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As I continue my financial education, yesterday I first played the Cashflow 101 E-Game. I never played the actual cashflow game yet but thanks to a college friend who gave me a copy of the cashflow 101 e-game. I can definitely say that it’s one of the best games to play when you want to increase your financial literacy. From Cashflow 101 E-Game, you can play a more advanced game, the CASHFLOW 202 The E-Game.

Basically, there are two tracks of the game: The Rat Race and The Fast Track. The rate race is simply for the average person while the fast track is for rich persons. You can play the game against a maximum of 4 other players.

Both of them are tracks of income and spend but for the fast track, you’ve got options for lavish lifestyles and big expenditures such as taking a vacation, funding a research, running for a mayor position, etc.

I think the dice perse in the game represents the uncertainty in the real world. In the rat race, there is an income statement and balance sheet column for which you need to place each transaction in the game and sum it up. This is also a good practice to know basic principles of accounting and auditing.

For every roll of the dice, you can land into one of the following:

Doodads. Doodads are simply the expensive wants that we can’t resist. In the game, you cannot resist it and definitely you are compelled to buy it which you can pay by either cash or credit cards. These are things such as a huge discount on items, a promotional discounted vacation, etc.

Opportunity. Opportunites serve as deals for you to grab. It is broken down into two: small deal and big deal. Small deals are deals that involves small money while big deals involve large sums of money. Deals can either be stocks, mutual fund, business, or real estate opportunities. Each opportunity represent an ROI or return on investments. You can borrow a loan from the bank to fund these deals if you don’t have enough cash provided you can also pay them or else you will go bankrupt.

Market. Markets serve as opportunities for holders of assets. When you land in this option, you are offered by a buyer. Say for example, you bought a land when you landed on the opportunity option, it is this time that a buyer will offer you to buy that land. Be sure though to implement the basics and that is to buy low during the opportunity and sell high during the market.

Baby. Baby depicts the real happening of raising a family. In the game, when you land in this option, there will be an additional cost that will be added to your expenses. And there will be a maximum of 3 babies in the entire game.

Paycheck. Paycheck depicts the real world of employment. At the start of the game, you will be notified of your profession or your job. And each time you land on this option, you will get your paycheck that will be added to your cash. The paycheck though, in this game, is not fixed. It would be based on your net monthly cashflow in your income statement.

Downsizing. Downsizing also depicts the real happening of being fired or unemployed. In this case, you will lose 2 turns and lose a portion of your cash to fund your needs.

Charity. Lastly, charity relies on the concept of the law of reciprocation. In other words, you should give but it would be an option on your part. If you chose to give, then the amount will be deducted to your cash. Kiyosaki says that if you want money, you should first give money.

So there you are the rat race track. The very idea of the game is to accumulate enough passive income by buying assets. As you increase your passive income, the green color also increases. And if you have enough passive income, you can now go to the fast track where you can now enjoy a lot of your dreams.

Once you are already in the fast track, it is very easy to win the game as your income will be multiplied by 100. You will have a definite passive income goal to win in the fast track and to win the entire game. It would then be a race towards that goal against other competitors. Beware though that there is such thing as divorce in the fast track where you will lose all your cash.

I initially played the cashflow 101 e-game thrice. The first time I won with 910 points against one competitor. The second one, I went to play against two other competitors but unfortunately, I ended up bankrupt because of a bad deal that I went into. And the third time, I finished the game as a second placer against two other. Good thing I bought a high cost business that has zero cashflow at first, but eventually improved in the course of the game raking in a passive income of $400, and I ended up selling it as there was a buyer that offered me good amount when I landed on a market. After I sold it, I used the cash to pay all my debts.

Overall, the cashflow 101 e-game is very educational. Each time you roll a dice, you have the option to watch the video of Kiyosaki teaching various lectures on financial education. I believe this is a very powerful tool in one’s financial education and in achieving financial freedom. I’m looking forward to play the actual cashflow game with humans as my competitors.

I will next play the cashflow 202 e-game and I will write a post about it once I played it.

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Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

35 responses on “Cashflow 101 E-Game

    • Try playing it with other players, not just the computer, it is way different, and you will be learning a lot more. Have fun!

