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  1. Hi Tyrone,

    I am glad that you have this site. You made me understand investments funds without using a lot of technical terms. I hope you will be able to discuss micro lending since I am very much interested on this. By the way, do you have any recommended site that I could read about micro lending ? or agencies that provides trainings for micro lending? I am also searching if you have any write ups about profit sharing . A friend of mine wants to have micro lending as a business and there are about 7 of us.He wanted to have an equal sharing and I think it would be a disadvantage to someone who could provide a bigger share of capital. DO you have any suggestion?

    Thanks a lot and more power!

    • Hi Ann, I’m glad that my blog has helped you understand more about investments. With regards to micro lending, I think that you can start a cooperative if you have a huge aggregate capital. If not, then you can also start a “paluwagan” with your co-employees as your potential clients.

      For the website or agency, I don’t know much but you can try to visit the forum of pinoymoneytalk.com as I know they established their own cooperative. Also, you might want to try contacting business maker academy if they have seminars for micro lending.

      I’ve heard that for some micro lending business, they require their clients, mostly employees, to submit to them their ATM cards as a collateral so that they can withdraw their payments plus interests during paydays. This kind of business is quite risky so I suggest to start first with clients whom you can trust.

      For the profit sharing, it is just fair that the share is prorated to the amount of capital infused by each business partner. Alternatively, if you are looking for “equal” profit sharing, then each of you should infuse an equal amount of capital.

      I hope this helps. I will try my best to make an article about micro lending…

  2. Thanks for all the readers. My blog will be celebrating its 1-year anniversary this coming November 24 and I would highlight some of the events that happened so far to me and in my blog during the past 1 year in the blogosphere.

    Also, I am happy to announce that my blog will be featured soon in a major newspaper – Manila Bulletin’s BLOG-O-RAMA. Thanks Ajay for the upcoming feature. I’m very excited about it. 🙂

  3. I never expected that a Filipino blogger is behind this awesome blog. It helped me a lot in my success stories research. Thanks a lot!



  4. Hello! I’m glad reading your post because we are of the same topic to my website too, it’s all about how to be financially free. I hope you too read mine website if you don’t mind. I’ve got some ideas in you. Continue posting. Happy New Year!

  5. You have such a wonderful blog !!! I enjoyed reading. When I read, ” Nasa Diyos ang awa at nasa Tao ang gawa”, I said to myself, this must be a Pilipino. You also wrote that you don’t live in the U.S.A. when you were talking about “Thanksgiving”. I just want you to know that I live here in the U.S.A, Los Angeles, California. Thanks, NINI

    • Hi Nini, thanks for dropping by at my blog. I live here in the Philippines and I am a Filipino. But one of my long term goals is to go and settle abroad – either US or Europe.

    • Just wandering why would you wanna settle abroad when you are living comfortably here in the philippines? What i know is people goes abroad just to earn money there…whats your story? Just curious..thanks

  6. good day sir,

    I was wondering if i could ask u a question concerning business matters. My name is Patrick 25 years old. I’ve been attempting to put up a trading company. (import export) i’ve started with a generally small amount 50,000 inventory value.

    Sales have been modestly ok, this month i was able to serve 2 clients, 1 of them is a repeat order. This venture of mine began nov 2009.

    Although this isnt my primary source of income i would like it to be some day.

    Now here is the situation the business isnt registered. so far ive been selling to people who do not ask for a invoices. I’ve been in a conflict of deciding whether i should register or not. i want it to grow but all the successful people in business who i know would say otherwise.

    this is very confusing for me because once the registration is done i must commit. i don’t know if you are familiar in the trading business but a huge percent of sales goes through with out an issuance of receipts, specifically to retailers.

    yet there is a book i read that said with out legitimacy there is no growth. i would like to grow but in our reality would it be wise to register or not. its confusing, in the end i know i must decide for myself but i would want to hear your opinion. thank you good day to you

    • Hi Patrick, first of all, I’m glad that you ventured into a business. Escaping the employee mindset to be an entrepreneur is the first step in achieving financial freedom.

