January ’09 Portfolio Investments Update

It has been 2 months now since I first updated my portfolio of investments last November 2008. I’ve been recently updating myself with regards to the Stimulus Plan being implemented by the US Government to combat the effects of one of the worst financial crisis of all time and to bring the whole economy back to its “normal” operations.

The Government plans to “pump prime” the economy to boost consumer confidence so that businesses will benefit from it. The plan includes tax rebates to households, tax incentives of businesses, and direct intervention of the FED in the stock market to buy stocks of financial companies that were hardly hit by the financial crisis.

Analysts were saying that the economy will “probably” start to pick up during the 4th Quarter of this year most especially during the months of November and December. As of now, I sometimes check my stock trading account from time to time and I was shocked to see that on average, the market turnover value of the stocks for a particular trading day was so small that sometimes, it didn’t even reach Php 2 Million. Wow! That’s really a bear market!

Anyway, all my portfolio investments were, in no doubt, still down as of today. I was happy that some stocks are slowly picking up as of now and the most notable of these are the following:

Ayala Corp. (AC) – up by 21.66%. This is probably mainly because of the announced cash dividend of Php 2.00 per share with exdate January 6 and Payment Date of February 3. I will receive my second cash dividend this coming February 3. That is passive income!

Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) – up by 22.8%. This is probably mainly because of the cash dividend announced which I already received. It is a small amount though since a 10% tax was already deducted but hey, it is another passive income!

Others stocks that considerably went up include:

SM Investments (SM) – up by 20.9%; Megaworld Corp, (MEG) – up by 18.8%

Geograces Holdings (GEO) – up by 17.5%; Alliance Global Inc. (AGI) – up by 10.8%.

However, there is one stock that considerably went down and that is Philex Mining Corp. (PX) that shed 14.7% of its value.

Overall, my direct stock investments increased by 15.07% due to value of the stocks that climbed up which was mentioned above.

With regards to my UITFs and Mutual Funds Investments, they are all at a loss to wit:

BPI Equity Fund losing 33%% of its original principal value;

Metro Equity Fund losing 41.56% of its original principal value; and

Sun Life Equity Fund losing 5.02% of its original principal value

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Tyrone is a passionate financial literacy advocate. He started this blog on November 2008 when he watched The Secret which talked about Law of Attraction because he wanted to become a millionaire and wanted to know how a millionaire acts. At the age of 26, he achieved his first million. To find out more about him, click here or follow him at Instagram

5 responses on “January ’09 Portfolio Investments Update

  1. hello there. just wanted to ask, how did you go about opening your stock trading account? was it through a broker? a company like citiseconline? also, any tips on choosing a good broker? thanks!

  2. Hi V, there are two types of stock trading account. You can open an online stock trading account in which you trade stocks through the internet and you can post your buy or sell orders by a click of the mouse or an offline stock trading account in which you need to physically call the stock broker for your buy and sell orders.

    I personally use BPI Trade because of the convenience it provides in linking my BPI saving account and my BPI trading account. I can easily transfer funds from my BPI saving account to fund my stock trading account and can also transfer stock sale proceeds and dividends from my BPI trading account to my BPI savings account.

    On choosing with a good broker, I suggest to go with the huge ones and with the convenience it provides to you. With citiseconline, I think they will deliver you checks for your stock sale proceeds. Compare it with a trading account that is linked with your stock trading account such as that of BPI Trade, you can easily transfer proceeds by just a click of a mouse.

  3. Bro how many stocks that you need to trade and maintain? I attended a seminar on stock trading and they recommend 7, at least 5 blue chips and 2 speculative stocks.. whats your recommendations? and also if a stock is going sideways over a period of two to three months can i just sell it and look for another stock that might give me capital gains? thanks!! God Bless!!

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