About Tyrone Solee

Hi, I’m Tyrone Solee, the author of this blog. I am a Mathematics degree holder from Ateneo de Manila University, one of the top universities here in the Philippines.

A lot of us are dreamers. We all want to have a comfortable life, to become a millionaire, and to ultimately achieve financial freedom. This is what this blog is all about – to help you achieve your goals, to escape the rat race and to become successful in life.

I started this blog on Nov. 24, 2008 when I was 25 years old. The domain name “Millionaire Acts” originated when I watched the film “The Secret” which talks about the powerful Law of Attraction. Back then, I wanted to become a millionaire. I wanted to know how a ‘millionaire acts’ so I can be one of them.


As they say, ‘the early bird catches the worm’. In my early quest to financial freedom, I started the habit of saving at the age of 21 when I had my first job after graduation. At the age of 22, I already educated myself about financial literacy and started my first investment in a bond fund.

At a young age of 26, I realized my dream of becoming a millionaire after 4 years and 7 months of employment by living below my means and being frugal, investing in UITFs, and most importantly, paying myself first by using the equation INCOME – SAVINGS = EXPENSES each time I get salary income. This is the right way to save your salary wisely.

On September 4, 2012, I had the chance to get interviewed at ANC’s personal finance TV show “On The Money” on which I told my story how I became a millionaire at the age of 26.

Five months after, I was invited to be a resource speaker on “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” on the segment ‘Wais Tipid’ aired on March 10, 2013 at GMA 7.

Kapuso Mo Jessica SohoKapuso Mo Jessica Soho TV appearance, March 10, 2013

Six months after, the team of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho invited me again to become a resource person on the segment “Ang Cheap” aired on September 8, 2013.

The video is now available at Youtube and you can watch it below:

Six months later, another opportunity was offered for me to appear once again as a resource person for Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho aired on September 8, 2013.

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho TV appearance, September 18, 2013

The replay video of the segment is available below.

On October 8, 2014, I did another TV guesting for ANC On The Money where I discussed the Power of Compounding. ABS CBN News featured me in an article entitled “Why is it better to start investing early.”

Replay of the video below.


On May 21, 2017, I appeared again at Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho on their segment entitled “50 Pesos Challenge”. Replay of the video below:

On February 18, 2018, I appeared again for the 5th time at Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho as the Financial Adviser and Influencer on their segment Ipon Shade Challenge.

As Warren Buffet said:

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” ‎

“If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”

On that same year, two months after the Typhoon Ondoy flooded our home, the biggest blessing came when I was able to meet successful bloggers online and eventually ventured into make money online business.

Past is experience, present is experiment. Future is expectation. So better use your experience in your experiment to meet your expectation.

Corporate-wise, my professional background spans servicing of distressed loans and real estate properties; market research and competitive intelligence; investment analysis; financial modeling and data analytics. If you’re interested to view my professional profile, I made one in Linked In here.

In addition, I also look forward to creating a book version of Millionaire Acts so it can reach more people outside of internet, helping them to become more financially literate.

I’m an achiever and a goal-oriented person. Let me share my most favorite quote:

I WILL do today what other people WON’T so that I CAN have tomorrow what other people CAN’T.

The quote above shows the comparison and contrast between will – won’t and can – can’t. In order to become successful, you need to be different and you must stand out from the rest. You need to do the extraordinary and excel from it.

“The man who has made up his mind to win will never say impossible.”

Blogging so far has been the best and greatest thing that happened to me. Millionaire Acts has opened a lot opportunities for me. I met a lot of fellow bloggers. I had several speaking engagements. I had media exposures on TV, newspaper, magazine, and radio. Most of all, I learned how to make money online!

My Blog Engagements and Public Exposures:

-> I was featured at Good House Keeping Magazine December 2011 issue for my article “5 Money Questions to Ask Yourself”

-> I was featured at Good House Keeping Magazine July 2011 on my article Bad Money Habits to Break.