      With regards to your question, here’s my suggestion: First of all, you have to gauge what are the average amounts of the daily, weekly or monthly transactions of your business? If it’s small, then I suggest it’s not really necessary.

      Second, if you can view your business to grow given the right amount of capital needed and with clients such as multinational companies in the future who might be stricter when it comes to issuance of receipts for their book and accounting records, then definitely, you should register it.

  7. Hi Tyrone,

    I found something that may interest you. an article that i copied down a few months ago. i hope you dont mind that i paste here. its up to you if you feel like sharing it or not. just something i would want to share with you.

    Top 10 Mantras of Professional Success

    There are many myths surrounding professional success. These myths are:

    1. Intelligence is equal to success.

    Not all intelligent people succeed. It is important to exploit the inner self and use intelligence to give some productive output. Thus the implementation of intelligence is equally necessary for success.

    Success = Intelligence + Application

    2. Good colleges is the only way for great professional career.

    Not necessarily. I would say, most of the really dedicated and hard-working people go to the good colleges, thus giving their credit to the organization. There are many people who are not successful in any college student portfolio, it should never be forgotten.

    Also, there are many people who make their career a success without joining any college or joining a not so reputed college.

    People make organization and not vice versa.

    3. Good students are successful.

    Good students may be very much focussed on the curricular study and may be poor elsewhere. So they need not be fast learners. Also, I have seen many poor students who are fast learners too. Success comes from knowledge and learners make success.

    Knowledge brings success and not marks.

    4. Good start lead to good career.

    I have seen many people comparing two candidates on the basis of the start of the career. A candidate starting his job journey in Mackinsey or Google is more likely to be successful than his counterpart on some small company. I would say, a big NO. May be those candidates who reach there reach because of their higher potential. But as far as the career starting is concerned, there are lots to learn at each stages of the company metamorphosis. Startups teach entrepreneurship and established companies teach business retention. One need to know the best and worst of both worlds to have sustainable career.

    Success (sustainable business) = Entrepreneurship + Business Retention

    5 Take few steps, but well thought and risk free

    Well thought and risk free decision search often leads to no decision. Good or bad decisions can be known only when it is implement and the results analyzed. Results of earlier decisions often guide to form decisions with low probability of affecting averse, but taking decisions of similar types make one very predictable to the competitors.

    There are no decisions that are totally risk free. So what ever steps taken will have some risk associated with it. Not to take risk is the greatest risk one can take in life. The world changes with time and so is the need of any business, and there is always a call for change. Thus frequent changes coming from bold decisions is necessary to reach and stay ahead of competition. So some risk, and call for change should always remain.

    Constancy is heroism only if it means constant change.

    People may have different interests and successful people are there in every field. People have choice to chose the way to live from many different ways, but he will have to chose a path. He may chose to do what he needs to do or may choose to do what he wants to do. Former is risk averse and a path to mediocre life. Later is bumpy way and it calls for full potential exploitation, where if successful leads to new opportunities and increased influence in the society as a whole. Intelligent people do what he wants to do, while rising softly keeping the interest of the people who want him to do something else.

    Here I am presenting my Top 10 Mantra for Professional Success.

    1. Decide to Succeed
    Success will only come to people who wants to succeed (to the people who dare to think big). So, one cannot wait for the success to come his way. The wait will go infinite if it is calling no actions.

    2. Remain Bold
    People who want success have to fight with many challenges. Some challenges may be a hard obstacle and some may be a soft way to failure. It is important to resist both affecting the ambition.
    If you have any complains then raise it sooner than later. Do not compromise on things specially if it is prolonged issue. The solution will follow only when the issue is raised.

    Consider a scenario where you are a associate and you have problems with your manager. Till you complain, no one will even think over the issue. Even there are ample chances for you to be under the same manager next time too. It will be a less risky step for the Sr. Manager or Director to continue a bond where problems are not seen. That makes every sense.
    Everyone have their own work and they seldom think for you, and that is how organization work. They all are right in their own way. So if you want peace of mind and good career with a company, be bold to raise any issue faced.

