2009 Christmas Bazaars in Metro Manila

Christmas is just around the corner. We just started with the month of BERs. And bazaars are definitely in during the Christmas season as a lot of people will buy gifts for their friends and loved ones. Bazaars are one of the ways for entrepreneurs to showcase and market their products and services. If you want […]

Where to shop for great bargains

Are you a shopaholic? Are you a frequent shopper? Is shopping your hobby? Are you always on the hunt for finding great deals and worth bargains? Leave the mall behind and you might be surprised how far you can stretch your peso. Being on a fixed income doesn’t mean you have to live meager life. […]

Save Money at the Supermarket

Are you a frequent shopper in grocery and supermarkets? Do you want to save money while shopping in supermarkets buying the goods that you need from foods to other grocery items? With the current global financial crisis, we really need to do a lot of saving. We need to save our paychecks. We need to […]

6 ways to spend less money in shopping

It’s not how much you earn but how much you are saving. No matter how high the amount you are earning, if you couldn’t just save, then your future will be dim. The ultimate goal is earn more and spend less. Don’t give in to the cultural temptation to buy more and more things you […]