-> I was featured at Good House Keeping Magazine June 2011 on my article about Micro Loans.

-> I wasfeaturedat Good House Keeping Magazine last April 2011 on my article about Mutual Funds.

-> I was one of the major speakers in the Blog World Philippines Seminar last March 2010.

-> I was featured at Manilla Bulletin’s Blog-O-Rama last November 2009

-> I was mentioned at Good House Keeping Magazine last July 2009.

-> I was mentioned at Good House Keeping Magazine last September 2009.

-> My blog was a major sponsor of Rich Dad Asia Philippines Event.

-> I conducted my very first financial planning seminar in our company.

-> I conducted another financial awareness seminar entitled “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” at the employees of Towers Watson last April 2013.

Towers Watson Certificate

-> I was invited to be a personal finance resource speaker for the employees of Maynilad for their Financial Literacy and Wellness Program last July 2014.

Maynilad 2


On July 18, 2015, I got the chance to have my first radio guesting at DZME Radyo Uno:

On November 7, I conducted a financial seminar dubbed as “The Mind of a Millionaire” in Cebu.

Sun Star Cebu Business Feature 1

On November 19, 2016, I was one of the panelists at the Philippine Retail Investors Conference 2016 organized by the CFA Society of the Philippines where we discussed about “Alternative Investments”.

On January 5, 2017, I was invited to be a guest at The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI) Facebook Live event.

On March 11, 2017, I was invited to be a radio guest at Angat Pinoy, a program at DZRJ 810 AM station.

On September 30, 2017, I was one of the resource speakers in the Regional Stock Market Training Workshop conducted at Partido State University in Goa, Camarines Sur.

On May 18, 2018, I got invited to speak about financial literacy by Department of Education – Division of Binan City where I got to inspire around 200 public school teachers on saving and investing.


Online Interviews and Features:

GMA News


The Freeman Part 1 (by Philippine Star)

The Freeman Part 2 (by Philippine Star)

The Freeman Part 3 (by Philippine Star)

Sun.Star Cebu

Cebu Daily News (by Philippine Daily Inquirer)


MoneyMax.ph Part 3

MoneyMax.ph Part 2

MoneyMax.Ph Part 1


Rich Blessed Today

Credit Card Assist


Out of Debt Christian



Aside from my current interests on entrepreneurship, money management, finance, and investments, I also had some interests on acting and modeling for some diversion before. And I repeat, that was before.

I enrolled myself in a runway modeling workshop conducted by one of the modeling agencies to improve confidence and boost self-esteem. I was able to join two fashion shows back then. I even joined several acting workshops to hone my skills when it comes to acting. Below is one of my photos back then.

You can view some of my previous modeling pictures, modeling projects, modeling set cards, and a fashion show where I was included here.

Giving Back

-> We organized our first charity event last December 2010.

Connect with me on:



Linked IN


If you want to contact me:

Email: [email protected]

Thanks for dropping by to my blog. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment. This blog is a collection of all my learnings in my quest to escape the rat race and to achieve financial freedom. I am not a financial guru but I can assure you that whatever I write here, I practice it on my own and “I can walk the talk”.

Why do we need financial freedom?

Watch the short story presentation below:

Join my journey to financial freedom by subscribing to my feeds at the upper right side of this blog. By subscribing, you will continuously receive my articles directly to your email without visiting this site. Rest assured that your email address will remain safe and confidential.

If I can do it, you can do it too! Just believe in yourself, be determined, equip yourself with the right mindset and discipline. Take it slowly but surely and in no time, you will also become a millionaire someday! Cheers to future millionaires!

As Robert Kiyosaki says:

The main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learn nothing about money. The result is that people learn to work for money but never learn to have money work for them.

Disclaimer: I do not claim any rights to any images attached in any of my articles.