    3. Plan and execute your promotion
    Most people complain about Manager for the later not helping him succeed and when I ask them whether they have raised the issue to the manager, mostly the answer is NO. If something is unsaid, it is highly probable that it is not communicated. It is always the self who can understand the wants of an individual and for everyone else it has to be communicated.
    Also, the best career map can be made by self. No one else can make it for someone else. Manager can at best facilitate the people under him to attain his goals, but it is highly dependent on the individual to make good career plan and execute it.

    4. Push-pull theory
    The best way to grow in any organization is to force manager to grow upwards. Once he is grown, there is a vacancy created and it is in your manager’s interest to pull you up rather than filling it from outside as you are the person whom he understands best. Restricting any body’s success in your group will make it difficult to grow as any friction created to anyone’s success is always reciprocated.
    So, if someone has to grow it has to be you, your lead or your manager.

    5. Complain up and motivate down
    People at the management are responsible for change. They are better be criticized for betterment. Positive criticism brings good energy to the organization.
    But criticism of any company policy or product has to go up and not down. You are the people who is looked by your juniors and any complain downwards looks like frustration to them, and that increases negative energy in the company. It will damage in two ways. One it make your juniors less motivated to work affecting the day to day operation of the company and another it eroding your image as a good leader.

    6. Growth is always organizational
    People grow when company grow. It is very hard for people to grow in a loss making organization. So everybody should work for the best interest of the company and avoid any actions that affects company’s growth.
    It includes not criticizing company in external world. It has to be avoided in all cases. The company’s image adds to the personal brand equity and negative publicity will harm you as much as your company management.
    Also, any criticism of your company can be played by its competitors to play against both you and your company. This can also lead to damaging your personal image in the mind of other people in the industry making you less employable.

    7. Hard work and hardcore fun.
    Everyone knows that it is very important to work hard to grow. But most people forget that to work hard, it is essential to keep own body ready for the challenge to avoid any health hazards and frustrations/work stress. Hardcore fun while not working does that. So, enjoy up to your limits in the weekends and work hard in the weekdays. This may include regular outings, parties, long drives, adventure sports etc. Choose something that gives you maximum fun.

    8. Work you portion but know the big picture
    Company pay us to do the work assigned, so it has to be done in time at all cost. But that should not stop you from knowing why you are doing that work, basically knowing the overall picture of the project. If you are not working in a open company which provides this information to all working, you should ask to your seniors.
    Here you are trying to understand the business goal of the project. This will prepare you to take higher positions.

    9. Know your company
    Knowing your company is important to your project. Knowledge about the project will be given to you but for other information you need to take initiative yourself and learn. Try to get as much information as possible regarding your company’s management, organizational structure, offerings (products and services) etc. This will help you work better and be an brand ambassador of your company, thus adding fuel to your company’s growth.
    Knowledge about the company also gives good impression to the seniors helping you grow faster within the organization.

    10. Competitor Analysis
    Well, this is quite a tricky step to grow faster in the industry. Knowing your company accelerate growth within a company but knowing its competitors guarantees your success in the industry. there are two advantages competitor analysis brings.
    One you can help your company counter the competitors move thus affecting your company’s revenue positively. This is in most cases rewarded with promotion and bonus. Secondly, if you are not given fair compensation from your company, you know where to move next. Thus you give tough time to the management and the HR not to let you grow.

  8. Hi Tyrone,

    First of all, I want to congratulate you for this very informative site. I was just reading the article about the Top companies and seeing the other interesting articles, I couldn’t let myself navigate away from this site.

    I found your blog when I was Googling “Top Philippine companies for ’09.” I used to blog about almost a similar theme back in ’06 but I found myself deleting the entire blog after a year of not being able to continue my quest for financial freedom. It has been a not-so-good number of years for me financially because of emergency family expenses eating up my rainy day fund and nest egg at the same time. I realized I couldn’t inspire readers with my constant financial failures anymore so I decided to stop writing.