  1. You’re lucky a friend of yours gave you a copy of the e-game. The board games costs Php15k. hehehe. In Cash Flow 202, instead of small deal and big deal, it will ask you to choose between a cash flow deal and capital gain deal. I’m not finished with the game yet though. 😀

  2. Hi Jongenese, my friend told me that he downloaded it using Torrent. He just gave me a copy of it. Try to search for it in the internet. Warning though that you must have a superb internet connection speed as the software is around 1GB.

  3. hi! was just browsing through the net when i saw your post, i got to play Cashflow 101 through a group that regularly conducts them in makati, called create abundance. You might want to try playing it out physically through this gathering. The sharing is I guess the biggest difference as compared to playing it online. 🙂 If you’re interested just let me know. thanks.

    • I just Read the Robert Kiyosaki book and am very into online stock investing.I am very interested to play Cash Flow 202 with a group of people. Pls send contact people and phones numbers soon. thanks

  4. CashFlow 101 is a better game than Monopoly which was created during the 1929 depression (like the Snake and Ladders game and like the first Walt Disney Mickey Mouse feature film).

    CashFlow 101 sure is useful, but I’m not sure it takes into account the rapid changes in the globalization of the economy that have been taking place in the recent years.

    People now have less control over how their money is used and this control has been relayed to huge (too big to fail) investment banks, hedge funds and so on and this CashFlow 101 game has nothing about Bank bailouts that happened twice in the last few months.

    Unfortunately our largest financial institutions presently work against all what is known as recognized economic principles and nobody seems able to end the party and to get back to build the economy on a sound basis.

    Ans I believe CashFlow 101 is all about building on a sound basis and has nothing about those who want to bankrupt the world out of greed, competition and short term gains.

    So it’s better to follow advice from CashFlow 101 than to follow our too big to fail unregulated financial institutions, but CashFlow 101 will be of little help when the Wall Street guys decide that next morning it’s time to bankrupt the world economy again.

    • I didnt understand your idea or concept. I was confused by it. I think I should read it over and over again.

  5. hi jonezz, i maybe able to help you play the real thing if you’re interested. could be more fun since you’ll have live interaction with your groupmates 🙂

  6. I’ve always wanted to play the cashflow101 game… Last year I felt really bad I missed the opportunity. But I just heard that there will be another Think Rich Pinoy Seminar and they will allow the attendees to play for 3 hours. I’m going to attend that seminar and right now I’m looking for someone who will come with me..

    • Hi Charissa!

      Mike here, I’m actually part of a group that conducts the Cashflow games almost every weekend in Makati. No need to wait for the seminar to play it 🙂 You could email me at [email protected], to know the details if you’d be interested to play 🙂

      God bless!

  7. i got to read rich dad poor dad a week ago and could not stop reading until i finished it in one day. i re-read it the next day and then bought a bunch of rich dad books. now im reading the third book in my spare time/ leisure time/ away from work. im very excited in playing the cashflow game! im very interested, and wish i could play too. but im not located in luzon.. is the cashflow available outside metro manila?
    God bless to all of us!

  8. Hi,

    I’ve read Kiyosaki’s book and I’m very interested in this cashflow game. Please help me how to download it. Thank you very much 🙂

  9. Hi,

    I’m playing Cashflow 202 and just got on the fast track.
    But I have a question and wondering if you would know the answer 🙂

    On the fast track, I’m paying the passive income from rat race multiplied by 100, right? But why is that? Why am I getting 100 times more than the passive income??

    Would be very appreciated if you could let me know 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Ryan, because precisely you are on the fast track already. When you are on the fast track, you should have achieved financial freedom and your investments were so huge that they could provide you with huge passive income.

      Perhaps this is also one of the inspirations made by Kiyosaki for us to simply aim for the fast track and escape the rat race.

  10. hi, i’ve read almost all the books of robert kiyosaki and other richdad books, and it is really inspiring… though it will not teach you the step by step.., much better if you will read books on how to invest…
    anyways, those of you who want to play the game,
    just follow this steps

    1 download u torrent
    2 go to
    3 search the cashflow game torrent and download it
    4 open the torrnet using the u torrent
    5 download daemon tools
    6 make 3 virtual cd drive
    7 mount the .iso

    hehehehe, enjoy!!!

  11. Guys, I can’t use torrent in where Iam.

    Can someone upload the link to uploading sites like rapidshare, megaupload, hotfile, etc.??

    I badly wanted the game..Please help!

  12. I need a copy too. i dont think my internet connection cab handle a download of 1GB. please help. i cant find this egame 101 anywhere been on it for 4 hours

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