105 responses on “About Tyrone Solee

  1. Hi Tyrone,

    You are quite familiar to me since we both frequently visit PMT but I decided to check you out just today when you mentioned in a blog post that it’s safer to invest in mutual funds than in singlehandedly investing in stocks on your own. I am currently contemplating about investing in stocks and you are right, it helps to start young. So I’d love to have your thoughts on stock market investing, like firsthand experiences and tips. Would appreciate them.

    What caught my attention in your profile is this:

    I’m an achiever and goal-oriented person.

    Then you said you want to be rich “someday”

    Being a goal oriented person myself, I dare you to put an exact year or age when you want to be really rich. I mean goals should be established so they could be reached and I am curious as to when do you see yourself to be really rich. I hope it will help increase your enthusiasm, drive, courage and chances of hitting your goal. Also, I think it would be best to talk with a friend about it or someone with similar interest as it will help you to be constantly reminded than merely writing or professing it to yourself.

  2. Wow! If I didn’t research about Henry Sy, for our upcoming Phil. Quality and Productivity Movement-Visayas 13th Regional Congress, I won’t get to discover, read and learn a lot from this site. Thank you for the additional learning. Your site is an instrument for reviving the desires of my heart.

    Let me share this also (sorry I didn’t get the author): “We are capable of achieving a lot of things, but whether we choose to do things or not, is entirely up to us.”

    Gracias, Señorito Tyrone.

  3. Tyrone,congrats again its nice to see your blog in a new look and as always good to explore the things you want to learn with regards to financial education and motivational uplifter.

  4. hi tyrone,

    im new here but i love your blogs..im planning to start try trading stocks.. currently reading anything before i will start..

    thanks to you…

  5. Hey Tyrone,

    I am an avid reader and of Fitz’s blogs and I will start reading all your blogs soon… After reading your profile bro I knew that we are not much diffrent…I want to learn more things about financial literacy and how to achieve financial freedom.. I too want to escape the rat race… I find Fitz and your blogs very helpful to alot of people and I want to thank the both of you for being a good mentor about financial literacy..More power to your blogs bro…Keep up the good work

  6. Nice Bro. This is my first time to read your blog and i find very informative. It might as will help to grow my business, your tips and blogs ’bout business really inspire me to struggle more. More power bro.

  7. Thanks a lot Tyrone! you given me the biggest idea in my life, I hope it’s not too late for me to make a move, but one thing I have, “dreams”

  8. tyrone,your tips are very useful.I also invest in stocks just recently.I’m using citiseconline.My stocks porfolio are doing great.I’m 23 and your correct about starting at young age.Just like you,Robert Kiyosoki’s book really give a diffirent interpretation about Assets,Liabilities and cash flows.Even though i’m an accountant,his interpretation really blow me.Keep up the good work.Tnx for helping fellow filipino to be financially literate.

  9. Hi Tyrone,
    Thanks a lot for the very informative blogs. I hope more Filipinos out there will be interested with information about attaining financial freedom. I am reading most of your blogs related to stock & mutual funds investments as am new to this.

    Looking forward to read more of your blogs.

    Keep sharing your blessings….God Bless!

  10. Hi,

    Idol I’m currently reading some of your articles and I’m really amazed on how you came up with every great ideas written. Thanks for sharing those to readers online like us.

    “Be a blessing to others.”

    “Success is greater achieved when shared.”

    Thanks Idol

  11. I can assure you that the road to wealth is not an easy one. If it were, more people would be wealthy not poor. It is easy to write about but the gap between theory (what is written) and practice is tremendous. That is why most of the rich never write the how’s to get rich. When you are there, will you be there? The money goal is an endless staircase. When you got a million, you will want more more more… If you become wealthy, be sure you know when to stop…be happy…

    • Hi RodS, definitely the road to wealth is not easy. It takes courage, discipline, and will power to achieve it. Having the right set of friends will also be a big help.