    Although I’ve already started saving since last year, I still have no idea about my next steps. I hope to learn more through your blog so please keep writing:)

    Again, congratulations.

  9. Hi tyrone, Great blog bro. Just like you, i also want be financially free and i totally agree with you that being an employee and just living on the security of a monthly paycheck is not the way to achieve it. Drop by at my blog if you got the time buddy. More power!

  10. Dear Tyrone,

    Pls. advice me or give me your comments re celfone loading business. I’ve learned some companies who are engaged with these business like WI-MAX, LOAD EXTREME & LOAD CENTRAL

    What can say about the above companies? is there any company , you can refer to me that deals with loading….

    Thanks & regards!

    • Hi Gabs, honestly speaking, I was a former member of Wi-Max. The business of load-all-in-one-sim is a very nice concept. Given the millions of mobile phone users, internet users, and other prepaid card users, it’s a good and viable business.

      One thing that’s good about this business is that it does not require a huge amount of capital. During the time I became a member, I shelled out 400 for the entry fee. Since this is a MLM or networking company, you can earn not just from the discounts of the loads itself but also to the recruits and the sales of your recruits.

      I maybe bias but since I already had an experience with Wi-Max, I could recommend that company to you. Lastly, I quitted Wi-Max before since I became busy and became a postpaid subscriber.

  11. hi tyrone!
    i just spent the whole day reading your blogs. You are such a blessing to ordinary people like me who want to be educated in this field. I just finished reading a few books about investing but your blog is my favorite.
    If you have any thoughts on educational and pension plans. please blog it.
    May God continue to bless you for this effort

    • Sure Eric. Just read some of my articles and ask anything if you have questions about it. I’m just quite busy these days that’s why I cannot find enough time to update this blog.

  12. hello tyrone. as an aspiring economist currently taking up college, i find your blog very much interesting. thanks a lot. this is really helping me on my academics…=)

  13. Hi Tyrone!

    I’m really glad to have come across your blog. I was searching for articles on mutual funds and investing in stocks when I saw your link. I agree that the younger you are, the better you start your quest for financial freedom. And being educated on the possible venues to get your financial freedom is the best rather than investing and not knowing the ups and downs of what you started investing in.

    Which leads me to ask if you already have a background of companies that is into educating people on the different financial services industries (ex. WFMA)? I do think they are a good venue for people to learn more about stocks investment and the different portfolios they can put their money in. We all know how risky it is to put your money in the stock market but we would know how to manipulate it if we have someone to guide us and give us background / advices and that’s where this company comes in. We give free financial management seminars and can do one one one financial planning with the families/individuals for free. Learning from the web is really helpful but it’s still best to have a personal assistant / adviser for your investments and financial planners can help you.

    For those who are interested, you may email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

  14. I was amazed how “honesty” still thrives in big time business like PLDT. Thank you for sharing the story of Manny Pangilinan (MVP). I am working with a company (ISS Facility Services Phils. Inc.) that upholds “honest transaction” vs “shady” deals. Reading a story like MVP’s (PLDT) inspired me to still believe that good virtues are winning and championing the fight against the dark forces during these “modern” days.

  15. Hi Tyrone!

    Really enjoying your blog. it helps a lot especially to a new entrepreneur like me. hehe.
    Please add more as it helps me in my journey to my 2nd million!
    Keep it up! May God bless u!

  16. Hello Tyrone,

    A few years ago the piggery business that I set up in Mindoro with my wife and our friend failed due to lack of business know-how (not to mention that the people taking care of our business there betrayed us). Then late last year, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to utilize our UITF (bond fund).

    It is frustrating especially since we are no longer getting any younger. In a few years, me and my wife will turn 40.

    But your blog is an inspiration. It spurs me never to give up the pursuit to financial independence. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to everyone. Thank you for the inspiration and the encouragement. Keep up the good work, and God bless! 🙂

    Pepe Alas

  17. Hi Tyrone..

    Good I have read Good Housekeeping in Starbucks! I found your site there. Thanks for all the insights! so brilliant and amazing! Keep it up!

