Valentine Gift Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance to all my readers! In celebration of the upcoming valentine’s day, I am participating on thousands of bloggers out there giving valentine gift ideas to a lot of readers.

With the thriving economy nowadays, a lot of us were left unemployed. We need to be more frugal in spending our valentine’s day and so here are some of my unique valentine gift ideas that will truly show how much you care for her this valentine’s season:

Valentine Gift Idea No. 1: Personalized Valentine Greeting Card. Buy a valentine greeting card in your local bookstore and using your creative ideas, design it in a unique way. Since I am a creative person, I remembered giving my girl before a personalized valentine greeting card. I drew a heart-shaped figure on the center of it and there I placed a valentine poem especially dedicated for her. I burned the sides of the greeting card and using red color to symbolize valentine, I wrote “happy valentine’s day, i love you” on the sides of it. It is worth the effort than just buying a mere valentine’s greeting card. I’m sure she will appreciate your effort in doing so.

Valentine Gift Idea No. 2: Valentine Video. Make a personalized valentine video with the two of you together. It can be a slideshow collection of your “most precious moments” photos and with a background of a valentine love song. Upload it in you tube so that everybody will see how much you love her. Invite her to personally visit it and I’m sure, she will be touched with the effort that you did. She will reminisce those precious moments when you¬†were together.

Valentine Gift Idea No. 3: Valentine E-Cards. Send her a valentine e-card to her email. Try to embed it your valentine theme song. With the moving graphics and valentine theme song on the background, she will definitely appreciate it.

Valentine Gift Idea No. 4: Valentine Notes. Ask any of her office colleagues to post a valentine note on her desk. A short valentine note saying how much you love her will do. This should be seen first thing in the morning so that when she saw it, it will lighten up her day. A good sample of a valentine note will be:

Valentine Gift Idea No. 5: Send her a valentine text message. A sweet valentine text quote will do showing how much you value her. A sample valentine text message can be:

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday to the
Sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth
Of your lips on my cheek , the touch of your fingers
On my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with Mine…
Knowing that I could never find that feeling with Anyone other than you.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Gift Idea No. 6: Valentine MMS. Alernatively, you can also send her a valentine MMS in her mobile phone with the picture of you together and with a background of her favorite valentine ringing tone. It could be your theme song.

Valentine Gift No. 7: Valentine comment. Almost everybody nowadays have an account in any of the famous social bookmarking sites, be it friendster, multiply, myspace, facebook, or recently perfspot. Send her a valentine comment. You can either send her a valentine graphic art image or just a valentine text.

Valentine Gift No. 8: Traditional valentine day gift ideas. If you have¬†enough budget, then send her valentine flowers and chocolates. Treat her in a valentine’s date.

Valentine’s Day is truly a wonderful occasion for lovers. It does not need to be expensive. A simple and sincere greeting of “Happy Valentine’s Day” first thing in the morning will do.

Happy Valentine’s Day in Advance!

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