      Some of the rich don’t write the how to’s to get rich because they don’t want to disclose trade secrets. However, some share their stories to serve as an example and inspiration to others.

      I agree that the money goal is an endless staircase. Contentment is the key and being happy is the ultimate goal.

  12. Hi Tyrone,

    Just dropping in to say you’re doing a great job on your blog. It’s reaching out and impacting a lot of lives. Keep it up and may you document more millionaire acts.

    Live a Brilliant Life,

  13. hi po….. mr. tyron solee ayon eto visit q na blog mo…
    gusto q pa sana mg explore basahin blog u kaso
    la na time…
    next time nlng lit cguro…

    gusto q lang din i-share:
    success is not a sprint it is a marathon, it is a journey not a destination it is not the things or the prestige or money that you can get but who you become on your road of success.
    Success is HAPPINESS

  14. Thanks to you I’d found a really informative website.. Hopefully someday I’ll become rich.. With these set of mindset and the having the right people will help us a lot to meet our sucess in life…

  15. Hi Tyrone,

    I first bumped into your name while reading the Good Housekeeping magazine April 2011. Like you, I have been spending wisely and saving for God knows how long. Although after doing this habit for roughly 7 years now, I realized my money isn’t going anywhere at all. Your article, Fund Facts, inspired me to invest and diversify my funds. However, I’m still lost as to which company to invest on. Can you suggest a company? My friend suggested I try Citibank.

  16. Hi Tyrone! What’s the difference of being rich from being wealthy? Seeing you in person gave me the impression that you are very simple. But seeing your blog made me realize that there is more in Tyrone that meets the eye… it’s the wealth of knowledge and experience that you have and your passion and willingness to share these to others. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Atty. Yna 😀

      The main difference between being rich and being wealthy is knowledge. Wealthy people know how to make money while rich people only have money.

      Wealthy people can build sustainable wealth that can last for years through asset investments producing multiple streams of income.

      Rich people, on the other hand, can get it in an instant and lose all at the same time because of lack of proper mindset and poor money management skills. These are people commonly known as ‘one day millionaires’ winning jackpot prizes in lotto and losing all in a span of few years.

      Wealthy people are financially free while rich people are not. You can find a lot of ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes but not ‘get-wealthy-quick’ schemes because generally wealth is built over time. 🙂

  17. haha! i was supposed to be attygorgeous. but thanks anyway. you’ve answered thoroughly. actually, i wanted to comment on Johna’s dare to you. but i cannot. i realized it was made about three years ago. but if you believe in John Calub, i remember him say that you should not set the exact time for that. i forgot the reason but it has something to do with “in God’s time.” if you know, kindly remind me. 🙂

  18. Hello Mr Tyrone I got inspired with all your story in this page. No doubt that it will help me in my studies as a Business student specially my major Financial Management. More power! I hope someday that I will have my own blog to share coming experiences and lessons learned to inspire people that we are all capable to achieve our dreams if we diligently pursue them.

  19. hi tyrone, your blog is so interesting. i happened to discover your blog while i was searching the rags to riches story of mr. henry sy. the inputs that you have shared in your blog sure are enlightening. i am currently out of the country working hard for my family but in a few weeks time i will be going home already and am planning to stay there for good because it’s so hard and depressing to be so far away from the people i love so dearly. i am thinking of investing into a business but with just the meager salary i have it just equates to a little savings, so investing in the right business i will have to be frugal about it as i have only so much to invest. i am interested though on the mutual fund thing, could you please enlighten us, your readers, more on the how and the do’s and don’ts when getting into such investments. hope you could share some tips and which of the so many potential companies out there we should put our money into.

    thanks also for sharing the video “THE SECRET” it sure fired up some nerves on my brain which were just waiting to lit up.

    more power to you.

