Digital Marketing Strategies to Market Your Business

Digital Marketing Strategies to Market Your Business

Nowadays, digital presence is a must for businesses whether they operate online or not, most especially for startups who would like to get some brand awareness with their products and services.

Investing in digital marketing strategies online is a great idea for any kind of business as we live in a world where the internet is one of the keys to success in marketing. However, when it comes to investing in digital media, it is important to be careful and make sure that you are going to get a strong return on your investment.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the primary social media platforms that have the most number of users. To target potential customers, most especially millennials who are fond of using social media, businesses should have strong social media profile or they could potentially end up losing market share.

Here are some great ideas anyone can implement to strengthen their social media profile:

  1. Set up a Facebook page for your business and invite as much friends to like it. Post more relevant content regularly that can help and add value to them. Relate these tips to the products or services that your company is offering.
  2. From time to time, make some giveaway raffle promos with mechanics that includes liking your company’s Facebook page, sharing the giveaway post to their Facebook, and following other social media profiles like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You can use an app called Gleam to run this campaign. These steps will give your social media profile a boost that could increase your brand awareness.
  3. Aside from setting up Facebook page, you should also consider investing in ads in both Facebook and Instagram as both sites give you a huge amount of reach and a great analytics section where you can see just how successful your ads have been with a wide range of metrics. Monitor your campaigns, evaluate which one is performing and replace the ones that don’t perform well. Tailor fit it to your potential customers based on the analytics that you’ve gathered in your previous ads to increase your conversion rate.

    Social media power is all about followers and engagement. As such, you can buy things like Facebook followers and automatic Instagram likes to help you strengthen your social media profile.

Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination but the rise of internet shopping has altered it somewhat. If you are looking to invest some of your money, or in this case your profit, then why not put up some of your products at heavily discounted rates on a group buying sites such as Metrodeal. The idea here is that Metrodeal’s huge number of customers can buy your product at volume. Depending what your markup is on your products and services, you could simply sell them at a slightly higher profit margin than its standard retail price.

Content Marketing

No doubt, content is king in digital marketing. Within the website of your business, develop a portion for blogs and populate it with good contents that add value to your site’s visitors. You can then promote these articles across your social media platforms. If your visitors find it helpful, they might share it in their social media too which generates a chain of visitors. In addition, bloggers who find your content useful can link to your site as well. All your site’s visitors can then be converted to potential customers.


No digital marketing strategy would be complete without search engine optimization, a method by which you can push your website up the pages of the search results. This is important because consumers very rarely look beyond page 1 or 2 of the search results for their keywords and so it is very important that you can score high.

Imagine if you have a company that sells printed t-shirts and corporate giveaways and you appear first on Google when someone searched the keyword “printed t-shirt supplier”. You could receive an influx of inquiries from potential customers that could in turn convert to sales. Wouldn’t that be great?

There are some SEO techniques which you can employ yourself but for a comprehensive SEO plan, you should look to pay a professional digital marketing company to handle this for you. Whilst difficult to measure, the returns on SEO investment can be excellent in both cash value and growth of your brand and you must add this to your strategy.

Influencer Marketing

People nowadays, especially in Instagram, try to build their number of followers in the hopes of becoming an influencer. You can also engage these influencers to promote your products and services to their followers. However, if you are engaging their services, try to look at the engagement of their posts as some have fake followers done by bots.

Influencers are also present in blogs. You can engage them especially if their blog’s niche are in line with the niche of your products and services.

Technology is fast evolving. Your business must adapt to these fast-changing trends to survive or else it might slowly decay as it fails to evolve. As the saying goes, “change is the only permanent thing in life.”

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