    Reading your blogs, enhanced me more to be not in the rat race..I am a rat right now..and planning to quit soon in the race…Thanks for these blogs…..

    Aside from that I found the right company to provide me financial freedom…I am considering online jobs as well…

    God bless and More power!

  18. Hi Tyrone!

    There is a contest for Pinoy bloggers that you might be interested to join. See below article from ABS-CBNNews.com:


    Contest for OFW bloggers launched
    Posted at 10/11/2011 9:06 AM | Updated as of 10/11/2011 9:06 AM
    Tweet MANILA, Philippines – Filipino bloggers from all over the world are invited to participate in the 2011 Pinoy Expats/ OFW Blog Awards (PEBA).

    Interested Filipino expats and OFWs are asked to submit blog entries on this year’s theme is “Ako’y Magbabalik, Hatid Ko’y Pagbabago” (I Will Return, I Will Bring Change.)

    Organizers said the contest will look into how returning Filipino expats and OFWs make use and share “social remittance” or their talents and skills to bring change to their families, communities and country. Social remittance is defined by PEBA as ideas and practices that are brought from an overseas country to the Philippines.

    To qualify for the contest, the blog must be managed by an OFW, Filipino expat or half-Filipino who is living temporarily or permanently in a country other than the Philippines.

    The PEBA is also introducing a new blog search called “Any Blogger, Anywhere” for Filipinos, whether based in the Philippines or abroad, who write about different topics such as politics, health well-being, finance and travel.

    For more details, visit PEBA website http://www.pinoyblogawards.com.

    PEBA is a non-profit, non-stock organization of international Filipino bloggers from different parts of the world.

  19. Hi Tyrone, this captivated me “Escape the Rat Race and Join My Journey to Financial Freedom”. I was wondering if you could give me pointers on how to do just that!

    I am very much interested about blogging too. Hope you can coach me a bit on that end.

    Thanks and more power to you!

  20. Hi! I would just like to ask for your e-mail address so we can contact you whenever we have business-related press relases. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

  21. Hi Tyrone,

    I am very pleased to have recently discovered your site!
    My opinion has always been that the education/awareness level of investing among Filipinos is severely (and unfortunately) lacking.

    I hope this changes soon..which is more possible now specially with efforts from individuals like you to empower and inform others. I fully support your advocacy of financial literacy and freedom!

    I am following your posts specially those which are related to investments.
    I would love to hear your take on a few of my investment-related concerns:

    USD Investments
    I am based in Dubai and like other overseas Pinoys, the strong appreciation of the Peso is impacting my spending and investing power negatively. I thought one of the ways to combat unfavorable forex is to increase my stake in US Dollars. An advantage that we have in Dubai is that we have fixed exchange rate for the USD. I’m thinking of buying dollars here and physically deposit them during my next vacation to open a dollar bond fund. At the very least, my money will not be devalued during starting point of the investment cycle. For the exit point, I will redeem the funds and spend in USD (e.g. trips abroad). I will redeem in USD and spend in USD that grew in value. Please comment on the rationale of my strategy.

    Bond funds- Lumpsum or cost averaging?
    Speaking of bond funds…Most of the bond funds have a price graph with a steady uptrend. Bonds are relatively conservative. On the other hand, most bond funds are having all-time historical NAVPU these days. Our government is hiking its spending to boost economic growth. T-bills and T-bonds are showing all-time low yields. Given all these observations and developments, would you advise an investor to put a lumpsum amount right away or use cost averaging method? Excess funds are available.

    Most investors consider gold as a safe haven. Do you hold investments in gold? Which specific investments in gold (physical or paper) in the Philippines, if any, would you recommend?

    Offshore Fund or international markets
    You recommend BPI Dollar Bond Fund UITF. Do you have any recommendations with regards to offshore funds or international markets? (e.g. emerging markets funds, MFS Meridian, US treasury, Templeton funds, etc) I agree that it is currently best to invest in the Philippines but for the sake of portfolio diversification, I am looking at alternatives also. I have seen fact sheets of products from BPI Odyssey, Philam, Sunlife but so far none really stand out performance-wise.