  20. Funny, i was searching greenwoods pasig ondoy, and i got to this blog 🙂 i was stuck and read articles and comments… I think its great that your advocacy is financial freedom. Being in a financial institution myself, its nice that there is more of us spreading the word of financially literacy! Kudos! 🙂

  21. hello sir this is steelpulse from fb. uhm can i ask u sumthing out of curiosity. .
    what is your motivation? i mean what drives you to do all this things what keeps you waking up early in the morning? thanks! ^_^

  22. very interesting tyrone…i am searching for tips for financial abundance, from bo sanchez to larry gamboa and robert kayosaki until i reach your blog.
    can you give me an advice if it is good to invest in the stock market? thanks…

  23. I just came across of your blog while doing some research on how to escape from the rat race. I am fascinated of your profile and admire young people of your caliber talking maturely on how to manage our finances.
    I’ve been struggling to look for an opportunity to work online after I left so many different jobs for over 30 years in employment. Now that I am about to receive my SSS pension, come September 2013, I just realized that I spent so many years in working as an employee and saved a meager amount of money that I now invest in running a grocery store.
    When I read your blog, I decided to contact you hoping you can help learn the basics of working online the way you are doing right now and earn real money from it.
    I have been receiving so many emails inviting me to buy their e-books so that I could copy their system and earn from it. Though I am skeptical about it, I tried once only to be duped and lost almost P9,000.00 without earning a penny.
    Since then, I never read any of those emails which until now came in thousand, perhaps, since 2009 and until now I already received over 20,000 of those.
    As I’ve said earlier, I am skeptical and never tried it again.
    But now, after knowing you here, I wanted to seek your help and hope you will communicate with me through emails.
    Thank you n advance and kudos to your helpful blogs.
    Hope to hear from you soon. GOD BLESS….

  24. Good day, Tyrone!

    I am the Public Relations Officer of a new site launched just recently. There are already great and inspiring true to life stories on it. Our writers have interviewed interesting people and have put their stories in there.

    I’ve seen your blog ratified and I was thinking if you would like to read some articles that were written in our website and to give some feedback, reactions or comments. You can choose even at least one story, two stories, or anything that you want to read. It would be so grateful if you could share your own stories on it.

    Our site address is: http://preacquaint.com/

    Thank you very much for your kind consideration.
    I’m looking forward to your response. I’m only just one click away.

    Meilin Tagaza
    Public Relations Officer
    [email protected] / [email protected]
    FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/bash.tagz
    (904) 435-4839 (MagicJack)
    +63906-215-4894 (Globe)
    +63933-532-7111 (SUN)

  25. Are you now a millionaire?

    Do you now live on investments, making money with your money, instead of earning from an employment or doing a business where you sell merchandise or your service?

    When you started you did not yet have 1 million pesos at your command any time to withdraw it at least a part of from an atm machine?

    Do you now command cash worth more than 1 million pesos?

    Why am I asking you?

    Because in that way from your own testimony about your financial success in doing investments with money already in your command, I will also be encouraged to do likewise, instead of holding a job or selling things and/or my service.

    • Please read carefully the profile that I’ve written about me and watch my TV guest interview at ANC “On The Money” to answer your question. 🙂

      I started with nothing. The only advantage that I got is that I am still living under my parent’s roof and still single. Time will come I will start my own family and that’s where the expenses will come. I am still employed.I am more into multiple sources of income rather than depending on a single source of income alone.

      I look forward to having Millionaire Acts be written into a book someday given the opportunity to find willing publishers 🙂

    • Apply the basics of what you have learned on building multiple income streams. I have implemented what I have learned and believed regarding wealth building. It takes time and effort to build wealth. I have been an employee for over 20 years now. I started building other income streams since had my first job and that was a long time ago.

      Now I have 2 businesses that have to be managed day-to-day, some investments in stocks and bonds, have built 3 houses that I have rented out (to foreigners), and am building my new project – a 6-door townhouse complex. I still enjoy my job so much. But, I am certain that I will have to quit my job in the future. My other streams of income has kept me off the anxiety of losing a job and afforded me the confidence that if I have to leave my job, my other streams of income will afford me the safe lifestyle that I have become used to.

