Types of Stocks

Are you a stock trader? If you are, then probably you know how stock market works. How’s your stock trading? What are the stocks that you buy? What criteria do you consider before you buy a stock? Do you use technical graphs to predict what stocks are attractive to buy? We all know that stocks […]

Keep your stock broker honest

Stock Brokers. They are there to help you carry out your decisions in terms of stock investing. I remembered Kiyosaki saying that you should not look for brokers because brokers are so-called brokers because they are “broker” than you. Instead, educate yourself effectively in such investments and make your own investment decisions. But if getting a […]

Invest in Stock Market; The Warren Buffett Way

We all know Warren Buffett, the stock market mogul and considered as the world’s greatest investor. He owns the company Berkshire Hathaway which has the most expensive stock in the world. But who is the mentor of Warren when it comes to picking the right stocks to buy? It’s Benjamin Graham. “An intelligent investor should […]

Stock Trading Tips

I have been involved in stock trading for quite some time now. Due to the question of one of my avid readers named dlanor from Saudi Arabia, here I am now sharing some stock trading tips that readers can use to trade stocks. But before anything else, for the beginners in the stock market, you […]

Reader Email: On Stocks and Mutual Funds

I would start featuring reader emails to me that deserves to be featured so that other readers will benefit from it also. For readers, if you have questions, you can leave a comment in any of the articles or you can directly email me. I will try my best to answer your queries as much […]

January ’09 Portfolio Investments Update

It has been 2 months now since I first updated my portfolio of investments last November 2008. I’ve been recently updating myself with regards to the Stimulus Plan being implemented by the US Government to combat the effects of one of the worst financial crisis of all time and to bring the whole economy back to […]

Stock Trading Adventure

I first learned about stocks two years ago, that was in 2006. But then I did not take it seriously. The first trade that I did was a JFC stock thru BPI Trade, the online trading platform of BPI bank. I remembered, I bought 100 shares of JFC at above market value back then just […]

How Stock Market Works

In my effort to further educate newbies in the field of stock market, I initiated this article for stock market beginners. You may call it Stocks 101 or Stocks for Dummies. First and foremost, what is the stock market? A stock market is an avenue for companies and corporations to offer their shares in the […]

How Federal Rate Affects Investors

One of the things that kept me thinking before when I was starting as an investor is the Federal Rate. Why is it so important? Why do the whole world of investors look at it too much? And how powerful is Ben Bernanke to control and manipulate it? We can see that a lot of […]