or GOD or in the bible. But all I knew was most of the world’s philanthropist were atheist while most of the corrupt politicians and religious leaders/ sects believe in god.

  3. Deep in my heart, I know what’s right. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I follow it always. It’s complicated. People make mistakes. Even King Solomon made some. The important thing is to listen to the things that would be of help. Not everything he did was right but I still chose to focus on what he did really good.

  4. I have read this awesome creed of money and I pray to the Father of the Heavens and Earth that hears my voice, sees my heart and give me the abundance of wealth, money and power to do HIS will and share HIS fruits as HE pleases through me and I shall live an everlasting life of riches, good health, happiness,love and a spiritual discernment of Jesus Christ so help me God!!

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