    Sorry for the looong message and I really hope you can address my questions!

    Mabuhay and best of luck in your pursuit of financial freedom!

    • Hi AJP,

      On USD Investments, the rationale of your strategy is right. Of all the dollar-denominated investment funds here in the Philippines, I would personally recommend the Philippine Dollar Bond Index Fund of BPI.

      On Bond Funds, the NAVPU graph will indeed continue to rise especially now that the Philippine economy is performing really well. Given that bond funds are safer and more conservative investments as compared to stocks, it is expected that its NAVPU will be continuously reaching all time highs. Therefore, I would recommend to invest on a lump sum if you have excess funds. In contrast, if you are investing on equity funds, then do the cost averaging method strategy. Stocks are risky investments which are commanded by greed and fear of investors.

      On Gold, I don’t have investments on Gold. There are some companies here in Philippines who are involved in gold trading. I was once interviewed by a company involved in this business line before. The name of the company is Professional Diligence Foreign Exchange, Inc. Their office is located in PBCom Tower in Makati. However, since I don’t have personal experience with them, I cannot fully recommend them.

      On Offshore Funds, I don’t have experience too in offshore funds. Personally, I would rather invest on the funds invested where I reside so that I can monitor what’s happening internally. With the recent developments in the Philippine economy, I think that it is one of the best times to invest. In fact, we might get our long awaited investment-grade rating from credit rating agencies pretty soon especially with the developments such as the sealing of the peace talks with the MILF in Mindanao with the formation of the Bangsamoro Government and the recent passage of sin tax bill into law.

      I hope I successfully answered your questions. 🙂

  22. Hi Tyrone,

    I have watch your interview with “ANC On The Money” and I am amazed with how you were able to get your first million. I am very willing to learn how to manage my money wisely so I started read “RICH DAD, POOR DAD” by Robert Kiyosaki.
    I really learned a lot from this book specially the “CASHFLOW” but I really want to get into detail on how to invest my money. Can you help me by giving me articles that would help me understand how I will invest my money.

    Thanks a lot.


  23. Hi Tyrone! Hope everything is great with you. I would just like to ask if you allow guest posting here in your blog. Thanks!

  24. Kudos on this site Tyrone! I have been working/striving to find something to invest in or start for a while now. I needed a place with ideas and information. I just so happened to search Google for “Strategies on becoming wealthy” and ran into your site. Have been reading articles non-stop. I have to say….I Love this site. So much priceless information! Color me Inspired!
    Thank you sir!

  25. I am a Filipino working in Dubai. My salary is given in currencies such as UAE dirham, Australian dollar, NZ dollar, Euro, British pound, US dollar, etc. I want to make the most out of the opportunity of earning different currencies. I am wondering how to invest these currencies. What are my options? Thanks in advance and God bless.

  26. hi tyrone please help I need some advice. dati ako nagwowork sa Dubai. nasama ako sa mga natanggalan ng trabaho sa ngyn nagsisimula ako ng maliit na negosy na trace ito ng mga collecting officers tinagtakot nila ako na kukunin ang buss ko if d ko ma settle ang debt ko , willing ako makipag settle sa kanila pero kung kukunin nila negosyo ko pano pa ako makakabangon. PDE BA NILA GAWIN NA KUNIN ANG BUSSINESS KO. SALON PO ITO

  27. Hello there.I have watched you on ANC on the money.You have mentioned on affiliate marketing.May I ask if what are the companies where you be an affiliate and earn a commission.Can you recommend books to read regarding affiliate marketing.I am thinking of having a blog too in the future.What can you advise on how to have a blog.Thank You.

    • Hi Louice, the largest commission that I got before was thru MarketBay.com. However, the site is no longer existing nowadays. If you want to be a blogger too, I advise you to blog on topics you are passionate about.

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