      To those who are starting to build there own, keep it up, persevere and do not let those curve balls dampen your zeal.

    • Congratulations to your success! Care to share the path that you take? What jobs did you have? What your business is all about? Also started with nothing and build your way up? I always salute self-made people! 😀

  26. Hi Sir Tyrone,

    This is the first time i bumped in with your blog..it is really helpful and house of great source of information of financial wellness..

    Your blog is indeed a great way to educate every individual on their journey on building solid financial foundation..

    I am associate of World Financial Marketing Inc..a financial brokerage firm but our primary role/mission is to help families achieve financial independence..whereas our vision is to help to revolutionize financial industry here in the philippines,.coz..many average filipino thought that investment is for rich only and banks is the common medium for savings..

    I have inspired to what you achieved Sir…hope you can visit our office and see what we are doing. I am excited to meet you Sir Tyrone

  27. Hi, thanks for your very informative blog. I am just curious, what is your faith? I mean, your religion. I read your article on king solomon.

    Thanks and more power! You gave me inspiration to teach my children to save up and spend wisely even if they are still young.

  28. I have sent you a request before to send me information to my email on how to earn real money online but I have not received any reply from you. Hope I can get one asap.

  29. I agree with Adrian..Tama! Walang halong ka-intsikan… If I did not research yesterday about the biogrraphy of John Gokongwei, I would not have bumped into this blogsite. Since Yesterday I was hooked up really hooked up. Like I just want to read them all and save them in my mobile.

  30. Hello,
    You have a very informative website and would like to work with you!
    I would like to know if you accept pre-written blog post with links! Could you please give me the general rates?
    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Kira,

      I replied to you privately on your email. The rate I’ve given is negotiable.

      Articles must comply with my quality standards and must provide tips and offer some value to my readers and not just pure hard selling.



  31. Hi! I really adore the way you write your articles, very very informative. You better publish your own book, I am a starter and I look for a book that will inspire and teach me to be financially educated but most of them were written by foreigners.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge to everybody. You deserve the blessings you received.
    God bless 🙂

  32. Robert Kiyosaki is not a mutual funds guy. RK and his wife Kim are real-estate- apartment-for-rent guys. Just my thoughts when I read in one of the photos that Rich Dad Poor Dad was your bible and yet seem to be a fan of mutual funds and paper assets only. I wonder if you just haven’t mentioned your investments in real estate in your porftolio?

  33. Amazing Blogs…I bought some books of Robert Kiyosaki,,really enjoyed and learned from them,downloaded ebook from napoleon hill,been reading inspirational blogs from tony robbins,and other finance articles such as simple dollar by trent etc etc..,,i bought housekeeping issues when you wrote those finance articles…
    I find your blog really inspiring and it feels good to have Filipinos embrace financial literacy…I am a work in progress and have honestly not started applying the learnings,,I have been struggling financially for many many years nows but I definitely would like to get out of the hole,,I really believe that it does not take money to make money ( Robert Kiyosaki),,I just have to get started and stop procastinating…What is your take for somebody like me who does not know how to start picking up pieces of broken glass and be a success?,,,I’d say I am desperate to learn and definitely open for learning from finance experts like you…Please write something where I or anyone who has the same situation as I am who is in the process of learning and currently broken and having issues getting up…I have collected knowledge,that will equip me along the way…I started creating avenues for me to earn more money but have not started…I jsut need to execute the plan…

    Will definitely look forward to learning more from you…
    Keep on inspiring people.

  34. Hi Tyrone,

    I admire your success. You are a clear manifestation of financial freedom. I want to imitate your achievements and financial wealth in life. I hope you continue to be wealthy so that you will be able to shower more to the poor(mindset) and teach them how easy it is to get rich in our own country with the use of technical knowledge, determination, financial management, creativity, and millionaire mindset.

    more power!


