10 Credit Card Security Tips

With the rise of ecommerce, everybody can buy stuffs in the internet with the use of a credit card. Credit card fraud is becoming rampant nowadays. You might just be shocked to see your next credit card bills ballooned with a lot of transactions you did not recognize.

We must therefore protect ourselves from these people who steal from our credit card accounts.

Here are some of the tips to secure your credit cards.

Tip 1: Keep a record or memorize your credit card number and your issuing bank’s contact details (call center or hotline number) which can be found at the back of your credit card. This is important because in case of disputes or worst case, a loss, you can immediately call the issuing bank and report your credit card number.

Tip 2: Keep a copy of your transaction receipts on a monthly basis so you can match them against your monthly statement of account. Report any charges that you do not recognize immediately or within the designated timeline stated in your statement of account. By doing this, you can also keep track of your monthly expenses in your credit card. Eliminate those unnecessary wants and just buy those important needs.

Tip 3: Never ever share your credit card details and PIN to any person. Transactions that use your credit card number and PIN may be charged to you. Be very careful about this especially when it comes to internet. There are many unsolicited emails out there claiming that you’ve won from their promos. As a requirement, they will ask for your credit card details to claim your prize.

Tip 4: If you are issued a PIN for cash advance transactions, immediately memorize it and tear the mailer off on which it was sent to you. It is always advised not to change your PIN to any combinations that could easily be identified such as your birthday or telephone number.

Tip 5: If you changed your contact details or address, always notify your issuing bank of any changes. This will prevent unauthorized use of your credit card.

Tip 6: Some establishments commit credit card frauds too by charging you more than the actual price of their items. To prevent this, always make sure that the amount on the transaction slip is the actual amount of your purchase before you sign. Never ever sign a blank transaction slip.

Tip 7: When purchasing items thru the internet, always make sure that you are not logged on to a spoofed website. Always check that the URL starts with “https” or that there should be a padlock icon located at the lower right portion of the webpage you’re in to indicate that it is a secured website.

Tip 8: Your issuing bank will never call you to ask for your credit card or your account information. Should you receive such calls or letters, always call your issuing bank on the number at the back of your credit card for confirmation and verification.

Tip 9: Never ever allow the use of your credit card as a reference or as an identification card. Always take note whether your credit card is held for more than the regular time. Be alert when it is not returned to you after an unusually long period.

Tip 10: Endorse or sign all credit cards as soon as they are received from the bank. If possible, make sure your signature is hard to forge.

Truly, we can always secure our credit cards. Take note that there is always a responsibility on having a credit card. Above all, we should also discipline ourselves in using our credit card to manage our finances. 

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  3. how about you already filed a complain through the bank email add. But this time I just received a notice from a news paper publisher that they will publish my name in a news paper without receiving any letters or summon from them. Is this right?

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