How to Save Money On College Tuition

How to Save Money On College Tuition

Education is the only treasure that no one can steal from you. As its owner, it accompanies you everywhere you go. With the value of education, most parents are working hard just to send their children to the best schools to finish their studies. However, with the rising costs of tuition fees, education seems to be a privilege and not a right nowadays.

In the US, student debt has currently reached levels of epic proportions, and tuition fees don’t look set to be reduced any time soon. With students now having to get part-time jobs or borrow tens of thousands of dollars just to be able to get an undergraduate degree, more and more young adults are starting their careers in a substantial amount of debt.

If you’re set to be applying to college soon and are worried about the amount that you’re going to have to pay in order to get your degree, here are some of the tips on how to save money on your college education.


Online Jobs

With the rise of internet technology nowadays, there is a lot of opportunity that a student can take advantage in order to raise money for college education. 199Jobs, Odesk, and Freelancer are some of the websites that they can get into to take on freelance jobs. It can be as easy as writing an article, a simple research to as difficult as programming to accounting.

What’s good about online jobs is aside from earning extra money on the side, you can also save on time and money on transportation. There are a lot of job providers who are outsourcing their jobs to freelancers to save on manpower costs.


If you’re good on a certain jobs, then use it and become a tutor to earn extra on the side. Post an advertisement in your school’s bulletin to advertise your services. Join clubs and organizations where you can potentially meet your tutees.

Scholarship or Financial Aid

Many students do not realize that they are actually eligible to apply for and be granted financial aid or scholarship. Financial aid is designed to help students to cover and manage the cost of going to college, and comes in a variety of different forms and from a range of different providers.

Ask how you can avail of this financial aid from your school. There are many different criteria which qualify a student for financial aid, so it’s definitely something worth looking into if you’re considering going to college.

Accelerated Learning

Since tuition fees are charged per year of your degree, completing the course in a shorter amount of time means that you will be able to save money on food, transportation, and other fees. Many students are choosing accelerated learning programs, which enable them to complete a four year degree in just three years in schools offering trimester courses.

Although these programs may require a lot more work in order to fit four years’ worth of studying into just three, students with a strong work ethic who are determined to succeed can definitely benefit from doing so by not only saving on tuition, but also being able to graduate and get their foot on the career ladder sooner in life.

Online Learning

An increasing number of colleges are now offering online learning as a means of offering cheaper options to potential students when it comes to tuition fees. Online degree courses tend to be cheaper for a college to run; therefore it’s possible to find a great range of various degrees to be completed online for a fraction of the price that you’d pay for an in-house course. Aside from the lower tuition fees, you will be saving on transportation costs since it will be online.

For example, studying for a health care law degree or a health policy masters from the Maurice A. Deane School of Law could cut tuition fees by a third or even more. And Maryville University, a school with over 150 years of history, “is placed in the top 15% in the nation for ‘economic value.'” Today there are more affordable and quality online degree programs than ever allowing for a more flexible and affordable method of earning a respected degree.

Tuition fees are at an all-time high, and are probably set to rise in the future. For students, this means finding innovative ways to save money when it comes to their degree.

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