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As a blogger, I do my blog hops everyday whenever I find the time for it. I had visited a lot of blogs already. Some blogs made me stay to read some of the articles written while some were just a glance with less than a minute of my time spent browsing them.

However, very few of them caught my attention and my admiration. Here are some of the blogs that I truly admire in one way or another.


John Chow – As his blog say, “The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul”, he truly is one of the internet moguls! He had made a lot of money in the internet and in fact founded his own affiliate marketing company TTZ Media  If you want your site to be reviewed, you need to pay him US$500!


Dean Hunt – The so-called “Buzz Marketing Expert”. What’s unique in his blog is he makes a difference! Have you ever visited a blog with 6 Billion feed readers?! Whoa! That’s almost the population of the whole world! Me and my friends had this term “Lord of the Blogs” for him. LOL!

And did you ever visited a blog that costs US$1 Million for you to be reviewed?! Wow! When will that rich oil tycoon come? Anyway, some of his posts are unique with an example of this creative post “You Raise Me Up” sang by Google Page Rank. 🙂


Adam Khoo – He may not be one of the famous bloggers in the blogosphere but hey he is the youngest self-made dollar-millionaire in Singapore at the age of 26! Just look at the various publications he posted in his blog from newspaper clippings to magazine articles!


Carl Ocab – Yes, the famous “kid blogger at the age of 13” from our own country, Philippines! This kid rocks because with such young age, he had managed to top Google Search Engine Results for the highly searched “make money online”! Wow! As such a young age, he makes more money than me!


Michael Dunlop – The owner of the blog, his site offers a lot of resources especially if you want to know about successful internet entrepreneurs! I liked his article on the top young entrepreneurs under 30, and top 20 young entrepreneurs under 21.


Tyler Cruz – This young Canadian Blogger also makes a lot of money online with some affiliate marketing. He had established Merendi Networks which owns and operates several community-oriented websites. He had successfully bought a condo when he received his largest lump sum payment of US$ 22,984 by brokering a domain for sale!


Yaro Starak –  This Australian blogger is another epitome of a successful internet entrepreneur! With his Blog Mastermind mentoring program, definitely you’ll learn a lot from this successful make money online guru!


Darren Rowse – As the domain says “Problogger” is really a blog for Professional Blogger. He teaches newbies in blogging to become equipped with the right tools and knowledge to become a professional blogger. With this, he had been featured a lot of times in press.


Bo Sanchez – This spiritual blogger famous from our country does not only teaches people how to achieve financial goals but also coaches in various topics such as God, relationships, family, inner healing, happiness, etc.


James Ryan Jonas – Another blogger from our country Philippines! His famous “Pinoy Money Talk” is another epitome of success in the blogosphere! He attracts a lot of visitors with his forum that not only teaches people how to make money online but also offline with topics on entrepreneurship, investments, and personal finance. As an evidence of his success, he has recently bought a town house from his blogging income! Congratulations!


There may be a lot of bloggers out there that are worthy to admire for. I wish them all more success and I hope there success will rub off to us as well.

You, who among the bloggers out there do you admire?

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Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

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  1. Hi,

    There’s someone I knew bro who’s also doing very well in his niche “teaching” bloggers how to make money online, GARRY CONN – GARRYCONN.COM. His style is different from the rest and he’s running some sort of interactive tutorials for his readers unlike the other moguls there who’s earning that much but most of their copy are just about dining in first class restos and collection of luxury cars,homes etc….


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