    P.S. I hope you can also help me to learn things to start a blog like this, I want to learn more about affiliate marketing, SEO, cloaking, and others tools that I need to start my quest of financial freedom.
    I will continue to get in touch with you. thanks.

  35. Hi Tyrone,

    This is Michael Angelo, I am your fan I have been asking your help about your system about online business model. by the way I am a csr of the biggest BPO in the Philippines, I am a teacher by profession, writer by passion, part time realty sales representative, freelance writer, and memory athlete as my hobby.

    I am seeking your help Tyrone since you are the best of your realm. and I know that you have the heart for people like me seeking financial freedom. since you have been in the same situation as I have right now.

    I hope through your guidance I will be able to fulfill my dreams.

    Thank you so much!

    Michael Angelo Roque

  36. hi mr solee… im just a steady housewife…how can i invest with a small amount of 1k per month… any ideas?….

  37. Hello, I was inspired by your appearance on ANC’s on the money. Can i pick your brain on some wisdom on how to write a successful blog for passive income? Thanks and God bless.

  38. Whoa Tyrone!

    I should have known you and this blog a long time ago!

    I believe it’s not too late for me, eh?

    You inspired me to reach financial freedom! Looking forward to learn more from you.

    All the best to you idol! 🙂 God’s blessings!

  39. Dear Tyrone,

    Last night,i viewed the “ON THE MONEY” where you were featured.

    You inspired me as the others did. I started rather late in financial literacy education–two years ago! My blessing is knowing that i will be already what to do with my retirement benefits, this year!

    You are right and young people so start NOW. I will read your blogs and share with the young blood. And make them know that they can be millionaires and achieve their dreams.

    Bless you Tyrone and may you continue to inspire others…

  40. Hi sir Tyrone

    im glad that I found your blog website. so i can able to read them all and have a lessons from you. im only 18 years old. I have businessminded too. and KURIPOT. hehe

  41. Hi Tyrone,

    Congratulations for having a nice and a very informative blog.

    I’ve been very interested in earning an income online, but I don’t know how and where to start since I know that there are lot of scams out there. How can I determine whether an online generating income/job is legitimate or not?

    Thanks and more power!

  42. You inspire me! I love your quote especially the won’t and can’t. It is now my favorite! I love it so much since I’m also like that. Tiis muna, sa huli nasa akin ang huling halakhak. Hahaha! I hope I could be like you! Thanks bro

  43. You have a great determination and success in your career and most of all a humble man.your blog will educate many kababayan for financial literacy.

  44. hello Tyrone, Im AJ from South Cotabato. I really like your story. I want to be a successful blogger like you. Since college I was looking for a mentor-a Filipino blogger. Do you any suggestions where I can find these Filipino Bloggers? or books that I can read to start my blog?

    Hoping for a response,

  45. Hi Tyrone,

    I admire your success. You are a clear manifestation of financial freedom. I want to imitate your achievements and financial wealth in life. I hope you continue to be wealthy so that you will be able to shower more to the poor(mindset) and teach them how easy it is to get rich in our own country with the use of technical knowledge, determination, financial management, creativity, and millionaire mindset. More power!

    That aside, I would just like to inform you that we will be running a blogger contest which will be held from 16th February till 16th March. All you need to do is write a post about the top 5 items you like to buy at Lazada Philippines! You stand a chance to win one out of 10 x P1000 Lazada vouchers! You may use vouchers store-wide with no minimum spend required.

    Would you like to participate in this contest? You can also check out our post for more information regarding this contest here:
    If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact me here. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you.

    Warm regards,


  46. wow! congrats sa mga achievements mo bro! u deserve it. keep up the good work of sharing ur knowledge and motivating people like us who also wants to be financially free. dami natutulungan ng blog mo. more power and blessings bro!

  47. hi tyrone,

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